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Once again, I haven’t been able to update for quite some time. There are two reasons: first, the past week was saturated with examinations and reports, so free time was infinitesimal, if present, and second was the lack of Internet connection. I think it was a blessing in disguise, because I was able to study consistently and diligently (assiduously) for my exams, having no distraction from Internet and anime downloading. It just came back today (some hours before I was writing this).

* * *

To start off with my comeback post, I read all the scanlated NHK manga chapters within two days. I realized two things: one, it is quite a well-thought and well-written manga; two, I really wish for Kashiwa and Satou to end up together (and perhaps also wish for Nanako and Yamazaki to end up together as well). The comparisons may be incorrect, but I think the manga is a lesser form of a Dostoevskian work. It is well-written; it possesses a dynamic cast of characters; and its change of these characters are believable and moving that it sometimes is tear-jerking.

Take for example the chapter entitled ‘Welcome to the Starry Sky.’ Desolation and hopelessness just creeps into one’s psyche and permeates it, especially when one sees Satou see Kashiwa making out with Jougasaki-san that he doesn’t even mind dying – in fact, he wanted to kill himself. It was all the more jarring when he did it atop the circle of the Ferris wheel whilst saying ‘even from up here, I cannot see the starry sky.’ It’s quite similar to the loneliness and melancholy the stories of Dostoevsky want us to feel.

A part of the manga (elaborated upon intermittently in a smattering of chapters) deals with Yamazaki’s denial of having affection for real-life girls (because of the possible reality of getting hurt). He must have had been hurt whenever Nanako tells him off as a potential love interest for her to her friends that he vehemently shies and avoids contact with them in fear of rejection. Yet, one time, when in despair, both Yamazaki and Satou dared themselves to do things they normally didn’t do, and it was exposed here that Nanako really is interested in Yamazaki. He, however, having been hurt already, pushes her away despite the fact that he likes her too (seemingly).

Revelations, however, expose that she truly likes him as a guy despite being a kimochi-warui­ and also despite her backstabs of him. It is really shown in c25 when she strips before him as he denies interest in real-life girls … it was good for her that she truly managed to express her feelings, and also good for him because his true emotions came to the surface.

It’s quite hard to quantify because I felt the same way when I read Crime and Punishment. It was a more difficult read, but the depression and the negative aura it exuded to contrast the masterful culmination of the story was totally wonderful despite the pain it took reading through it (mostly because of the material).

I really wish for more NHK, seriously. Seeing the anime get to those parts in the manga that connote character change, renewal or depreciation will probably excite me.

* * *

I also rewatched some episodes of H&C II, and it reminded me why it was placed in my top anime of all time in the first place. It’s just so moving, so pathos-invoking, so beautiful that I have to download episode nine right now and watch it later.

I’m going to bet that FLAG or Kemonozume aren’t going to be the sleepers of this season; it will probably be NHK if more people appreciated its all-around sadness, depression, and melancholy.

And that reminds me …

I watched about three Haruhi Suzumiya episodes this past week while resting before filling oneself with more information. Haruhi S. still isn’t good enough for me. Haruhi is just too much of an irritant.

(I wrote this late at night. I ask pardon for whatever spelling, syntax or grammar mistakes the reader finds in this post.)

7 Responses to “General opinions on NHK”

  1. Danny Says:

    S. Haruhi an irritant??? Which episodes did you watch?

  2. Michael Says:

    I’ve watched up to ten already … but I realized at ep10 that I liked the show. I loved the dynamic relationships between Mikuru and Kyon and between Nagato and Kyon. I don’t give a damn about that bitch Haruhi. Haha. 🙂

  3. jiv Says:

    Sooo.. I was not so wrong back then?

  4. Michael Says:

    I did say I stand corrected 😀

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