An introspection, a reply and maybe a challenge: why do most anime bloggers write episode summaries and anime reviews?

I’m highly grateful to Cory of Renegade Anime Blog for recognizing what I wrote to be something decent and cogent. It’s always good to be read by other people and for them to be content with what you write at the same time write what you want and what you desire. His most recent article deals with his problem regarding the fact that quite a few of the bloggers (perhaps even me included) are going ‘the easy way’ out by writing episode summaries and recaps. He has qualms on the stagnation and the lack of the imagination of a multitude of the anime bloggers. He calls for many of the bloggers to write more varied content and be more creative. I’ll try to address this as logically as possible as to why this is so (as I observe, similar to what he does, the proliferation of blogs whose main focus are episode summaries); if by any means I have written something that opposes your perspective, kindly comment and show forth yours. To make the article easier to read, I have divided (maybe) significant factors as, again, why this occurrence is prevalent.

  • Economics

    Thanks go out to Ethan, an online friend of mine, because he made me realize that there really was a field of psychohistory present – it, however, is closer to the social sciences than it is to psychology (at least from what I’ve read). This popped up in our conversation because in a previous article of mine I referred to economics as the psychology of humanity in droves: that is, I believe economics is some form of societal psychology; instead, however, of dissecting the mental processes of an individual psyche, it coalesces all these into a generalization reflected in society (which is a conglomeration of people). I am not alone in this, however; as posted in a previous post, it is not only I who think that economics and psychology intersect. The name of the professor who has made the Venn diagram posted in the link is Professor Michael J. Radzicki, a Ph. D. and an Associate Professor in Economics. Having stated my reference as to not being the only proponent of thoughts regarding this matter, I shall point you to a concept in economics that pervades most basic economics courses today: the concept of supply and demand. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty of economics or of psychology, but the concept of excess supply simply states that the more surplus there is, the more noticeable the degradation of quality (allocative inefficiency) – and this may be what Cory addresses as the lack of creativity and the lack of quality. This produces diminishing returns as the people who blog on episode summaries and anime reviews become more and more – the quality degrades even further. I don’t know if it’s true in the anime blogging world, but feel free to disagree with me and posit your own thoughts on the matter.

There is, however, also the law of demand. Most blog readers, I guess, demand for episode summaries and anime reviews significantly greater than they demand anything else. Although this demand may have been sated with the surfeit of anime blogs today (or maybe not), oftentimes the one doing the servicing (here, in this case, the blogger) will cater to the desires of the reader. Why is this? It is here that we enter the realm of –

  • Psychology

    I will be entirely honest; I have been utterly depressed (as can be seen from my personal blog that’s slowly staling) because only a few people have read some of my articles that I’ve poured my heart and soul into writing. As other honest bloggers will tell you, we want to be read. We want to be appreciated with what we write. We would like our e-p0n0s to grow. What would be the easiest way to prove that we are being read? It is through hits and comments; however comments are more significant to the normal anime blogger because it is active feedback. It confirms that a reader has not only scanned or skimmed through the article but has really read it in its entirety (or so most of us would like to believe). How can this be achieved in the easiest way? It is through writing episode summaries and anime reviews. What is our basis, or the aspiring blogger’s basis? The most prominent blogs with comments reaching more than one hundred in a single entry are Memento and Random Curiosity. Both are blogs of – guess what – generally episode summaries and anime reviews. Aside from this, there is something inherent in man that wants to be recognized, to be empathized with, to be loved. This could be found in all men, but it could never be quantified. With this, a lot of anime bloggers aspiring for recognition (which is what most, if not all of us aim for, I believe) plod through the chore of summarizing an episode and posting screencaps of it.

I am not averse to disagreement. Kindly post your take on this matter, if you wish to do so. 🙂

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