Itsuki Kamiyama
This manga is seriously entertaining and fucked-up; it, however, also has hot shoujos and shounen – and death is a pervading theme. 

I read the NHK manga in disparate reading binges done in two days. While reading the manga, I saw one manga chapter containing the advertisement for a manga called GOTH. Hoping that I could find it somewhere, I searched for it in the Internet and IRC, and finally found it yesterday at the website of one of the groups translating the manga. I found out that it was an already completed project as well as a finished manga. I then seeked some synopsis from the Internet so as to acquaint myself with the manga’s subject matter. I then read that it was about two students obsessed with death. It’s not exactly the synopsis that invites many, but I liked such things: for one, I read through all sixty-eight chapters of the MPD Psycho manga as well as up to the most recent chapter of Leviathan (translated, at least). Gore, bodily mutilation, the dark side of humanity, sanity’s eclipse – all are alright with me as long as they were elements that enabled the manga artists (both the writer and illustrator) to deliver a wonderfully wrought story, which I think MPD and Leviathan did. Then again, I haven’t read that much manga, but one can already observe my interest in the quirks and foibles of men and the darker cases of broken psyches, at least in the manga I read.

I judge a manga to be great if it evokes a strong emotion or feeling from the reader and if it purges the reader of ennui and mental entropy. If judged in that sense, GOTH is great. First, even after tiring of a string of DotA games (and one knows how protracted and tiring these can be) and also after a day of school, reading the first and second chapters of this five-chapter manga was like drinking very strong black coffee. It just invigorated my spirit and awakened my soul from its self-imposed languor. Who wouldn’t wake up reading about two people obsessed with death, with one of them obsessed with the other’s hands? Indeed, from all the unforgiving imagery my stomach felt queasy. If one simply saw the rawness of the images in this manga, one with a weaker heart may puke from the appalling images. That doesn’t mean to say that they were there solely for visual purposes; these, somehow, had also something to do with the story as well.

It also helps that the art is breathtaking. I’ve already fallen in love with the character design of Yoru Morino, and with Itsuki Kamiyama. (I’m probably going to change my AnimeSuki forums avatar later on.)

* * *

I just finished reading the manga, and I must say that I was really, really, really, really impressed with it. It didn’t have the psychobabble that was so prominent in MPD Psycho, but it had enough of the mystery and a lot of character insight, which made it more of a delight to read. It also was a compact, cogent, and more mature and intellectual form of Detective Conan. Despite the flawed protagonists (depraved, really), it definitely had enough closure and definitely lots of twists and turns that may throw off the reader from what really is the truth in the manga – all I can say, however, is that Yoru Morino is hot, and I’m GAR for Kamiyama.

(And knife fights are always for the win.)

I’m seriously rereading it again right now, and all this was from an advertisement in the NHK manga. 😀

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  1. aurabolt Says:

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  2. cebukitty Says:

    wow, goth sounds interesting. where can i get the manga? i’ve always loved flawed protagonists, it makes them more human you know. have you perchance read the manga “kilico”? its a violent manga for sure, but the intense hate/love relationship of the two protagonists is truly rivetting. its still up at methinks. there’s a lot of mangas to download over there. and what’s more they’re usually the complete set 🙂

  3. cebukitty Says:

    where can i download goth manga? it sounds like a good read 🙂 check out for other completed manga series.

  4. em Says:

    link to the manga please!

  5. smashingtofu Says:

    Kenji Ooiwa is definately a promising manga artist, he has a huge influence on my own art style…

    So I was a little disappointed when I read NHK after the intense GOTH, since there was a huge style shift due to the change of writer and plot environment

    : p Both are really great in their own respect, but I can’t help but feel that I want more GOTH-ness (even if the manga is great BECAUSE its nice and short)

    I really agree that a truly great manga is to evoke emotions on the reader, its also one of the reasons why I want to be a mangaka and I think its sometimes way too under-valued in a lot of anime thats being produced…

    btw, have ever read the novel GOTH or the writer’s works? I want to know if they’re worth importing and reading (once I get better at japanese that is…)

  6. Michael Says:

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