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I’m not dead – not yet.

Monday, September 25th, 2006

Despite my efforts to study assiduously for an exam (to the extent of abnormally giving a whole week so I could properly prepare for it) I didn’t even get a decent score when compared to the time I’ve studied. It really just enervates one; yet it would have been alright had it not happen to the only two exams I really tried to prepare for and study. But I guess that’s life.

My lack of posting can be attributed to my DotA playing, as usual – but also to my intermittent and horrific Internet connection. I’ve kept on using Pugna and relatively have gotten better with him, but that’s my life in a nutshell.

Onward to anime I’m awaiting –

Of course, I’d be lying to myself if I said I won’t watch Death Note and D. Gray Man, because I probably will. They’re probably going to be among the better anime coming out this fall season.

I’m also avidly awaiting Prime Minister of Japan – I haven’t seen a political anime yet, especially one that is a satire of Japanese politics. Aside from that, this is just a post saying that I’m alive.

I’m still thoroughly enjoying Welcome to the NHK! – it’s among the few anime along with Air Gear that I’m watching despite the horribly appalling net connection I have.

This post is really just an update – I’m not dead. Not yet, anyway.

After Haruhi … (hopefully) Onigiri ever after …

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Persistence really does pay off. After an anal amount of patience despite being constantly and consistently disappointed by Haruhiists and Haruhism, I finally managed to finish The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – and what can I say – it was pretty good. (more…)

~youkoso natsu no hi~

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Yes, in case you’re wondering, they ARE holding hands.

I delight in reading the NHK manga, but it is in episodes like ep9 which offer some form of alternate storytelling and more fleshing out (compared to the manga) which also make me delight in watching the anime. It’s quite refreshing seeing broken people try to give an effort to jump back into effective living despite their foibles and shortcomings, despite their qualms with the world and quirks inside themselves. Although the episode started off slow, it was vital in a sense that it gave light to the younger life of Yamazaki and his rejections by women which in turn gave light to his present state of being suspicious of them. Yet even these feelings of deep-seated contempt are thrown off the window when a girl he likes, Nanako-chan, unexpectedly accedes, after her audition for a seiyuu role was postponed, to watch a fireworks festival with him. Although the manga is godly, and although the anime is animated by GONZO, animated scenes like these give the anime an edge over the manga – movement and animation portray emotions more vividly than still pictures as well as provide a deeper perception into the different characters involved in the story. Satou and Misaki having a quasi-date lightened up my heart as well. Sometimes, despite only temporary escapes and evanescent illusions, broken people act as if they are normal, as if they lived their lives like the rest of us. Seeing these images in an anime like this gives me hope for the future – that no matter how distraught or distressed people are, no matter how seemingly depressed or terminal they are in their condition, there’s always hope. (I’m thankful that the anime itself has a more optimistic view on life than the manga.) Hope springs eternal.

(And the insert song was the best, IMO.)

Want to stay awake for a whole night?

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Compared to Jisatsu Circle’s images, this image is of a vast, airy, idyllic landscape populated by beautiful birds and containing a scenery that is magnificent and coruscating with sunlight’s bountiful brightness.

Coffee can only do so much. (more…)

On manga migration and ‘perfect’ anime endings

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

Rei Ayanami

I finally found myself a great Rei picture that has her smiling and having fun. Oh, if only Rei were like this – but at least there’s something to expect with Rebuild, right?

This is the problem when you lack disk space. Eventually, because of the lack of things one watches, one writes sparsely and without volume. Although a lot of people who have commented told me that I could obtain extra HD space or new HDs for a cheap price, you may have underestimated our poverty and our dearth of resources right now. Our family just has enough for its bare necessities; my parents pay for my Internet, however, because they no longer pay for my schooling – they only pay for my food, lodging, and Internet. We’re by no means rich, however, so obtaining a new HD is out of the question. I guess the only thing left for me to do is to purge my computer clean of everything: that is, I may delete all the anime I’ve been storing in my computer, just as what scottfrye does with his laptop. There are still good news, however: my new DVD writer has arrived from US given as a gift from my aunt, but my mom’s reluctant to send it here for fear of disrupting the fragile internal components of that technological innovation. What do I have now, then? (more…)

At last, there’s another Evangelion.

Sunday, September 10th, 2006

I’m pretty happy that Gainax decided to milk the now-drying Eva enterprise one more time with their planned release of films that present the world of Evangelion in an alternate universe. Though I do know that great stories are timeless, cinematic techniques as well as animation do age, and with this remake, it will probably address those who seek more Evangelion – and believe me, there are a lot of guys who do – Eva figures are still selling at a constant rate and it has still got to be displaced from the top 10 anime (if I remember correctly) in Newtype charts.

With that, there’s at least something to expect in the years to come. MOAR EVA = MOAR FUN.

Rei Ayanami
I tried looking for more decent pictures, but about 90% of all Danbooru pics tagged Rei Ayanami had her in very promiscuous and very DAMNING scenes with a masculine Shinji, or other guys.

Natsu no Arashi – Kobayashi Jin’s ‘new’ manga

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

There are two reasons why one should read Natsu no Arashi: (more…)

Comparing Manga and Classics

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

I just noticed that Akismet spam likes to eat cebukitty‘s comments. I’m sorry for the other people who posted and yet don’t have their comments posted; I don’t approve or disapprove the comments, but sometimes the spam blocker eats up spam wrongly. I don’t even moderate comments, honestly. (more…)


Monday, September 4th, 2006

Itsuki Kamiyama
This manga is seriously entertaining and fucked-up; it, however, also has hot shoujos and shounen – and death is a pervading theme. 

I read the NHK manga in disparate reading binges done in two days. While reading the manga, I saw one manga chapter containing the advertisement for a manga called GOTH. Hoping that I could find it somewhere, I searched for it in the Internet and IRC, and finally found it yesterday at the website of one of the groups translating the manga. I found out that it was an already completed project as well as a finished manga. I then seeked some synopsis from the Internet so as to acquaint myself with the manga’s subject matter. I then read that it was about two students obsessed with death. It’s not exactly the synopsis that invites many, but I liked such things: for one, I read through all sixty-eight chapters of the MPD Psycho manga as well as up to the most recent chapter of Leviathan (translated, at least). Gore, bodily mutilation, the dark side of humanity, sanity’s eclipse – all are alright with me as long as they were elements that enabled the manga artists (both the writer and illustrator) to deliver a wonderfully wrought story, which I think MPD and Leviathan did. Then again, I haven’t read that much manga, but one can already observe my interest in the quirks and foibles of men and the darker cases of broken psyches, at least in the manga I read. (more…)

School Rumble Nigakki episodes 20 to 22

Sunday, September 3rd, 2006

It’s the first time in quite some time that I’ve lounged around watching anime and doing nothing else. It’s a great feeling; it’s somewhat a reminiscence of things past, of things that once were. However, I may have lounged around too much: I think I need some etidronate to counteract the pain I feel in my bones from reclining on my bed without a headrest. (more…)