On School Rumble licensing and the future of its fansubs

I may be almost a week late, but it was confirmed by Wannabe-Fansubs that they will not fansub School Rumble anymore. Thanks to hayase for pointing that out. To be different from her, however, I won’t do a rendition of a Jose Rizal classic character (our national writer must be THAT good to be published by Penguin Classics. Yes, that BIG and INTERNATIONAL publishing company). So far he’s the only Filipino in the past or present that had a work published and implicitly recognized to be an excellent work of art.

Although I’m as distraught as hayase, and although I’m much worse of a fanboy than her (see Ergo Proxy thread and pimping Honey and Clover, yo), I’m quite rational in this issue. First of all, despite people thinking that the other fansub group, Your-Mom, sucks, their fansubs are totally watchable, and despite the errors in translation as Japanese-proficient people point out, they manage to be able to convey properly the story in most instances and still somewhat give justice to it. I don’t even rate their fansubs to be less than 7 or 8, because fansubbing is hard work. To obtain a fansub as decent as theirs still needs quite a bit of work – encoding, typesetting, timing, and editing still takes time. In fact, I thank them because they are the only source of my understanding of the dialogue in School Rumble. I still manage to laugh at most scenes, so their editing is alright, if not good. (I fansubbed once, and was an editor, and even editing [the not-so-difficult part in fansubbing] is taxing as it is.)

I thank Your-Mom. I also thank Wannabe-Fansubs for their wonderful work on season one, the OVAs, and part of season two. I do wish Your-Mom would finish through School Rumble, because although some people decide to wait for the DVDs, I’m not rich and would gladly and gratefully archive episodes 12 – 26 (because Wannabe-Fansubs has done up to 11). (I admit WF has done a better job than Your-Mom, but I also think Your-Mom’s work is commendable.)

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  1. omo Says:

    Not that I don’t fall into the same pattern of behavior once in a while, I can’t say it’s the rational thing to do. In as much as fandom is categorized as a selfish endavor, you still have to, at the end of the day, support the effort of your favorite anime’s producers. Just wrapping your world with the fansub scene is not enough. You need to pay for it, or go beyond that (like, say, promoting by blogging; public screening at an anime club, whatever).

    So yeah, it’s not I disapprove (although I certainly don’t approve either), I disagree that it is rational. Believe it or not, fansubbing ethics is well-thought-out enough, and as well as it being somewhat of a bargained compromise, following it is the most rational thing to do. Especially in view of short and long term effects.

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