After Haruhi … (hopefully) Onigiri ever after …

Persistence really does pay off. After an anal amount of patience despite being constantly and consistently disappointed by Haruhiists and Haruhism, I finally managed to finish The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – and what can I say – it was pretty good. The fact that I’m very interested in romances (implied or whatnot) helped me in finishing the series, and it did not disappoint, although I’m still going to say that I don’t see it as the best anime of 2006 – there are series like Honey and Clover II for that title. I’ll say that it was well done, however, and I really liked the triumvirate of the closing episodes (ep12, ep13, and ep14). The kiss was a great touch as well as a confirmation (in addition to all the other hints dropped, especially with them as the two lone people in a large empty space) to Haruhi’s love (shall we say doting?) towards Kyon. Kyon, indeed, has a veritable harem in his midst. Nagato takes orders only from him, and even doesn’t wear eyeglasses anymore because he wanted her not to; and Mikuru is besotted with him, as well as Haruhi – wearing a ponytail after being hinted at by a ‘friend’ in your dream and showing it to school, or wishing for a place where the two of you were left alone, I don’t know what that means to other people, but that’s definitely more than a passing interest by Haruhi towards Kyon. I’m not expecting (and I don’t want to have) a second season, because I think the first closed up all loose ends quite well. I accede to the fact that it really is a pretty good anime, but I still can’t understand why people are calling it the best of 2006 – I’ll give it best animation, but it doesn’t end up as best anime in my book.

Among other things, School Rumble Nigakki is going to end soon. After thinking up pro-Onigiri scenarios in WF (WannabeFansubs) forums, I hope they’re going to give the second season more resolution than the bunch of crock ending that was in the first. Though I strongly do hope and pray for an Onigiri ending and at least a Yakumo confirmation that she loves Harima, I don’t expect much. I’m still watching and waiting for what happens, however. Here’s hoping for an Onigiri ending.

Aside from this, my internet connection’s been recalcitrant lately, and I haven’t been able to watch much anime (but that’s not the only reason). I am still playing DotA despite being bad at it, but I’m slowly weaning myself out of it – just two days ago, I watched six (?) straight episodes of Air Gear, and today I finished (finally!) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as well as finish all the Air Gear episodes that I have. Since I barely have a backlog because of the lack of disk space and my dearth of anime that I’m watching this season (as well as a horrible semester full of laboratory work and EVUL teachers), I am almost out of anime to watch.

I’ll probably watch some Akagi later on if my net connection’s going to become more stable, but I pray that I’ll watch more next season (it’s also cheaper than playing DotA). Maybe I’ll try the 10 episodes a day, just like what TJ does.

24 Responses to “After Haruhi … (hopefully) Onigiri ever after …”

  1. Danny Says:

    well, it might tie things up nicely, though i still dont get what was with that TALKING CAT in the first ep…

  2. Danny Says:

    Wait, I think I get it now. Seems that Haruhi was behind his ability to speak…

  3. Michael Says:

    Indeed. OT, but the kiss was a good top-off to a good series. 🙂

  4. Andrew Says:

    Well, this would be my first reply, might as well make it a constructive one.

    While The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi seems to be a title blatantly targetting the common man, I believe it has the potential to draw a diverse crowd. Sure, it seems like a sci-fi fiction created to satisfy the junkies of its genre and the audience with an appetite for cute school girls, but the show possesses an intrinsic value of its own– it does not command the viewers’ thoughts. The themes of the animes today are too forceful, too conspicuous, and leaves no personal interpretation: Shounen’s reoccuring theme of “fighting for one’s own dream” would be an epitome of such disaster. Those who found no hidden message within Haruhi–mainly the critiques of this show– just couldn’t look beyond its facade, and deem it as unintelligent and as a showcase for graphics demonstration. Yet, Haruhi dared to be new, bringing light to some human natures that were lurking in some ambiguous shows before. Haruhi’s whims, Kyon’s cynicism, Itsuki’s obedience– these traits are slapped onto the henchmen 1 and 2 in other anime series.

    After all, a novel derived the story. It had no visual aid, no voice support: everything has to be constructed from the human imagination.

    Of course, I’m not implying that this is a perfect show either. I absolutely love Honey and Clover, but I believe The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi has the same calibur as the former show beyond the visual compartment.

  5. Ryan A Says:

    This season is waiting for you! Or let’s believe that anyway 😉

  6. Robson Santos Says:

    Well… The Anime sure deserves all the attention that it’s getting, just because the Novels are way TOO good. Think about Harry Potter, Endless Story, The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy… Wrap everything together and there you go.

    Your assumptions are quite wrong… Haruhi didn’t fall in love with Kyon (the animation covers vol 1 to 3, the story is going on vol. 9 and they don’t have this kind of relationship yet; Even the writter says that he doesn’t know if Kyon will end up with her); Nagato thrusts Kyon from the very beggining of the Animation Series, the reason being explained on vol. 4 of the Novel… Asahina seems to have a thing for Kyon, but the friendly Esper explains that ‘maybe’ this is the role that she has come from the future to play (taking his attention from Haruhi and keeping everything stable for her own future’s sake)… The story didn’t end up as a harem story (Love Hina, etc); It may look like that, but a closer look (and a reading at the novels) proves it to be WAY wrong.

    It’s not perfect, but when a adaptation manages to end up As Good (almost better) than the original… Whe end up with a Lord Of The Rings getting almost all Oscars.

    The same goes for Haruhi.

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  17. Katie Says:

    There’s a second season. That isn’t the end.

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