School Rumble Nigakki episodes 20 to 22

It’s the first time in quite some time that I’ve lounged around watching anime and doing nothing else. It’s a great feeling; it’s somewhat a reminiscence of things past, of things that once were. However, I may have lounged around too much: I think I need some etidronate to counteract the pain I feel in my bones from reclining on my bed without a headrest.

In that span of time, I watched School Rumble: Nigakki from ep20 to ep22 because of the inviting blog post by YY about an Eri-Harima development. Indeed, there was, but it wasn’t the ‘development’ I was looking for, although if one looked closer, it was significant in that we see Eri more at home with her feelings towards Harima and more attuned to her own emotions. That’s wonderful, but I didn’t see why she had to insult Tenma like that, incurring the wrath of Yakumo. This incident, however, exposed (partly) how Yakumo feels towards Harima. (Because I’m an Onigiri shipper, I may tend to over-read into the situations between Yakumo and Harima.)

It speaks of the facts that:

  • Yakumo has a lot of respect for Harima because she was quite unwilling to defile his face;

  • That little blush I saw made me think that she definitely has feelings for him;

  • There seems to be an Eri-Yakumo tension, which is great – the truth will eventually surface amidst all the misunderstanding.

Although the series is growing more towards a Karasuma-Tenma resolution and an Eri-Harima resolution, one can still hope for a Yakumo-Harima resolution, right? Harima won’t be pretty happy living with a tornado of emotions who is Eri, but he probably will be with someone highly perceptive and incisive like Yakumo. Of course I don’t know his taste for these two girls (I do know that he really likes Tenma, however), but generally speaking, men like to live with placid and pacific ladies like Yakumo. I certainly would.

I didn’t find much merit with ep20 and 21, though. They were most definitely filler, and although extremely funny at times, like for example Mai loving a masked man who was Nishimoto in disguise. How he revealed his true identity still makes me laugh until now, as I’m writing this. The ~dasu was the culmination of what caused a paroxysm of laughter on my part.

I wonder how it will all end. They are already at episode 23, and I don’t see any convenient cut-off as they did with season one. Will they do a Kare Kano? I’m pretty confused. Then again, it’s School Rumble so I assume there already has been that convenient part where the series can be severed that at least provides some sort of quasi-conclusion.

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