A dabbling on economics and (psycho)psychology, Soukou no Strain summaries, and Chess Master

The answer I was looking for … and some addendum

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I’m not even playing with you. Some professor made this graph, though I can’t be arsed to find out who he is.

I have a lot of things to talk about, so this post is probably going to be discursive and rambling, but I have a lot of things on my mind; if I don’t talk about them sooner they’d probably just be forgotten by me, and I don’t want that. First is that although I link to my own posts, I do it not because of conceit (despite what you may think), but as you may have noticed, my posts seem to form a chain among themselves – and this is totally unintentional. Who may have known that I’d discover two good mecha anime in a season – at almost the same time? Who may have known that the one who was most prone to what he writes about was he himself? I certainly didn’t – I just write what I feel at the time I write a post. I cannot look into the future. So if you’re wondering why I’m linking to my own posts, it’s just coincidental that they’re somehow related to each other.

I’m even going to continue that trend right now, because meganeshounen has at last given me some solid answers to why I feel like not reading at all. I definitely couldn’t congeal this kaleidoscope of feelings I’ve had, and I’m happy someone interpreted it correctly (too correctly, even), that I couldn’t help but say ‘That’s it!’

His answer to the bifurcation between my willingness to read about Southeast Asian history and my lack of energy in doing so was this:

Well, the reading environment also contributes to the interest in reading. For me, I never touch my notes at home nor do I make assignments when in my room, much to the dismay of my parents. [sic] And about the psychological reason… try this on for size. The mind actively and passively seeks out all sources of happiness in its surroundings. A person’s first reaction is to fulfill this need of pleasure, one way or another, at the least possible stress and time. For example, you’re listening to the radio while reading a not-so-good book. Then, your favorite song (Gitara by Parokya ni Edgar, for me )comes up and it starts playing.

Your subconcious, or more specifically your id, sees pleasure in listening to the music more than reading the book. Slowly, but surely, your attention goes from the thing you’re reading to the song in the radio. When you realize it, you’re not reading anymore. You’re just looking at letters and punctuation marks while turning pages…

Those who may have doubts about his statement may probably ask, ‘What about those who study really hard, and don’t really seem to be enjoying life?’

Well, as I’m as much as informed in psychology as your neighborhood amoeba, I’m going to refer to economics. One may initially think that these fields are highly disparate and different from one another. To some extent, yes, that is true. However, although many of you may not agree with me, economics is the psychology of humanity in droves. It isn’t really the psychology of any man – it is the psychology of the whole society, and how it acts. At least, that’s how I look at it.

To continue: in economics there is a concept known as ‘delayed gratification.’ One delays the enjoyment of here and now so that one can enjoy a fuller life in the future – that is why a lot of people go to school despite the obvious difficulties and predicaments surrounding it, and that is why other people don’t succumb to seizing the moment. It has advantages, but it has disadvantages too – those, however, are outside the scope of what I really want to talk about, so I’ll stop there.

(I should give cookies to this guy, but I’ll just probably treat him to a cheap fastfood junction if we’ll meet in real life. :V)

On the summarization of Soukou no Strain

I know my summarization of S-Strain is subpar at best, but I’m too lazy to use the present tense in my summaries; I do, however, clearly state the time element when I use the past tense, but I also know that it’s a shambles, so I’ll just try to do better the next time around (if there ever is one). If the vicissitudes of life tilt my way tomorrow I may try to do the summary of the second episode a lot better. Or it may just end up like shit.

See, because I’ve got a lot of things on my mind I already forgot what I was supposed to write about. Darn it. Oh.

On Chess Master

Although you may have seen the exact same images somewhere else, I DIDN’T HOTLINK THEM. I saved them then uploaded them to ImageShack.

Chess Master is the newest English-subbed anime I’ve got my hands on. It was a collaboration between Japanese and Chinese animators. Although the scriptwriting is no way as brilliant as Akagi‘s or HnG‘s, for a first-time effort by Chinese animators, the first episode did pretty well. It’s clearly for kids younger than ten, however, because it’s even lighter than Hikaru no Go (although that was already pretty light). It deals with Chinese chess, and the main hero looks like the supporting character from Beyblade who had exactly the same hairstyle. It didn’t really endear me, but I guess it was a decent watch, just like Digimon Savers. If it becomes some sort of shounen ‘anime’ series (I use ‘anime’ because this isn’t really anime), I’ll just drop it – but if it ends within 26 episodes, however, I think I’ll stick with it. I love Air Gear, mind you. I also love chess in its many variants; learning another one certainly doesn’t turn me off. I would agree with a forum poster, however: it really does look like Hikaru no Go with Pokemon influences instead of character development.

In case you’re looking for it, here‘s the torrent. It’s in RMVB, however. One poster in AnimeSuki said that the MKV doesn’t really work, so I think it would be better for you to download the version that I posted. Just follow CCCP’s directions on RMVB if you have CCCP, and you’re all set.

20 Responses to “A dabbling on economics and (psycho)psychology, Soukou no Strain summaries, and Chess Master”

  1. Kenny Liu Says:

    O.O…Chinese people made that??? I’m too used to seeing my fellow chinese people still making crappy ass animation that are no better than 1980s anime in Japan that animation like this seemed pretty much impossible. This I gotta checkout. Thanks for the torrent.

  2. Michael Says:

    It wasn’t really in its entirety, but yes, Chinese people made that. Something new, eh?

  3. meganeshounen Says:

    Hey, better not forget those words when I ask you to buy me that new chili-cheese hotdog that Jollibee’s offering right now. orz

    (Just kidding, but I might actually take up that offer, since I’m saving up for a DVD copy of Shuffle… T_T)

  4. Danny Says:

    chehehe…i guess all the animation in chessmaster was made by the japanese right? I cant believe how very very very bad the chinese sounds (I want my japanese voices!) but the problem is I can understand 10x more of the chinese than the jap. Wahah it sounds so bad yet so cool at the same time…

  5. Michael Says:

    No – they did outsource to China, so not really. Yeah, Japanese sounds so much cooler than Chinese … it was ATROCIOUS. It’s cool.

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  8. Jon Says:

    the link of the chess master is not working… does the torrent have a english subs?? i hope i can download it.. tnx

  9. rubix Says:

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