Just to say hello … :)

I’ve cracked my neck and knuckles and tried to start the second semester properly. So far, it’s quite good. The disadvantage that follows with me adapting to a lifestyle more proper to that of a student, however, is that I don’t have much time to watch anime. In fact, I’ve only watched a few episodes this week – it doesn’t help that our class schedule is pretty hectic. I’m glad I haven’t become nonplussed or even flabbergasted with the first week, although worse times are to come. This is just a warning: I have not updated for three days already, as you may see, so pardon the noticeable absence from blog posting. (I am still plodding through Tsuyokiss, however. It’s practically the only anime I remember watching this week. Is it maybe because it’s really bad? Maybe. Maybe not. I’ll just keep on watching.)

Other than Tsuyokiss, I’ve only watched two other anime episodes: Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge ep6 and Tokimeki Memorial ~ Only Love ep4. What’s even worse than that is that the YNSH episode was really a chore to watch because of the ugly direction by Nabeshin for that episode. It was so bromidic that it wasn’t even funny. To exacerbate, they didn’t even show the beautiful and non-deformed Sunako properly for the whole episode. The few fanboys who do view the show because of Sunako’s true beauty yet unique character may have been turned off one by one until only a really few are left right now because of this episode, and many may have dropped the show because it was just a tedium (again, especially ep6). Don’t worry, however – the manga is a much better read. (Well, so as not to elaborate any further, I really liked the fourth episode of Tokimeki. ‘Nuff said.)

As I’ve said earlier (and I had even written about it), I finished Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus within a day – most were skims of the pages, as I don’t know anything about classical and symbolic logic. I’ve already said this, so meh. Before I go to sleep, here I am watching Akagi! Have a good night, everyone. 🙂

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6 Responses to “Just to say hello … :)”

  1. cebukitty Says:

    Before I bid you oyasumi, I have some anime recommendations to make.

    Kemonozume, if you haven’t seen it yet, is riveting. Some viewers have been turned off by the Super Deformed animation style, but the story, characterization and the plot twists more than make up for it. They just finished subbing the last 13th episode two weeks ago.

    Busou Renkin is also worth considering. The fighting scenes aren’t all that compelling, and D. Gray Man boasts better production value, but the anime characters in Busou just kinda grew on me.

    Sumomomo Momomo gave me some laughs, and so did Kenichi. But then again I do have a known weakness for martial arts anime.

    Ghost Hunt is taking forever to sub, but the few eps I’ve seen have been promising.

    So far I haven’t bumped into an anime this season that has totally grabbed my attention.

  2. smashingtofu Says:

    its worth noting that busou renkin is from the creator of samurai x…or maybe it isn’t, but both of those series should be seperated as the style is completely different…I probably don’t know what I’m talking about since I read the manga a long long time ago : p

    and personally I think tsuyokisu is crap, however I heard the original h game is supposedly very good and the anime doesn’t do it justice : p

    my personal manga collection recommends:

    planetes : sci-fi/space story revolving around and heavily developing characters whom jobs are to collect space ‘debris’ or in other words trash
    its also possibly the most realistically depicted in space anime I’ve seen
    although I read only the manga and consider it as one of the best I’ve read imo, I heard the anime is great…although overshadowed by Full Metal Alchemist…being aired at the same time

    anyway, its also very human, theme-wise, which really struck a chord with me ; _ ;

    you’ve already read Goth so….*skip*

    more manga to post if you want : /

  3. smashingtofu Says:

    also….about tokimeki….how is it?

    I mean you guys realize tokimemo is originally a game that established the hentai-free dating-sim genre in the mainstream /w the twist of managing your school academics, clubs, and whatnot *obviously the sole intention of going for a girl* *and if you have not played it, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO UNTIL YOU HAVE LOTS OF FREE TIME, it is dangerously addictive*

    so…. naturally I’m confused that there’s an anime on it…with characters that don’t seem to have anything with tokimemo’s character line

    oh and uh
    sorry for the double post -_(\

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