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An update at last?

Sunday, August 27th, 2006

Those who read my blog more or less regularly may have noticed a lack of updates in the previous week. With my previous posts, however, one can infer that I have not done so (posting) because I wasted my time playing DotA. That inference is, indeed, entirely correct. I have got so gut-busting lazy that I sometimes came home at about 12 midnight, left my studies in the lurch, and was tired all-week long. I’m going to try, however, to stop my addiction of this game cold turkey. I have already failed an important exam (although DotA wasn’t the reason, but a bad case of LBM); I often feel sapped and enervated because of this; and worst of all, I don’t have time for anime anymore.

The good thing is, my parents called me and I have been able to talk over with them the problems plaguing me (my loneliness and desolation, not to mention my disillusionment with bastard teachers). They have just given me a newfound hope to persevere once more in my ever-climbing ascent to knowledge and enlightenment (that I don’t like much for now). I think I’m going to study after I watch some NHK ni Youkoso!, but more importantly, I think I’m going to stop DotA for a while and study more on Comparative Anatomy, despite the fact that I don’t like Biology at all.

On less tangential and more relevant stuff, I just finished reading the Silky Whip manga done by Oh! Great (Ogure Ito). I can say that although it had stories that were just plain sex, there were also stories that were simply amazing in their ability to intercalate within the plot itself the existence of well-placed sex.

Next, I really need to read the NHK manga, simply because the anime has enamored me to do so. The anime is quite the pertinent study to the more depraved aspects and the more depraved people of what makes up humanity, and although sometimes a vain effort to make others laugh (ep4), is also quite incisive and perceptive, not to mention esemplastic in presenting the entire spectrum of human emotions.

(I felt that I’d fare better writing about my priorities because it reminds me what I need to do and what I have to do, as well as what I should not do – play DotA. Of course I may fail, but the fact I’ve written it down makes me feel more confident that I won’t lose myself to DotA addiction [besides, anime addiction is so much cheaper and more heartwarming 🙂 ].)

* * *

cebukitty, I wrote this to simply thank you for those inspiring and kind words you wrote at the post before this. That really made my day, honestly. Onward to being a doctor, then! XD

Naked stars, silky whips, and truths about life

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Like a maelstrom gaining steam my laziness has come back to haunt me. Recently, I had the lowest score in our laboratory exams in comparative anatomy: this may be sad, but I had a score of 9 out of 30. There’s a very relevant excuse as to why I failed so hard: I didn’t attend the laboratory session the week before the exam because I got sick, so I was only able to study sketches from a book akin to Gray’s Anatomy. I guess it wasn’t as good as the real thing (dissecting the cat’s muscles). I did study quite a bit (more than I usually do) but all was for naught. It’s either that I’m not just fit for this course or that it really is important to examine and dissect physically the animal you have to dissect as compared to just looking at the sketches. I think it’s both. (more…)

A new season of Rozen Maiden is forthcoming

Monday, August 21st, 2006

Or an OVA, at the least.

I can’t read Japanese, but I feel that I just had to post about this: there’s probably a new Rozen Maiden season coming this winter. This makes me so excited. Since I couldn’t read Japanese, I must have taken this from somewhere. DarkMirage, or ThePaper, of Ramblings of Dark Mirage, informed the people in the #animenano @ channel that a new season was forthcoming. In case you could read Japanese, here‘s the link so that you can sate your curiosity. It’s probably a special compilation (taken from the translated site in Google) – that means that it’s a side story. Suigintou will be the main character, and the OP will be done by ALI PROJECT, the ones that have done the OPs before.

This just makes me so excited.

Frustrations about worthless stuff

Monday, August 21st, 2006

The main reason why I am lax this semester is that I’ve only made two goals: one is to ace History, and the other is to own at DotA (Defense of the Ancients) using Pugna. I’ve even slowly gotten notoriety because he has been the only hero I used since a long time ago. Sure, I’ve had my games of 8 – 1 and such, but these are very rare and far between games where my kill to death ratio is less than one. I’ve recently played alongside more or less semi-professional DotA players, and although it was game with a less than one kill-death ratio for me, it was making me feel good because we all had ratios less than one, and I had the second or third best record in the group (and using Pugna at that). It’s quite disillusioning, however, because those guys I play alongside usually do well with heroes like Akasha, Pudge, or Lich. Try as I might to do so with Pugna, I can never have exemplary kill-death ratios like 25 – 4, for example. It was noted by those semi-professionals I played with, however, was that that was the best I could do with such a weak hero such as Pugna. I could hold my own, but I could never have those uber-gosu records (was that used correctly?) as those players have when they use Sven or Lich. I’m feeling that it’s just a lost cause, but I really feel I’ve gotten better with Pugna, and perhaps ace with him (meaning that that was the best I could do with that hero). I really need your comments (those who do know about DotA, anyway) to share some light to this problem of mine. (more…)

On being moved by ‘stupid’ anime

Saturday, August 19th, 2006

Air Gear is supposedly a stupid anime. When I mean stupid, I mean it’s shounen-y, for teens and pre-teens, and doesn’t evoke thought at all. But stupid anime can move sometimes even more than blatant bathos of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, for example. (more…)

On School Rumble licensing and the future of its fansubs

Wednesday, August 16th, 2006

I may be almost a week late, but it was confirmed by Wannabe-Fansubs that they will not fansub School Rumble anymore. Thanks to hayase for pointing that out. To be different from her, however, I won’t do a rendition of a Jose Rizal classic character (our national writer must be THAT good to be published by Penguin Classics. Yes, that BIG and INTERNATIONAL publishing company). So far he’s the only Filipino in the past or present that had a work published and implicitly recognized to be an excellent work of art. (more…)

Dark hues of violet and blue

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

After coming from a difficult exam, wondering what to do with my life, I walked around our dormitory’s supposed parking-space and watched the starless night sky in the heavens juxtapose and seemingly absorb a mountain of leaves hanging from a tree. The sky was a dark hue of violet and blue, and its soft contrast with the now-black leaves forming seemingly a mountain placated my quiet self that was in turmoil within. I guess that no matter how I told my parents that I wanted to shift, deep inside I was still the same: I was still turmoiled; my thoughts were constantly in upheaval, and I was just like Shuu (of Honey and Clover): I was drifting. Unlike Takemoto, however, I couldn’t even try searching for myself, so I just looked at the night sky and hoped that the inner peace that it gave me would last more than an evanescence or something fleeting. (more…)

Honey & Clover II – 07

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

I’m so tired of having takes on Honey and Clover II. It always just ends up to be another pathos-invoking and tear-jerking episode. It always just ends up to be another episode nothing short of a masterpiece. I don’t want to write any more on its class, its beauty, its masterful story and plot, because I’d just be reiterating myself (as I always do). (more…)

Things that bother one while watching anime

Monday, August 14th, 2006

This may have been a rare while, but for about two hours I studied (rote-memorized) selected muscles in the anatomy of a cat and read about thirty pages of history. I will definitely study more tomorrow, just because I don’t want to fail the incoming exam; I read history just because I wanted to. What I discovered about some of ancient Chinese history was that they condoned premarital sex. That was cool to know. (more…)

Insights on NHK ni Youkoso – 05

Saturday, August 12th, 2006

I didn’t love NHK ni Youkoso! at all. I liked it a lot though, as it had a poignant take on hikkikomori, but I didn’t even think I’d finish the series. That all changed with ep5, however. Other than H&C II episodes, it was among the best anime episodes I’ve seen in a while. (It’s been obvious – I’m a romantic.) (more…)