Firefox v. Opera

I like the Opera Web Browser; the only reasons why I still used Firefox despite noted flaws by knowledgeable people (though I don’t have any links or whatnot), was that I could post on this blog much more easier with it than with Opera. It seems that this only qualm of mine has already been resolved and rectified with the new Opera 9 (well, relatively new). If it passes the test of maintaining the format of the paper from OpenOffice, I may have to use it even more – although I still don’t have much problems with Firefox, it’s always good to have alternatives.

Well, after I’ve tried it, sadly, it hasn’t kept the justifications and measurements done on word processors like Writer.

I’ve a splitting headache so I’ll keep this simple. S-Strain rocks, Asatte no Houkou is godly and the final four episodes of Akagi have already been released alongside the anime that was just subbed most recently, 009-1. I’d have posted more, but my head hurts like hell. Good night, all.

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  1. Anga Says:

    I’m ready to stay with Firefox even if there’s few flaws because it’s open source program. I guess it’s bit idealistic reason, but I always try to use open source if possible and Firefox suits to me so I can’t think of any reason to change browser.

  2. hayase Says:

    One thing I hated about Opera back then was that when it crashed, all my settings would disappear. That’s why I switched to Firefox, and never looked back. I just installed Firefox 2 yesterday, and one improvement was that you didn’t have to right click anymore to close one tab. Though the browser still eats up a lot of memory.

  3. Danny Says:

    And Firefox 2 lets u restore sessions. So if it crashes, start the Firefox up, choose restore session and u get back all the tabs you had, as well as the ‘back button’ memory.

  4. Sperb Says:

    Uh, I’m pretty sure the new versions of Opera do all that now…

  5. Kristine Gay Says:


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