Typhoons, blackouts, mono no oware, and anime of course

It just feels so damn fucking good to have electricity once more after a whole week of being without it. And yes, I just had to curse because it was difficult flourishing without it. (I was late quite often, and yes, I’ve cut some classes – my alarm clock is my computer.) The reason, by the way, why we didn’t have had electricity for the past week was that our country was hit by quite a strong typhoon that decimated and destroyed quite a few properties, and these properties (aside from electric lines), included houses, buildings, and trees. Much as I would have liked to post about anime, I couldn’t do so, because I couldn’t even watch them in the first place. I can only give general comments from what I gleaned from visiting forums intermittently.

So Air Gear has already finished, and based on the comments I feel that more people are satisfied with its ending despite being quite open-ended compared to School Rumble Nigakki. Although it couldn’t cope or even reach the level of the manga, for most viewers, it was quite alright, and the ending gave enough closure but left some things open-ended so that a next season could be produced. I’m pretty glad that Air Gear didn’t end worse than School Rumble Nigakki, which utilized a reset – of which I honestly despise seeing in most media like cinema, literature, and even in soaps. It just leaves the viewer filled with contempt towards the producers, because they were unable to progress the characters they themselves helped to create.

Other than suffering a handicap of not having electricity, I may have had just failed my most recent exam in Biostatistics. Aside from that, nothing much happened – I am still quite besotted with DotA, and have found new heroes to gambol around with. In addition to that, I’ve finished a book after roughly a five-month hiatus of not reading leisurely (because of laziness, schoolwork, DotA, etc.), and it was written by Yasunari Kawabata entitled ‘Beauty and Sadness.’

As I’ve said above, I know not much about the recent happenings in anime, but I can talk about the book – and you can not read on if uninterested. 😉

Because I’ve read works by Tanizaki, Mishima, and Akutagawa (as well as other works of Kawabata as well) before, I can say in general that quite a few Japanese writers find value and importance of the concept of mono no oware, or the sadness of things. This concept states that beauty, life, and everything possesses an inherent sadness because they are all only ephemeral and temporary. And this is what classical Japanese writers often treasure and ingrain in their different novels and stories – and ‘Beauty and Sadness’ is no exception. I’d like to spoil and ask questions because while Kawabata’s lush words and descriptions are terse and succinct, they are also quite subtle and effluvial – ambiguous and ambivalent. I can only suggest that one read it, because it most definitely is a masterpiece.

Do note that this is only an introductory post to a succession of forthcoming posts later on. I ask pardon for the incoherence and fragmentation: I am sleepy, and very much so.

8 Responses to “Typhoons, blackouts, mono no oware, and anime of course”

  1. Ronin Says:

    Good to see you’re still on tracking the latest anime titles this Fall Season.

    Now go onward.

  2. Ryan A Says:

    Glad for you to have electricity. I haven’t kept up with Air Gear or School Rumble, but I understood mono no oware (metaphorically, my Nihongo is ultra limited). I find it a very nice concept and I believe it is something implied with drama, but not always explictly expressed. Your description of the novel sounds excellent. I am interested and will seek it out.

  3. meganeshounen Says:

    Well, blogging’s really tough without electricity. Period. ^^

    Lotsa fanservicey and mecha series this season. Watch out for ’em, dude~

  4. cebukitty Says:

    must have been tough enduring no electricity for a week! 0.0;

    i recently disconnected from crappy pldt dsl and am still waiting for globe to connect our broadband. i’ve been without internet at home for 2 weeks now and counting T_T thus, i can truly relate on how sucky it is not to be able to download and watch animes. i suffered withdrawal symptoms from being deprived of my net and anime addiction, but at the same time, it sure gave me lotsa free time to pursue other interests like reading 🙂

    i’d love to read beauty and sadness, you make it sound so interesting. where can i procure a copy? newayz, gambare with respect to biostatistics! just hold on until sem break.

  5. Ryan A Says:

    Update: I checked out the book from the library ^^

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  8. Asia Diones Says:

    Good day just to let you know your rss feed is not working Hope you fix it soon.

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