At last, there’s another Evangelion.

I’m pretty happy that Gainax decided to milk the now-drying Eva enterprise one more time with their planned release of films that present the world of Evangelion in an alternate universe. Though I do know that great stories are timeless, cinematic techniques as well as animation do age, and with this remake, it will probably address those who seek more Evangelion – and believe me, there are a lot of guys who do – Eva figures are still selling at a constant rate and it has still got to be displaced from the top 10 anime (if I remember correctly) in Newtype charts.

With that, there’s at least something to expect in the years to come. MOAR EVA = MOAR FUN.

Rei Ayanami
I tried looking for more decent pictures, but about 90% of all Danbooru pics tagged Rei Ayanami had her in very promiscuous and very DAMNING scenes with a masculine Shinji, or other guys.

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  1. Danny Says:

    …you seriously could not find a better picture? >.>
    But yeh, I will looking forward to this! 1st movie’s meant to be finished by summer next year – can’t wait!

  2. Waterfall Says:

    Although this is best,

  3. j.valdez Says:

    Seriously, about 90% of Danbooru is girls in promiscuous and very DAMNING scenes with various males. I’m also looking forward to the “New Eva” or NEVA (I copyright that).

    I’m really hoping for Bread World.

  4. Hige Says:

    The whole practise seems wholly redundant to me. I love Eva to bits, but I’d call myself a Sadamoto fanboy rather than a straight Eva fanboy . . . yet this whole film business seems unnecessary.

    Still, I won’t judge it out of hand. Perhaps there’s still more to tell in the Eva universe, alternative or otherwise. It won’t mean a damn thing to me, however, if the characters don’t have the same amount of depth as the originator.

    How much is Anno involved with this, if at all?

  5. yuu-chan Says:


    You Are So Cute..
    I like You Very Much..


  6. luis Says:

    me henamorado de ti pero no se si eres un dibujo

  7. Dudekins Says:


  8. jason Says:

    i dont like that picture of rei ayanami, but the one with the bike it is one of the best. i like to see her smile.

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