Honey & Clover II – 07

I’m so tired of having takes on Honey and Clover II. It always just ends up to be another pathos-invoking and tear-jerking episode. It always just ends up to be another episode nothing short of a masterpiece. I don’t want to write any more on its class, its beauty, its masterful story and plot, because I’d just be reiterating myself (as I always do).

This definitely hit close to home. And although not as bubbly as Tsukasa or Shinobu, I am in a position similar to them in my family. My parents and relatives consider me to be the gifted one in the family, the smart and intelligent guy. Taking life seriously can be quite a burden, so I do what Morita does (although I’m more realistic and less comedic) and slack off, procrastinate, and suck the marrow of life while living it. I can see how Kaoru feels, but I really think Tsukasa or their parents did a great job. My parents don’t spoil me, but sometimes my sister quips that she’s envious of me because I’m all that and she’s not. It’s a great help to be gifted in life: one can wallow in indolence until the last minute and still deliver, but it’s not all too good for those who have to stick to diligence and perseverance to duke it out.

I really sympathized with the pain of Tatsuo, though. Although Tsukasa didn’t really steal his wife from Tatsuo, it really feels sad when the woman you seem to have liked for quite some time gets swiped off her feet just because there’s no competition between you and the other guy. I could understand him questioning his purpose in life, why he wasn’t gifted, and it really hit close to home.

If I summarized Honey and Clover it would only feel contrived. I’ve arrived at the point that I think that even trying to summarize Honey and Clover would be a total oversimplification of the cathartic experience of watching the episode in person. It’s a tour-de-force.

Other than that, I’d simply like to say that I’m all for a Yamada-Morita relationship, especially because Morita’s mother TOTALLY looks like Yamada.

It pisses me off that the relationship nearly set in stone isn’t even set in stone yet. Why did you end it there, Umino-san?

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  1. Noodlehead Says:

    I find it quite strange that you were able to watch an episode that will air three days from now. Do you have some kind of supernatural power that allows you to surpass time? lol. You probably meant episode 7, right?

    This episode really made me take a liking to Kaoru. Even though he’s more of a secondary character, Umino Chika decided to throw in a background to him that explains his and Shinobu’s childhood, including Shinobu’s money-hungry ways. During the flashback scenes, I spent half the time feeling sorry for Kaoru and resisting the urge to give the poor kid a hug. Despite the fact he’s fictional character…

    I second your claim that summarizing Honey & Clover simply takes too much time and effort. ‘Thing is, you can’t summarize it: all the emotions it makes you feel, thoughts it evokes, and memories it brings to mind. Trying to condense all of that information is sort of like trying to condense the story of life. Well, that’s what it is, after all. A slice-of-life series.

    And I completely agree with the Morita/Yamada thing! Apparently it’s too late for anything like that to happen, though. At least we’ll still have from friendship-y moments between those two… I hope.

    ~ Noodlehead

  2. Karura Says:

    I also found myself growing to like Kaoru over the course of the last couple of episodes; I’m actually quite impressed that the series could make me feel so much for a character I barely knew before.

    Coincidentally, the theme of this episode is something I’ve been thinking about lately, and I may yet write about it. On a personal note, I may be the ‘gifted one’ but certainly at university I worked hard too (since natural talent can always benefit from refinement). Mindset is important as well- convincing yourself that you can’t learn something, or that you’ll never match up to someone else often just makes it self-fulfilling.

  3. SarethIII Says:

    I believe this summaryis for episode 7, as Noodlehead notes.

    I am always astonished at the emotional nuance and the quality writing Honey and Clover demonstrates. This episode is one of the most dramatic in many ways, and it pulled off the trick of making a betrayer seem, if not wholly sympathetic, at least understandable. For me, while the romances are an integral (and probably central) component of the show, I’ve always actually liked it best when it focused on other aspects of the characters’ lives–Hagu’s artistic block, Takemoto’s search for fulfillment, etc. It portrays those with just as much sensitivity and emotional realism as with the relationship dramas.

    I enjoy reading your thoughts on Honey and Clover and look forward to reading more!

  4. Michael Says:

    Yes, I stand corrected.

    @SarethIII – Thank you for finding my blog and reading my opinions.

    I’m pegging this to be the best anime of 2006. I really am not doubting anymore.

  5. Haesslich Says:

    I’m glad Kaoru got a bigger role this season – he seemed quite intriguing when we met him in Ep 12, so this reveal as to why he and Shinobu have been accumulating money’s been more than welcome. Plus, I suspect Yamada’s resemblance to Morita’s mother is a good reason for him NOT to get attached to her – he doesn’t seem to be the type with an Oedipus complex, after all.

    Don’t forget the teaser – they definitely do good ones in H&C.

  6. cebukitty Says:

    Ep. 7 was indeed another magnum opus. Each ep of this wonderful series is a morality play that touches on very human issues. This week, it tackled envy and rivalry be it between siblings or close friends. Each of us desires to excel, to be admired, to be loved for it. To do something only we can do. How difficult to live beside someone whose light is so brilliant, you are forced to live in their shadow. But take note, it was not this failure ‘to do something only he could do’ that ate Tatsuo up in the end. The cancer that ate Tatsuo’s soul was envy. Tsukasa had the cure for that ailment: “Move forward. Got it? Forward. Don’t let the dark emotions catch to you. Run toward the light.”

    Tsukasa did what he loved doing, so he naturally excelled at it. And doing what he loved to do made Tsukasa happy, contented and fulfilled. It was this light that drew people to him. Tatsuo only thought he wanted to be Tsukasa, but he only wanted the things Tsukasa had: the wealth, success, admiration and fame. In short, Tatsuo anchored his dreams on material things, and it was these things that pinned his wings to the ground.

    One of the scenes that really stuck with me in this ep is that of the paper plane infinitely soaring in the bright blue sky. *sigh* another beautiful ep.

    Newayz did anybody notice? At the last scene of the ep, we see shards of glass, blood and golden hair … OMG did something happen to Hagu? T_T

  7. Ritz Says:

    I really don’t understand why you have to keep boasting about your own intelligence in almost every post of yours. Is it so necessary to tell the whole world that you are damn smart?

    You can write, but drop the whole self praise. Let us decide whether you’re intelligent or not.

    And by the way, your entry regarding the whole art and anime thing, is bullshit.

  8. Michael Says:

    I wasn’t boasting. I really am what I said I was, but if you took that to be boasting, so be it. That’s why I said it hit close to home. 🙂

    I really am sorry if that’s the impression I give people. But that’s who I am. I’d rather tell the truth than lie. Take it as you wish, though. 🙂

  9. cebukitty Says:

    Wow Ritz, your comments sure are dripping with acid. A blog expresses the opinion of the writer. He certainly isn’t being paid to write, so he can write anything he damn well wants. However, I concede that you also have the right to call his opinions “bullshit”, but I also have the consequent right to tell you to be less rude and to employ less acerbic language.

    Newayz Michael, I for one personally like the way you write. I sense no harm in adding your personal flavor to any article. In fact peppering your articles with personal anecdotes creates a sense of intimacy with the reader. Amongst the many anime blogs I’ve read, yours is the only one I regularly read and write comments to. But take all crits in stride, this will help you become a better writer. But never lose your special writing “voice”, otherwise you’ll become just another run of the mill writer.

  10. helspectre Says:

    Ritz, if you think whatever he writes is bullshit, kindly support that statement with your opinions. Groundless comments are pretty scalding and bewildering.

  11. Sakuragi Says:

    So what do you think happened with Hagu??

  12. Michael Says:

    *spoiler alert*

    A big glass jalousy fell on her. She was injured heavily, but her hands took the most damage, the hands that made her art.

    *spoiler ends*

    No, she did not die. She really didn’t. That was a mean joke.

  13. Michael Says:

    To all those guys who keep me blogging with all your great comments of support, thank you very much … and if you find any criticism of my posts, post away, like Ritz did. 🙂

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