Air Gear rocks.

I try to be an intuitive writer. I try to stand for my description to write incisive and intellectual disquisitions on anime. I can’t stop, however, being a guy (yes, despite all my loss of MANLINESS from watching Honey and Clover) first and then trying to be a scholar-cum-pedant next (although I often fail at it, because I’m too lazy in studying for the most part). That’s why after I watch Honey and Clover, I watch Air Gear some time after. No, there’s nothing deeply profound about Air Gear: all it has are sketches of what humanity is like (when put on crack). I do find something in Air Gear even I couldn’t find in Honey and Clover: a whole lot of hot girls. I’m going to be totally honest and say that for their age, they’re all totally jailbait for us older guys (except for Ume, of course, who I assume to be for lolicons, and guys who are interested in her should be shot to death). Simca is roughly the same age as Ikki, and Ringo is too. They all look more mature for their ages, and they address different quasi-fetishes of the male viewers. (It is a shounen after all.) As I see it, Ringo is the megane-type, Simca is the hotandsultrygirlthemainheroisinterestedin-type, Rika is the onee-type, and the Mikan and Agito are the badass-types. They all look totally hot, and their breasts aren’t in disproportion with their bodies (they’re endowed but that doesn’t look absurd). It’s been a while since I’ve watched a show for the hot girls, and I believe I’m interested in this one because of Oh Great’s art (he was the one who also created Tenjou Tenge). One thing I do hope for this show is for it to end after 24 to 26 episodes, because I can’t watch hot girls forever. I do love the existence of plot and I do want to satiate my desires in learning more about life by watching great anime, but I just can’t pass up a great chance to BECOME A MAN AGAIN (ZOMG), and Air Gear is the perfect answer to that problem.

(Watching hentai is a different thing altogether, though. Yes, I’m not some castrated guru-wannabe. I get hard-ons looking at girls having sex. That’s even better when it comes to yuri. mmm … )

8 Responses to “Air Gear rocks.”

  1. Anga Says:

    Hmm, manliness and preference to hot (very subjective thing) women are somehow linked to each other? Manliness is overrated anyway. =)

  2. jpmeyer Says:

    If by “Air Gear is the prefect answer” you mean “the Air Gear manga is the perfect answer” then yes.

  3. Os Says:

    Seriously, what JP said. One main reason people bash the Air Gear anime is becuase of the character designs. Go check out the manga and you’ll never turn back.

  4. crayotic rockwell Says:

    I thought Ag/Akito was more for the hard gay than badass fetish 🙂

  5. MH Says:

    Bleach makes me feel like such a creep, the girls are supposedly Freshmen in … High School!?!?

  6. bishounen otaku Says:

    actually I’m a girl and I watch Air Gear. The ecchi doesn’t just go one way. Akito in a towal, ikki naked O_O ]coughslickstehhotbishinesscough] so yeah

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