On being moved by ‘stupid’ anime

Air Gear is supposedly a stupid anime. When I mean stupid, I mean it’s shounen-y, for teens and pre-teens, and doesn’t evoke thought at all. But stupid anime can move sometimes even more than blatant bathos of Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, for example.

I recently just watched ep8 of this series. I’m quite behind, I know; the beauty of love as I never saw in real life, however, was more moving than the selfish and self-centred movements of the characters in KgNE. If I had a teacher such as Orihara-sensei, and I was a ditzy girl like Tomita, I’d also fall in love in him. The fact that he did all of that to stop time from moving forward, to prevent Tomita from being late as well as waiting in school patiently for her arrival (done, of course, with ATs) was quite a caring move, honestly. It also shows that he was an extremely considerate teacher, because despite the fact that Ikki and his band of idiots placed a centipede in his shoe and made his foot swell for three days, he still gave them an elementary-level exam and didn’t even seek to kick them out (at least, not actively).

I was made happy with the fact that Ton-chan finally confessed to Orihara-sensei after eight years of waiting, but what he did to her was something nobody really forgets. Of course, there was the customary stupidity of leads found in most shounen anime, but there’s always something, despite this anime’s supposed ugliness, that makes me like it more than KgNE, for example (right now, that is).

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  1. helspectre Says:

    your hormones are clouding your brain… XD

  2. Michael Says:

    I was serious with that post – even anime dubbed ‘stupid’ and ‘contemptible’ by people sometimes possess an unnatural depth that’s unexpected.

  3. Mm9004 Says:

    Well, depth perhaps, but only because you make it up yourself. And you make it up because there’s something childish there that evokes something in you, perhaps even something childish from your past that means something to you. Frankly, however, judging from what you’ve descrbed from that anime about the student-teacher relationship, it would seem that coming across a really good anime is almost a skill. There was…. Cowboy Bebop… Advent Children… Blue Sub no. 6 (where DID that go??)… aaaaaaaaand Gundam Wing. Maybe. The other stuff is for kids. The ‘cute’ stuff is more guiltlessly referred to as pictures that appeal to the child in you. It’s just a matter of growing up. Mmmmm I think I’ll go watch the motorcycle scene in Advent Children again. brb.

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  5. MAB Says:

    You know where i could watch Air Gear? or download it? I found ep. , but youtube doesnt have ep. 2 and the torrents are going at 4kbps.

  6. Blake Says:

    god. if you go out in the real world and get to know like 2 people, you’ll realize how stupid and annoying anime is.

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  9. Johnny Anime Says:

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