Frustrations about worthless stuff

The main reason why I am lax this semester is that I’ve only made two goals: one is to ace History, and the other is to own at DotA (Defense of the Ancients) using Pugna. I’ve even slowly gotten notoriety because he has been the only hero I used since a long time ago. Sure, I’ve had my games of 8 – 1 and such, but these are very rare and far between games where my kill to death ratio is less than one. I’ve recently played alongside more or less semi-professional DotA players, and although it was game with a less than one kill-death ratio for me, it was making me feel good because we all had ratios less than one, and I had the second or third best record in the group (and using Pugna at that). It’s quite disillusioning, however, because those guys I play alongside usually do well with heroes like Akasha, Pudge, or Lich. Try as I might to do so with Pugna, I can never have exemplary kill-death ratios like 25 – 4, for example. It was noted by those semi-professionals I played with, however, was that that was the best I could do with such a weak hero such as Pugna. I could hold my own, but I could never have those uber-gosu records (was that used correctly?) as those players have when they use Sven or Lich. I’m feeling that it’s just a lost cause, but I really feel I’ve gotten better with Pugna, and perhaps ace with him (meaning that that was the best I could do with that hero). I really need your comments (those who do know about DotA, anyway) to share some light to this problem of mine.

Going back to anime, I’ve been on a slump recently: the only shows I currently watch are Air Gear and Honey and Clover II, perhaps also a little bit of NHK. It’s difficult to watch anime because I’m spending my time trying to master Pugna. I need someone, however, to tell me if it’s a lost cause or to just persevere a little more because I’ll probably master him. Please.

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  1. ayyo Says:


    You make sound like as if it was using Pugna is kind of deep challenge or something.

    The differences between ‘mastering’ a hero and not is that you know the basics such as the hero’s abilities and how to use and little more advance stuff like the delay between attacks and delay between attacking and actually reaching the target, their base movespeed, their range, etc.

    Everything else is stuff you have to know about the basics of the game such as how abilities work, how certain aspects of the engine work such as stacking and orbs, as well as where fog blocks vision, how to deny, harass, etc, and than the teamwork stuff such as ganking, going to your teammates aids when they’re in trouble etc etc.

    Pugna is an semi easy hero in that you can got a big ass aoe early on for harassing melee and killing waves early on, and if you farmed and leveled properly, you could do easy banish+dagon later on amongs other things. Pugna also has a 600range and his attack reaches the target pretty fast so you can easily deny with him.

    I don’t see what’s so hard about it; it’s probaly better if you learn how to use all the heros since you can’t go against what you don’t even know what you’re up against (haha)

  2. RandomGuy Says:

    Umm, you can’t compare Pugna versus heros like Pudge, Akasha or Sven. Those heros are actaully meant to kill other heros. Lich is plain one of the strongest heros. Pugna is more of a support hero who wrecks enemy casters. His disable doesn’t allow you to attack the enemy, his nuke is wide but weak and is Ult isn’t that great at killing either. You shouldn’t expect a high kill ratios with Pugna unless you are facing a team of nukers or something where you ward will rape them.

  3. Agent01 Says:

    Pugna is more of a pusher hero than a hero killer just because his nuke can hit towers. You won’t be able to get as many kills against good people but you can push into their base a lot faster.

  4. tritoch Says:

    pugna = pusher. Don’t try too hard to get the hero kills, it will come to you later on, early game harassing is what you do best, keep those nukes going all the while gaining massive amounts of gold by creep killed in the aoe, and make sure to hit the tower whenever you get close enough with your aoe spell. Your disable is one of the strongest disable, the extra damage from spells is such a treat with your aoe spell and when you have a dagon, oh boy, instant 40% damage on to your dagon, @ dagon 5, its 800 dmg burst + an addition 40% = ouch. Dagon 5 is easily attainable with pugna and the mana cost won’t hurt since he has the highest int gain per level at 4 points of int, ~60 mana per level. I know you’ll react by saying that pugna has low hp, easily countered with a point/vit/soul booster, those are cheap with your creep killing capabilities.

    Netherward = 1.5 x mana used. Heroes like slayer, zeus, chen and other huge mana casters are instantly dealt damage the minute they start casting their spells. The radius is deceptively long and you can place it in ledges so they won’t be able to destroy it.

    Last but not the least, your ult, causes some major damage to str heroes as you easily zap their 1.5k hp into nothingness with your ult. Best used when you get as close to the hero as possible then cast it first then decrepify, dagon, blast. Why use blast at last? AOE. Sometimes they enemy runs and before you could your dagon, they’re out of range and you end up running after them. Use that aoe range to full effect. Oh yeah, if you went soul booster in your build, might as well get the staff for your scepter, it gives pugna’s ult some heavy duty damage.

    The aspect of playing pugna effectively though, lies in the hands of the player, micro micro micro, whenever you are attacked or ambushed, don’t just click to your base, navigate your hero around the terrain, use the height elevation, trees and neutral creeps to put some distance between you and your chasers. Your 315 ms is very fast and it gets faster with boots of travel.

    whew, end of rant! =p

    Play techies, I think I’m the only one that plays techies like a ranged physical attacking hero.

  5. Michael Says:

    Using Pugna for me is some kind of deep challenge. When I team up with good players, I usually get good kill-death ratios. I can also farm and deny well with Pugna: lvl6 has me a Mek already and I’m on my way to a Dagon. The thing is, I don’t upgrade my Dagon though. I usually try to obtain Eye of Skadi later on, and although my life points and etc. get a big boost – dude, Pugna at 2300 HP I still get outlived by heroes like Akasha, who when they obtain the Skadi have 3000 HP more or less.

    I do know how to utilize the nether ward, and I was commended upon by my fellow players that I kicked ass at it (placement of the Nether Ward, etc.) I honestly do know that instead of getting a Skadi I can upgrade my recipe to Dagon 5, since along with Decrep it deals heavy damage.

    The build that I use is RoB, sometimes Perseverance, most of the time Mek (250 HP + 2 armor is a big help to Pugna’s fragile life), Dagon, and then Skadi. Skadi’s a big help to both mana and life, but that thought about Dagon really is quite inviting. 1120 damage hurts a whole lot. I’m thinking about maxing out Dagon rather than getting Skadi. That’s an alternative build. I’m now going to try RoB, Point Booster, Mek, Boots, Dagon Maxed. I may get the soul booster later on, but not the Aghanim.

    I tried Lich. He was so fucking imba, that it was really fun. And I went against a Pugna. It racked me up two early kills.

  6. tritoch Says:

    Mek on pugna is worthless, just go soul booster and use your ult on creeps to restore hp. In fact, the hp // mana gained from the booster would suffice to replace whatever mek can offer you and you can usually get the booster around lvl 7 (when i play, i get it around 4-5 since i can rack up 2-3 kills right away harassing heroes with nether blast) Soul booster gives you unprecedented amount of health early game versus a useless heal spell mek offers, go against someone like slayer or tinker or any of the heavy nukers and see your 950 hp mek’d pugna (salve, blast, laguna) wither even before you can activate mek. Whereas 1150 hp (150 hp after nukes, a well trained pugna will do the ult first anyways gaining hp back) pugna can pull off some spectacular escapes or kill the hero that ganked.

    I would rather get BoT before dagon though as creeping with a BoT makes it easier to go at all 3 lanes pushing without fear of any attacks.

  7. YazzleCowabanga Says:

    When I play pugna, i usualy play Battle mage, my main item is MkB, i mean jesus chrits, you are PUGNA, he has the highest base atk damage, decent atk speed and is very fast, use your nether blast for nutraling and creep kills, and basicly hes a disgusting eye over a dagon for sure, unless you want to be a dick head and get refresher lol. attak speed, and damage on your attacks, is what he can use alot, and never stick around for a 2v4 gank becasue he has such low hp, so getting a sould booster helps alot, and dont bother getting an aghnim’s becasue your ult isnt used on heroes any ways, unless its a all-mid push were so much is happening that they dont notice a green beam sapping thier life lol…Oo other then techies, he has the best farming ability…and use your ward whenever possible lol, also any critisim is accepted, please e-mail me if you have any comments about my pugna build 😀

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