Natsu no Arashi – Kobayashi Jin’s ‘new’ manga

There are two reasons why one should read Natsu no Arashi:

This is the first reason, and,

… this is the second.

After eating some of that corndog laced with a lot of hot sauce, I think I may have gotten better. I’ve been sick these past few days because of the ever-changing weather, and that’s among the reasons why I haven’t written or blogged much. The heat just knocks one awake and decimates that languor that accompanies disease or sickness. It’s just a temporary placebo, however, and I’ll probably be back to the state where everything feels like shit.

Moving on to less tangential matters, I’ve finally downloaded the complete Hitsuji no Uta or Lament of the Lamb manga. This, however, was not my first encounter with its story: I viewed (on a whim, I may add) the four OVA episodes of Hitsuji no Uta; and as I may have said before, it had a pretty decent story and pretty sad but more or less good culmination and termination of the story (in the OVA, anyway). I assume that it’s going to be better with its manga version, because basically there’s more time to tell the story about the vampire siblings and more time to flesh out the characters as well.

I’ve also read the scanlated first chapter of Kobayashi Jin’s new manga, Natsu no Arashi. The main protagonist (I’ve assumed from the title of the manga), is Arashi, somewhat a cross between Eri and Yakumo, however possessing more Yakumo characteristics physically. My first impressions on her were that she was more confident and more headstrong than Yakumo, and that she looks hot and may displace Yakumo in my favorite girls list, because she’s more direct than Yakumo but is inoffensive unlike Eri.

Anyway, the story starts out with a seemingly lost young boy stumbling upon a maid cafe in the middle of nowhere. He discovers Arashi, a maid waitress who looks hot. She serves him, and he manages to pass time by just looking at her proportions, as well as some of her prominent ‘assets.’ A muscular guy intrudes in on his fun, however, and threatens what seems to be the cafe manager or bartender to give up Arashi or else face a lot of misfortune. Despite the manager having known Arashi for only about a week, she was unwilling to give him her, because she was both hardworking and extremely pleasant to be with. Enter the male ‘hero,’ or what seems to be the hero of the story, who batters up the guy seeking Arashi. (I honestly don’t remember his name because he’s not hot; I’m not gay, and besides, there’s Arashi. Let me check up on it, though.) His name’s Yasaka, and there’s also this other girl who looks like Mikoto from SR whose name is Kamigamo. It’s the male hero that was drawn quite differently from what we’re used to seeing Jin draw: the guy looks sometimes like Luffy from One Piece. I’m not even joking.

The first chapter ends well (to the extent that I got late in class) and makes me want more. I hope, however, that it doesn’t degenerate into something SR-ish: that is, I hope that it doesn’t degenerate into a manga about countless misunderstandings but develop into something where the story progresses, but not to the extent of breaching or going beyond 200 chapters (and SR is very near to doing that).

There’s a surprise to what Arashi truly is, but I leave that up to you to discover.

(Oh, and if someone can tell me where I can find NHK manga, even if they’re raws, from 27 to the most recent chapter, I’d be really thankful.)

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  1. kenjiharima Says:

    The girl with the black hair and red eyes is called Arashi and the girl with the blue eyes looks like a hybird of Yakumo and Eri from Kobayahi Jin’s School rumble except she has silver hair.

  2. metallurgistguy Says:

    the hybrid Yakumo-Eri girl hasn`t introduced yet after 2 chapters

    i wonder if she is one of Arashi`s different body ? (i mean she can transform into different person)


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