I don’t think FLAG is all that

It’s already up to the 22nd episode of Ergo Proxy; the final episode would have aired tomorrow. It has already been three weeks since my last Ergo Proxy update: some frequent visitors (Danchik and others) have asked what happened to me. Aside from the pressures of school (think about it, we had classes from Monday to Sunday), I also am disillusioned when it comes to Ergo Proxy. I seriously believe that the show has gone to hell. It doesn’t even have what I consider to be plot; its plot is just a string of extremely loose and disparate events seemingly connected with one another. I know pretense and falsities abound sci-fi shows and series, but this was just pushing it. I like Ghost in the Shell in that although it was also covered with pretense, it still had a plot coherent enough to tell where the story is going towards. In Ergo Proxy, I don’t know, but I don’t see the story going anywhere. I’ll probably post about it in the near future, but don’t be surprised if I post about the last episode first before I do so with the other episodes. The shock value in doing so will probably be more, so I’m going to do that if I can: I will report about the mammalian respiratory system within this week, and that’s why it’s going to be a tall order (posting about the final episode of Ergo Proxy).

On other things, FLAG has been subbed already. With its subbing, my interest in it waned. The reason was that I loved FLAG simply because of the mystery enshrouding it, simply because it wasn’t subbed. Now that it has become popular, it lost its power over me – mainly for reasons that are personal and are quirks of my character: for one, I like .wmv as a format (don’t ask me why, I don’t know), and I love rare finds. FLAG, as posted somewhereâ„¢ was only one of its kind alongside a chapter of Erementar Gerad, and that was only a trailer. There were no raws, let alone subbed episodes. Now that it has lost its mystery, I don’t think I’m too interested in it; I also have to personally pray that Cruzz keeps on making his scripts and wao editing them, because I think that it would be faster than Shinsen-subs’ intermittent subbing (and more efficient, too). (By the way, chiketto means ticket. It’s an Engrish form.)

I tried not posting anything because I tried to make my posts more academic. But that would just make me seem so uptight; I personally believe that my posts are academic enough as they are, and because I’m setting out to enjoy myself, not to be subservient to the demands of my readers (although I’m very thankful that there are people who do read this blog of mine), I’ll just post about anything and everything in anime. I can just try posting intelligently from my gut instincts, and from that point the reader can judge how intelligent or dumb it is. XD

That’s all for now – expect more posts when I can think of something else to post about. (By the way, I’m sorry if my categories don’t seem to be organized. I guess that would reflect my character.)

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  1. ~Lost Says:

    About EP, its as if the fansubbers have dropped it. Ah well. Dude… not mysterious enough for you?? … -_- That just won’t work :p

    As far as I’ve seen from the first episode, I like FLAG, and I will continue it. I think its because to me it deals with the raw issues.. Iraq, Gaza, and especially Lebanon came to my mind when I saw wailing women carrying limp children. It will deliver the moral themes too imo, I mean, its about a lost war photographer trying to make sense of “peace.” Most of all, I have a feeling it will be a good emotional ride, and being the closet emo I am, I just cant get enough of it.

    The Mecha (its more of a Mech) didnt feel out of place, but realistically blended into the not-so-far-into-the-future setting; plus the novel way of actually seeing the story enfold thru a camera’s lens, such that even sometimes the main subject/focus of that scene is out of sight. All in all, as I heard at animesuki, this one is going to be original.

    There. You made me rant about FLAG. I hope you’re happy.

  2. Johan N-P Says:

    I for one want to watch the rest of EP, erratic as it is, but the only subbed version of EP 15 that I can find anywhere is in _Italian_ of all languages. Though I usually share the views of this blog’s writer, I hope that the fansubbers haven’t lost interest in EP like he has…

  3. arkon Says:

    I wasn’t aware that you loved FLAG. From reading your previous posts on it, it seemed more like some interest in the show because no one was really talking about it. If I recall one such post was how you thought it was going to be all about the mechs or something, because that was the last thing they showed in the trailer. Whilst the series has only just started and it remains to be seen whether that will become the case, the first episode seems to suggest that they won’t be the focus of the show.

    “Now that it has become popular, it lost its power over me – mainly for reasons that are personal and are quirks of my character”. You’ll have to forgive me for being blunt but this just strikes me as the nonsense attitude some people take up whereby once something becomes popular or mainstream they lose interest or they love to hate on it, even if the thing in question is the same as it ever was.

    By the way, chiketto wouldn’t be an engrish form since it isn’t engrish, and is merely a romanized form of the kana used to write ticket.

  4. Michael Says:

    I don’t, and have never done that with Honey and Clover, as popular as that series is. I have never done that with H&C II as well, as popular as that series is getting. I don’t think it’s a nonsense attitude; it really is a quirk of my character, but take it as you wish. As for the ‘love,’ I had some sort of love for it, because I left my computer on for more than 24 hours downloading a 23 Mb trailer. It was vague, inchoate, and directionless, though, not to mention impalpable. It was stupid.

    I don’t hate FLAG. My interest was simply never ‘grappled’ by it in the first place. Was it a weird infatuation? an unformed love? I don’t really know. I’ll wait for the next episodes, but I definitely won’t wax lyrical about it just yet.

    ^^ Since you know more Nihonggo than me, I’ll take that as a guide to prevent making that mistake again in my next posts. 🙂

  5. arkon Says:

    well hey I don’t know that much myself and perhaps someone may come along and tell me I’m wrong in that respect.

  6. wingdarkness Says:

    I just think it’s $hitty that an anime from manglobe got such a wak reception in the anime fansub community…Whether it’s good or bad isn’t the issue to me as much as the non-exposure…Considering all the subpar titles out there the last thing I ever thought was I’d have to grind my teeth over when an episode of this series would be released…Anywayson to FLAG the first episode seems promising…I’m all for anime that attempts to transcends genres…While all the military applications exploring the suits and weaponry was cool, I think it’s interesting to have a show with seemingly no main character but a camera..I mean a story where the main character is simply a camere lens seems kinda bold…So far I’m liking what I see, not many documentary styled animes I can think of…

    As for the rest i also hope another group picks this show up because Shinsen is a joke when it comes to release dates…I don’t know why they don’t just pick 5 or 6 titles and do it great rather than 20 titles and do them all half-a$$ (giving up on atleast 2 or 3 series all the time)…But I can’t control that, i’ll just have to wait and watch…As for your love of wmv., I think that’s pretty insane…Without color and filter controls I can never get the best veiwing experience…WMV offers nothing beyond the status quo…OKthxgoodbye^^….

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