I’m not dead – not yet.

Despite my efforts to study assiduously for an exam (to the extent of abnormally giving a whole week so I could properly prepare for it) I didn’t even get a decent score when compared to the time I’ve studied. It really just enervates one; yet it would have been alright had it not happen to the only two exams I really tried to prepare for and study. But I guess that’s life.

My lack of posting can be attributed to my DotA playing, as usual – but also to my intermittent and horrific Internet connection. I’ve kept on using Pugna and relatively have gotten better with him, but that’s my life in a nutshell.

Onward to anime I’m awaiting –

Of course, I’d be lying to myself if I said I won’t watch Death Note and D. Gray Man, because I probably will. They’re probably going to be among the better anime coming out this fall season.

I’m also avidly awaiting Prime Minister of Japan – I haven’t seen a political anime yet, especially one that is a satire of Japanese politics. Aside from that, this is just a post saying that I’m alive.

I’m still thoroughly enjoying Welcome to the NHK! – it’s among the few anime along with Air Gear that I’m watching despite the horribly appalling net connection I have.

This post is really just an update – I’m not dead. Not yet, anyway.

7 Responses to “I’m not dead – not yet.”

  1. helspectre Says:

    blog more bitch! =)

  2. Ronin Says:

    Yay, you’re still alive. (-_^)/

  3. Andrew Says:

    Heh, since I’m already here, why not leave another comment?

    I’m rather glad that you are here. You’ve inspired my synapses to fire again. Well, okay, you’ve compelled them to fire beyond my control and I know that many of them will die after this… I’ve rambled enough.

    I don’t know about you, but the decision to deviate from NHK’s manga really irked me. I understand that Gonzo is endeavoring to add realism, but it has done nothing more than backfire. The humor in NHK is really essential to the plot. I’m suddenly reminded of someone’s comment when he claimed that humorous satire is the gateway to the discussion of grim reality.

    Satou is a Hikkikomori.

    I laugh at him, knowing that it is the misfortune of another. I understand his predicament, though he does not remain depressed the entire series.

    But Gonzo is alleviating the extent of his misery. The studio blatantly omits the worst of his dispotions, the funniest of his ironies, and much more.

    Okay, it is beginning to sound like I’m complaining ^^; Before I say too much, I better run. hehe.

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  7. Armand Loudon Says:

    I adored it. Quite interesting story and incredible characters. I hope they continue this series.

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