Artist impressions: Suneohair

I had been first introduced to Suneohair after listening to the ED of Honey and Clover. Right then and there, I knew that I’d like the artist with that sole Waltz song, because even after that first episode, I searched everywhere for the ED’s full song. I was able to procure it, and a day has never gone by without me listening to that wonderful song.

Time passed, however, without me listening to his other songs: Waltz was once enough for me; however, one day, while at #animenano, a kind guy nicknamed JoKEraI in the channel uploaded all of Suneohair‘s songs. Being a H&C fan, I immediately downloaded all of what he uploaded, which were practically all of Suneohair‘s albums. (Shhh. Don’t tell anyone. 😉 )

After listening to a significant number of his songs in almost all of his albums (I think), the best phrase for me to describe him is that he’s the Japanese version of John Mayer, and then some. I assume you guys know John Mayer for his amazing guitar feats in perfect coordination with his powerful lyrics. Some of his popular songs are the reactionary No Such Thing, the love ballad of Your Body is a Wonderland, and the clarity of Clarity. What gives Suneohair the edge, however, is that despite his similarity of style with John Mayer, I don’t have to understand the song itself to appreciate its genius. I can only dance to the beat of the tone without having a clue what the song is about, and yet I appreciate it the same way as I do John Mayer‘s songs knowing and understanding its lyrics.

Of course, if one hasn’t listened to Waltz, I recommend that one do so. Other recommendations are From Opening of Morning (朝のスキマから), and Unstable Chair (不安定なイス). He sometimes plays hard rock, but I prefer his more ballad-like (and more sober) songs.

I’ve been quite addicted with his songs that I sing or shout them in class. That’s scary.

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  1. helspectre Says:


  2. Yuey Says:

    Thanks for directing me to JoKEraI. I’ve been looking around for some of Suneohair’s music, also.

    Luckily, he still has the links!

  3. A newcomer Says:

    couldn’t agree more!
    have you listen to Suneohair’s “Split”? ED of H&C part2 …
    it’s just as awsome as Waltz (in my opinion)

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