Will D. Gray Man last forever?

It’s an ugly feeling being unable to sleep decently because of a nasal congestion; it feels even worse when one has just come out of an exam bruised, damaged, battered, and done for, and having a grim outlook on the results. Here I am, then, in the wee hours of the night, trying to write something.

I’ve watched the first episode of Death Note yesterday, and I must say that it was a fascinating watch; it wasn’t as cathartic or as emotionally moving as Asatte no Houkou, however. There are only a few times in anime series where the one being featured is an anti-hero. Yagami Raito is among those people; although he is a straight-A student, his dark, recondite side has a god-complex: he has decided, upon receiving a notebook of death known as the Death Note, to eliminate all criminals and evils of the world (except himself, of course) and be crowned as god of the new world. Quite an interesting, unique character, right? It’s not your cookie-cutter shy guy infatuated with a girl but chased upon by girls with often provocative and well-sculpted bodies. It’s not your hero slowly beating all the enemies as he rises to the top. It’s just a damn cold, smart, Woland-like sophist who’s out to crown himself as god. Cool.

(I dreamed about Asatte no Houkou however and check TT every time I have free time for the second episode. Karada is just so hot now, and Shouko is simply kawaii!)

I still have a backlog of the two episodes of D. Gray Man, the first episode of Tokimeki Memorial ~ Only Love, as well as the final episodes of Air Gear. On the subject of Air Gear, I’d like to watch Tenjou Tenge or read the manga (but I’ve heard that the scanlations are being produced at a snail’s pace) because Ogure Ito’s artwork is simply AWESOME. I fell immediately in love with his artwork seeing beautiful color spreads of Ringo (who I think is very beautiful), and this love only intensified with me having read his well-drawn hentai manga (Silky Whip comes to mind).

I’m pretty reluctant on watching D. Gray Man, however, because it comes from Shounen Jump (?) and would be almost guaranteed to be the same as those forever-running shows like One Piece and Naruto (and possibly Bleach). Please correct me if I’m wrong; I’m just hoarding its episodes because if I’m besotted into something I won’t give that something up easily. It took me about a half-season’s worth of filler watched before I gave up on Bleach for the moment (until it will take material from the manga once more). Since I want to avoid the pitfall of watching shows like that, I’d like someone to correct me (please, feel free to comment) on what I think and perceive about D. Gray Man, if in chance these perceptions and thoughts are wrong.

Oh, I can’t wait for the next episode of NHK. It’s just got better and better recently. (Pardon for the barely structured writing รขโ‚ฌโ€œ as I said, I am sleepless.)

18 Responses to “Will D. Gray Man last forever?”

  1. karry Says:

    Did you know that Death Note also comes from Shounen Jump ?

    But yeah, D-Gray is very stylish, but empty inside.

  2. Darby Says:

    It made me feel a bit like I was watching a darker, gothicy version of Full Metal Alchemist. It was alright, though.

  3. Sabas Says:

    Judging from the manga, I think it’s going to actually end. I might be wrong, but everything’s hinting at a finale soon enough.

  4. Karura Says:

    If the manga looks like it’s going to end soon, then maybe things are better than I thought- after finding out in episode 2 that there are 109 pieces of cube to collect, I began to worry that the anime could last several hundred episodes.

  5. Michael Says:

    DN has already a known episode count. We know it will end. As for D. Gray Man, I still haven’t gleaned information to when its last episode will be, or how many episodes it is. Tokko had 117 pieces of Hell’s Gate to collect, but it ended (albeit underwhelmingly and open-endedly) at ep13. I just have to refrain from watching the first two episodes and wait for some more information before delving into it. I hope it wouldn’t go beyond 52 episodes. Please don’t let it be like Bleach or Naruto.

  6. Nighty Says:

    D.Gray-Man will either end soon, with the current manga arc being the super finale, or we’ll be recieving the edge of the shounen stick when the end of the manga arc reveals another super boss that must be defeated.

    If you want to worry about anything, worry about Hitman REBORN!! instead. I’m fairly confident it’ll be still running even after the current arc.

  7. cebukitty Says:

    I read the manga of Death Note and I found it rivetting with unpredictable plot twists that kept me at the edge of my seat. I simply could not read fast enough! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you again for posting your anime reviews. Before downloading an anime ep, I peruse animeblogs from trusted otakus such as yourself, so I can choose wich anime series to pick up. It certainly saves me time and bandwidth ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Ryan A Says:

    The ten-ten manga is quite good, especially the art. I haven’t had a chance to read the AirGear, but ten-ten definitely has a darker appeal to it. After about chapter 70 it gets a little weak, so I haven’t been keeping track.

    I also hope D.Gray-man doesn’t turn into the typical SJ series.

  9. Michael Says:

    Please kill me if it does. Oh my.

  10. tko Says:

    D. GRAY man ends, and after about 3 volumes the plot gets really good, but the series ends at about 125 chapters

  11. Jackie Says:

    D.Gray-Man, the anime will probably only have about 52-53 episodes. -SHOCK-
    Yeah, about 125 chapters. :/
    Sure, it has its bad moments, but there’s always a good one when Komui’s around! xD DGM is in my opinion, one of the best animes/mangas I’ve seen yet. o_O Mix of FMA, Death Note, and some other title I cant think of. But it’s lovely.

  12. Shirley Says:

    well the last episode is eppy 54 and there will be an end to it

  13. Jamirkuai Says:

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  14. Teki Says:

    I love D Gray Man alot personally I hope it last long because I simply cant get enough.
    I love the style and characters and I wish that I would have writen and drawn it all myself!^^
    I love it alot I’ve already read the first 10 chapters on manga spectrum/AS and Ive watched the episodes on youtube! I love this manga and anime after reading them online I just had to go buy them too! I wish this anime and manga alot of sucess.

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