A new season of Rozen Maiden is forthcoming

Or an OVA, at the least.

I can’t read Japanese, but I feel that I just had to post about this: there’s probably a new Rozen Maiden season coming this winter. This makes me so excited. Since I couldn’t read Japanese, I must have taken this from somewhere. DarkMirage, or ThePaper, of Ramblings of Dark Mirage, informed the people in the #animenano @ irc.rizon.net channel that a new season was forthcoming. In case you could read Japanese, here‘s the link so that you can sate your curiosity. It’s probably a special compilation (taken from the translated site in Google) – that means that it’s a side story. Suigintou will be the main character, and the OP will be done by ALI PROJECT, the ones that have done the OPs before.

This just makes me so excited.

6 Responses to “A new season of Rozen Maiden is forthcoming”

  1. ~Lost Says:

    Dude you need to hang out in the RM thread more :p Jk. As we heard on the thread, courtesy of eggplant (who was at the TBS Festa), its gonna be a one episode OVA, on yes, our lovely SuiginTou.

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  4. gotiska Says:

    uhm…does any of you guys know if there will be a new season of rozen maiden? overture was great but it’s still not finiched and I’m addicted :$

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