An update at last?

Those who read my blog more or less regularly may have noticed a lack of updates in the previous week. With my previous posts, however, one can infer that I have not done so (posting) because I wasted my time playing DotA. That inference is, indeed, entirely correct. I have got so gut-busting lazy that I sometimes came home at about 12 midnight, left my studies in the lurch, and was tired all-week long. I’m going to try, however, to stop my addiction of this game cold turkey. I have already failed an important exam (although DotA wasn’t the reason, but a bad case of LBM); I often feel sapped and enervated because of this; and worst of all, I don’t have time for anime anymore.

The good thing is, my parents called me and I have been able to talk over with them the problems plaguing me (my loneliness and desolation, not to mention my disillusionment with bastard teachers). They have just given me a newfound hope to persevere once more in my ever-climbing ascent to knowledge and enlightenment (that I don’t like much for now). I think I’m going to study after I watch some NHK ni Youkoso!, but more importantly, I think I’m going to stop DotA for a while and study more on Comparative Anatomy, despite the fact that I don’t like Biology at all.

On less tangential and more relevant stuff, I just finished reading the Silky Whip manga done by Oh! Great (Ogure Ito). I can say that although it had stories that were just plain sex, there were also stories that were simply amazing in their ability to intercalate within the plot itself the existence of well-placed sex.

Next, I really need to read the NHK manga, simply because the anime has enamored me to do so. The anime is quite the pertinent study to the more depraved aspects and the more depraved people of what makes up humanity, and although sometimes a vain effort to make others laugh (ep4), is also quite incisive and perceptive, not to mention esemplastic in presenting the entire spectrum of human emotions.

(I felt that I’d fare better writing about my priorities because it reminds me what I need to do and what I have to do, as well as what I should not do – play DotA. Of course I may fail, but the fact I’ve written it down makes me feel more confident that I won’t lose myself to DotA addiction [besides, anime addiction is so much cheaper and more heartwarming 🙂 ].)

* * *

cebukitty, I wrote this to simply thank you for those inspiring and kind words you wrote at the post before this. That really made my day, honestly. Onward to being a doctor, then! XD

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  1. Ronin Says:

    >>I’m going to try, however, to stop my addiction of this game cold turkey. I have already failed an important exam (although DotA wasn’t the reason, but a bad case of LBM); I often feel sapped and enervated because of this; and worst of all, I don’t have time for anime anymore.

    Whoa. That’s harsh, hommes. O_O

    >>…but more importantly, I think I’m going to stop DotA for a while and study more on Comparative Anatomy, despite the fact that I don’t like Biology at all.

    Me thinks I may noticed you before. Maybe it’s just me. XD

  2. Michael Says:

    Your message is quite cryptic. Care to elaborate? 🙂

  3. Ronin Says:

    What I was implying at is that we might have seen each other. You’re a Filipino, who’s taking up Biology, and is in a Comparative Anatomy class So that was what made me think that way. :s

    I was also thinking that you might be at a different school from me. If we might be former classmates, we could have been friends easily. We both have an eye for anime, for one thing. *shrugs*

    Then again, I might be having a lack of sleep, lol. I may be hallucinating when I said that. XP

  4. cebukitty Says:


    Just persevere my friend and everything will turn out great eventually. I don’t recommend going cold turkey with DotA though. The thought of giving up on video games entirely is a depressing thought and I’d be the last person on earth to recommend that option :p The only way to fight vid game addictions is to form good habits. Time management is key. Hehehe, I used to sneak in an hour of video playing before I started studying med stuff. Games refreshes the mind and jumpstarts the synapses. When I took up pre-med and med eons ago, I used anatomy programs like A.D.A.M. to help me with my studies. I’m sure there are similar and more sophisticated programs in the market to help you with comparative anatomy. And to help you plough through stratas of medicalese, watch one anime ep every 1 1/2 to 2 hours of studying, or a short DoTA game. I suggest keeping an alarm clock handy to make sure you won’t be tempted to play overtime 🙂

  5. MH Says:

    Keep on truckin’

  6. tritoch Says:

    Hah, trying putting in an hour’s worth of DoTA without ruining the game for your teammates! Whenever we play DoTA, the game goes into around 2-3 hours.

    NEVER mix play time and study time. When I was in school, I’d either play or study not manage both cause instead of relaxing off, you will be stressed out. Trust me.

    I’m sure memorization will not become a serious problem to you. If you can put the same amount of effort playing DoTA to your anatomy memorization, then the memorization will be done effortless.

  7. cebukitty Says:

    Tritoch’s advice has obvious merit. Not having played DotA before, I didn’t take into account the fact that a.)its a multiplayer on line game b.) you have to go to a cybercafe to play it. Gomen!

  8. tritoch Says:

    hmm… Honey and Clover is on Animax right now in the Philippines right? Anybody following it? It premiered August 7th so it’ll be halfway through by now considering their usual airing is one episode per day instead of per week.

    Hopefully it catches fire in the Philippines and be popular.

  9. tritoch Says:

    AW crap I can’t edit my comment. Heh.

    I play dota at home. Even when I’m playing at home, it kills so much of my time that sometimes I don’t even realize the sun has risen in the morning.

  10. trapp1 Says:


  11. LonelyMaxx Says:

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