Am I gay?

Class for the second semester begins tomorrow. That would subsequently mean that my intermittent posts will become even more intermittent as I’m expecting a difficult semester ahead of me. I’ve had fun in the last few days of my vacation; I’ve coalesced into blog posts different ideas and concepts whirling in my head; most of all, however, I’ve watched a fair share of anime – and this is simply the best goodbye to freedom that I’ve imagined. Before I disappear into oblivion, however, I’ve written entries in different places on different things. I didn’t think it was apt to cram my insights on highly disparate things like my previous post on my bid farewell to constant activity; I should think that the reader would want more organization than entropy on a written entry. My previous post was the antithesis of order: one section dealt with psychology and economics; one section dealt with self-flagellation and guilt; the final section dealt with an up and coming anime. That entry was the quintessence of chaos. I shall try to write this entry in a more logical and easy-to-digest manner (and also try to make it fun). ♪

On Otoboku – 2

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Traps are SERIOUS BUSINESS. See, I think I’m gay right now for Mizuho to the extent of imagining her him being done by some random guy in a hen- OH SHI- LOOK AT THE TIME. The second episode continued the hilarity of the first. So, was I weird when I got turned on with Shion and Mariya fondling her his breasts? I’m scared of myself now. I was also reminded that the OP and ED were just cute. ‘~I give you anything my love ♫’


On NHK – 18

It was lucky that I watched it before I did Otoboku, because Otoboku seemed to cushion jarring impact that the latest episode had towards me. I had time to laugh it off, else I’d have been stuck being in an ugly mood for the rest of the evening. This episode was totally pathetic that I cursed the world immediately afterwards because it was just so harsh to these people. There is hope, however, because the story has drastically deviated from the manga – a happy ending is quite possible, and that’s what I’m hoping for. I could discuss deeper the implications of this deviation, but I tackled it (although in a discursive manner) already here.

15 Responses to “Am I gay?”

  1. Jesse Says:

    It’s okay… I think I’m succumbing to him as well.

    But we must fight it!

  2. Karura Says:

    Just give in…HARD GAY is the future.

  3. Hinano Says:

    I dont watch that show but honestly how the hell is that possible? Did he get plastic surgery or something?!

  4. Michael Says:


    I don’t know also, Hina. Like … it’s SO weird.

  5. Ryan A Says:

    I’m more partial to Mariya and especially Shion (sickly girls grab my heart)!

  6. meganeshounen Says:

    Meh. You know that animators are smoking weed when you see an uber-cute girl, then the story says that it’s really a girl underneath. I swear, they can get away with that and *wham* instant trap.

    Oh, and Otoboku’s latest episode = trap in mizugi = omgunbelievable.

  7. cebukitty Says:

    gender benders are really uhm mind-bending ^ ^ First there was Ouran this season and now Otome somethingsomethingtheanimetitlesthisseasonsureareamouthful andhard2remember.

    I remember I had me some trouble processing I, My, Me, Strawberry Eggs too. I mean a male guy who dresses up like a hot femme fatale teacher who falls in love with one of her err his students. The anime was even classified as yuri! T_T But its not right? waaah, our poor minds.

    Ehehehe if you think Otoboku is bad, just imagine what will happen if they’ll animate Pretty Face Manga. Then it will be a question of… is it het? yuri? incest?!?! mwehehehe.

    Hmm, can somebody give me a list of gender bender anime/mangas? Maybe we can have our own gender bender anime/manga marathon 🙂

  8. Retsgip Says:

    Girly boobs, hair, voice, poses, and hips. Hmmmm. I don’t see a single ounce of male in this character. The closest we’ve gotten is ‘him’ leaving the toilet seat up. Gimmie a break, they can do better than that. I’m not convinced he’s actually male yet.

  9. prince leon Says:

    Are you gay? I wouldn’t say that….

    But seriously, looking at that version of Mizuho…who wouldn’t want to hit it? xD

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  14. So-and-So Says:

    You’re not gay. I am and traps don’t do a thing for me. They look like women, after all.

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