First impressions on Air Gear and some internet drama

I could post in retaliation, but I’d like to sum it up: I do think most Singaporeans like to brag and aim to be smartasses. If that’s not true, just drag yourself here in our country and observe those people here. I don’t pride myself in being intelligent: I think I am. Seeking and wanting to improve that by watching and reading media that is intelligent is not bragging. But then calling other people silly just because they don’t share your opinion is asinine. Call it any way you want, though – I did write that statement as a point that our societies conflict in a way that one perceives issues or ideas here differently from one coming from that other society.  That’s the end of it for me. 🙂

* * *

I’ve started watching Air Gear a few days ago simply because I couldn’t think of any other anime to watch. (Yes, I know that’s not an intelligent anime. I do watch School Rumble as well, so ^_^)

I don’t know why people see it in a bad light: I really think that the art rocks (or maybe that’s because I watched Tokko before, I don’t know). I think the art rocks because the girls are drawn in a unique way and yet they still are quite voluptuous (except for Ume, of course); the way it was drawn was a break from common anime drawing techniques, and yet it still was great to watch. It doesn’t have much depth, however, so if anyone knows if it’s going to be a series that would run forever, kindly do tell me, as I would drop it immediately. The plot isn’t exactly unique too: I find it to be quite similar to Crash Gear Turbo, but I did watch that anime for a while as well.

However, I just can’t see the reason why there’s a whole lot of animosity towards this show. I mean, it definitely is better than Gundoh Musashi or Zaizen Jotaro, and enters the realm of mediocrity, so why is there so much flak present toward it? Just look at the H-games turned anime that are mediocre and you’ll see that Air Gear isn’t alone.

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  1. hayase Says:

    There are lots of anime better than Air Gear out there. I think watching it is just a waste of time, better pick up something else. And School Rumble is way better than Air Gear, but that’s just my opinion.

  2. Danchik Says:

    Gooo ! ! ! I haven’t seen it but look – there are TONS of people saying – ahh!! Love Hinata is so lovely and cool… .and making their eyes rollto the nose// I finally decided and watched
    few episodes – the beginning the end and special i think and what i can honestly say – if you like such themes – go and watch or play some hentai games. Love Hina and similar video do suck – thei are badly drawn and have totally no plot. (well i know you will say that Harem themes are all like this one but in H-games the animation is at least ways batter !!! )

    Yet there are (as i said before ) TONS and TONS of people who says that this anime is rocking da house.
    Of course there are lot’s of people who says that it is a crap – and they say even without a reason – just “because”!
    So in the conclusion i’d say -almost each video has it’s own market sector and that’s it.
    If can filter all the spam that is coming from your TV set, internet forums etc.. and creat a more or less reasonable view on a certain anime on your own – consider yourself lucky and be happy – ) there are lots of people who don’t what to use their heads and just repeat what they heard, without even watching that video(!!!! 8)) this last is the most intriguing for me )
    that’s it 🙂

    P/S oh the last one – will you proceed with the Ergo Proxy Blog here or not ?

  3. crayotic rockwell Says:

    Air Gear is horrible there’s no two ways about it.. but it’s horrible in a way that’s easy to watch, unlike some of these shows which are bad and seem to drag 22 minutes into an hour.

    And for what it’s worth, using your own personal observations (and perhaps even friends and collegues) as foundation to claim the bragging and smartass habits of a particular race does not–unless one is equipped with some kind of an all seeing eye–strike me as particularly intelligent comment.

  4. Michael Says:

    That wasn\’t holistic. It was full of bias, but I don\’t think I was mistaken from my point of view. Anyhow, just as you may think Filipinos are arses – that\’s what you choose to believe in and it\’s as right as what the other guys believe. I believe you cannot correct or mistake what is founded in honesty, just as you cannot teach belief or religion. And since what we did talk about was an area in gray, my personal comments, though conceited, were just as correct as the next guy\’s. I didn\’t think it was intelligent as well, but we all have our days of idiocies. I\’d like to be as perfect as gods but I\’m still a human being prone to foibles in character and thinking. Just to point it out, however, we aren\’t dealing with facts here.

    Thank you, however, for pointing that out. 🙂

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  6. ItsaMeMario Says:

    I just wanna go on the record as saying that i LOVE this frikn anime “air gear” it is frikn great and i’m lookin for more that are frikn like it. that is all

  7. azusa Says:

    Why does the Air Gear anime suck? Read the manga first, and then you’ll understand. Not only are certain aspects of the story edited for no reason, but there are fucking crows blocking otherwise very fanservicey moments. The animation quality is low-rate (especially when comparing to OH!Great’s other manga-turned-anime, Tenjou Tenge), and the manga deserves better treatment.

    BTW, Drop it this very moment, it’s going to run forever.

  8. ItsaMeMario Says:

    i admit the crow thing does suck and i look for the manga and see how that is

  9. Demoniac Says:

    I haven’t seen the anime but I have seen the manga. I must I say I admire this work very much. This visual style is one of the most unique. And Ogure Ito isn’t afraid to disfigure/morph his characters according to situations. I mean when a character going nuts (for example Onigiri), he really going NUTS (example beherit-like disfuguration). Other thing that make Air Gear an interesting manga to read (apart from fan-service moments) is the development of character and their relationship as the story progress.

    I can’t speak for the anime because I haven’t seen it and Tenjho Tenge (another anime from Oh!Great creations) is a very good anime. Having said that, I have seen some absoluterly terrible transliteration from manga to anime before (*cough* Berserk *cough*), so criticism probably holds true. If that is the case then shame on the producer of the anima because the manga really rocks.

  10. tesshi Says:

    i love this anime and i think it would be awsome if they got a game about this, i would deffinitely buy that

  11. toddieo1 Says:

    air gear rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!U PPL SUCK IF U DONT LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. toddieo1 Says:

    I LOVE AIR GEAR WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Kamisama Says:

    I Love this anime yes its not about very profound story line but its about friendship and those anime moments that make you go MOEEEEEE!!!! and its fun. forget about the pseudo bull about quality its awsome. I thought this anime was very good to bad it endend

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