Naked stars, silky whips, and truths about life

Like a maelstrom gaining steam my laziness has come back to haunt me. Recently, I had the lowest score in our laboratory exams in comparative anatomy: this may be sad, but I had a score of 9 out of 30. There’s a very relevant excuse as to why I failed so hard: I didn’t attend the laboratory session the week before the exam because I got sick, so I was only able to study sketches from a book akin to Gray’s Anatomy. I guess it wasn’t as good as the real thing (dissecting the cat’s muscles). I did study quite a bit (more than I usually do) but all was for naught. It’s either that I’m not just fit for this course or that it really is important to examine and dissect physically the animal you have to dissect as compared to just looking at the sketches. I think it’s both.

An aggravation to this is my addiction to DotA. Despite my studying diligently for that said exam (meaning more than I usually do), instead of studying diligently daily, I play DotA. I may have improved marginally, but it’s sad because although I know it costs money to play and is worthless (it costs money because I play in an internet cafe), it’s quite difficult to wean myself from it.

The main problem I have, however, is my apathy. I really just don’t give a damn anymore. ‘Oh, so I’m the lowest,’ but life still goes on for me – without any significant changes. I wish I could rid myself of this apathy, but it’s much more fun than trying to be cool and all, or to excel. I simply want to live a relaxed life, and I know I have to escape from this notion sooner or later – but living life right now is my utmost priority, and this is what I’m doing.

* * *

To get back to what this blog is all about, I just read the West Side Story chapter of Naked Star and the first chapter of Silky Whip. They were both created and written by the mangaka of Tenjou Tenge and Air Gear (which I love), Ogure Ito, or Oh! Great! Because I’m among quite a few people who think that Air Gear should have been a hentai anime or manga instead, I indeed checked out his art. And now, I REALLY think that Air Gear should have been a hentai anime or manga, or ecchi with some breast shots and more. It just lacks (and this lack is hard to describe in words, but it has an obvious lack when the anime puts up crows instead of good shots) something. -_-

I think Silky Whip was well written (its first chapter anyway), as well as with Naked Star. I also read Himiko-den, which I also liked, though I was sad that it had a more or less incomplete ending.

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  1. Waterfall Says:

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  2. ~Lost Says:

    You still write superbly, so thats a definite plus 😀

  3. cebukitty Says:

    Excessive vid game playing is an addiction like any other. Addictions are all about escaping from reality. We turn to it because our real lives have become unpalatable to us or there’s a problem that’s wriggling in our subconscious, only we don’t want to face i t just yet. Let’s face it, winning in a game feels great, it gives you instant gratification — something you can’t seem to get from real life.

    Failing the cat anatomy exam doesn’t ipso facto mean that you’re not fit for the course, it just means you didn’t spend time in learning about cat anatomy. If you’ve missed laboratory sessions coz you were sick, talk to your prof about giving you extra time with the cat. Or you can join other classes during dissection time. You have plans of becoming a doctor right? Well, a good knowledge of anatomy is essential to becoming a good doctor. Before you start with humans, you begin with frogs, then on to cats, turtles, rabbits, dogs. You have to get a feel for it. You have to be able to distinguish muscles from other muscles, tendons from blood vessels. I know the smell of formalin can be pretty overpowering, but you’ll get used to it, or some of your olfactory nerves will die off and it won’t smell as badly anymore. :p

    I was actually a medicine student, but I quit after the first year of med proper. It was not a decision I made lightly. All my life my parents groomed me to become a doctor, but my heart just wasn’t in it. I took a year off to soulsearch and determine what I really wanted to do in life. Hehe, I could really relate with Takemoto-kun in the latter episodes of HnC Season 1.

    I can kinda understand what you’re going through as well. Medicine is a vocation, a calling to serve humanity. If you want to be a good doctor, you have to give over your whole life to the pursuit of medical knowledge. It’s not easy I know, so you have to be really sure that its your true calling.

    Hmm, this post turned out more serious than I wanted it to be. I guess the dark mood prevalent in ep 8 of Hnc II diffused into me 🙁

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    great anime

  6. condai Says:

    great anime !!!!!!!!!!!!

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