Is watching harem anime bad for you?

School has begun to be a chore (but it always is, right?). As I’ve iterated before, my irregular updates may just become even more intermittent, but I will try my very best to keep on writing (and, hopefully, writing well) about the different facets of and issues concerning anime.

With that said, I procured all the twelve episodes of Tsuyokiss ~ CoolxSweet yesterday, and it is sad to note that no one group has subbed this series in its entirety. A collaboration between Serin and AnimeU was done with its first episode; Serin did the second and third ones; and Your-Mom did the rest of the episodes. There was a person who was both a member of Serin and Your-Mom, I think, and he was the one who relegated the job to be done by Your-Mom because Serin was incapacitated at that time as its translators ran off and there was some INTERNET DORAMA between that said person and other AnimeU fansub members. In short, it was a mess as an anime and as a subbing project, but the anime still interests me to no end as a lot of people, in their ‘expected shows for fall,’ wrote this as among the anime they were going to watch.

Obviously, seeing its initial popularity, I decided to wait for its first episode and watch it. This more or less took a long time in subbing (see reasons above, I guess) and it may have been that the appeal to watching it may have been degraded because of the time it took for the first episode to appear subbed. Aside from this, however, a lot of intelligent bloggers who understood and were cognizant of the Japanese language either disliked or downright hated this show. I don’t blame them: now that I’ve seen the first two episodes, I would really agree that it’s downright bullshit right now. I have a weakness for harem anime, however. Of course I desire for and watch more intelligent anime than harems, but really, who doesn’t want to be in a position like those guys? Anime is escapism; to relieve one’s self from the troubles of the real world one watches implausibilities and impossibilities in anime because it is quor he can have fun. I’d definitely want to be surrounded by lithe and hot girls like in the different harem anime I’ve watched. (Quor means where, by the way; I just discovered it from material I’ve read, and I just wanted to use it for the sake of playing with it, trying to use it as a nonce. It’s fun to play with words.)

People may accuse others who do watch these kind of things to be dumb and stupid, and I admit I am both of those things (dumb and stupid), but really, if you want seriousness and tedium to pervade and permeate you, doesn’t real life seem serious enough (with the assignments, schoolwork, project, shitty teachers, and all)? You can also watch other anime, too.

PS. There are no pictures for today as I’m rushing to school. I promise I’ll try to make it up to the reader in my next post. Have a good day, minna.

16 Responses to “Is watching harem anime bad for you?”

  1. Jeff Lawson Says:

    I think anime fans get a little too hung up on genres at times and end up judging a show within the context of its genre rather than on its own individual merits. Harem shows, in particular, seem to suffer unnecessary criticism as a result… it’s not a “winning” genre, after all. In the case of genuinely GOOD harem shows and non-harem shows that have haremesque characteristics (Kanon, for example?), that’s unfortunate, of course.

    But, you know, I didn’t care for Tsuyokiss for a simple reason: I found the first couple of episodes to be very poorly written. Granted, I’m no harem junkie, but I judged (and subsequently dropped) the show on its own individual merits – not on the merits of every other show in the neighborhood.

  2. meganeshounen Says:

    Something goes verrrry wrong when an anime that was based off an eroge decides to use a plot that has little(?) relevance to the original. Comparing Tsuyokiss to Fate/stay night and Otoboku, I’d say the latter have more similarities.

    Though the Tsuyokiss manga certainly follows its roots closer than its anime incarnation.

    And has it ever occurred to some that Code Geass (with its amount of girls and miniscule fanservice) might also be classified as a pseudo-harem show? 😀

    Oh, and the QUALITY also contributes a lot to the motivation for a show to be picked up and subbed.

  3. tritoch Says:

    heh.. almost all anime titles have some sort of harem. We just don’t think its there but its there.

  4. Ryan A Says:

    From the furthest reaches of the undernet I summon a harem from the likes of Death Note, no, jk, that’s kinda pushing it. Harem bad? No, real life harem bad? Definitely not. Real life chances of real life harem? less than 10% Living real life, like chances are greater than 10%? Yea, that might be a problem at times.

    Harem is an interesting genre, simply because a bland, school harem doesn’t cut it through the thicket of slightly altered situations; magic, non-human, tsunderes, reverses, etc.

    I think there should be an award for most unique harem of the season, but at this time I’m not sure which would take the pie-cake-dessert-winnage.

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  6. Andrew Rowlandson Says:

    Well I am a harem anime junkie I’ve made sure to watch everything on mister polls havem poll (except sakura wars for which there seems to be no subbed eps anywhere) I’ve also watched the newer harems tokimeki memorial negima!?(whats available of it antway as I think the show might have been cancelled rightly in my opinion because it got way too random and was soiling the good negima name). The new tenchi muyo eps (why can’t we have tenchi muyo on the same scale of ranma or naruto that would be brilliant) the new toheart2 ovas and will be starting da capo 2 soon. Oh yeah I’ve also watched all the ranma and urusei yatsura. My verdict so far; harem anime is really great though to fair the newer harem anime could be better I mean what the hell was up with the tokimeki ending but anyway. joy to Harem Anime contact me at for more (excuse the address my sister has a weird sense of humour) HAREM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  11. Eric you Says:

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  15. Eric you Says:

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