~youkoso natsu no hi~

Yes, in case you’re wondering, they ARE holding hands.

I delight in reading the NHK manga, but it is in episodes like ep9 which offer some form of alternate storytelling and more fleshing out (compared to the manga) which also make me delight in watching the anime. It’s quite refreshing seeing broken people try to give an effort to jump back into effective living despite their foibles and shortcomings, despite their qualms with the world and quirks inside themselves. Although the episode started off slow, it was vital in a sense that it gave light to the younger life of Yamazaki and his rejections by women which in turn gave light to his present state of being suspicious of them. Yet even these feelings of deep-seated contempt are thrown off the window when a girl he likes, Nanako-chan, unexpectedly accedes, after her audition for a seiyuu role was postponed, to watch a fireworks festival with him. Although the manga is godly, and although the anime is animated by GONZO, animated scenes like these give the anime an edge over the manga – movement and animation portray emotions more vividly than still pictures as well as provide a deeper perception into the different characters involved in the story. Satou and Misaki having a quasi-date lightened up my heart as well. Sometimes, despite only temporary escapes and evanescent illusions, broken people act as if they are normal, as if they lived their lives like the rest of us. Seeing these images in an anime like this gives me hope for the future – that no matter how distraught or distressed people are, no matter how seemingly depressed or terminal they are in their condition, there’s always hope. (I’m thankful that the anime itself has a more optimistic view on life than the manga.) Hope springs eternal.

(And the insert song was the best, IMO.)

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