More praise for Asatte no Houkou, or something to counterbalance ~uguu

(No pictures for the time being – I’m terribly sorry but I wrote this late in the evening, and I still have class early the following day.)

I have loved and loved dearly all the episodes of Asatte no Houkou I’ve seen. As we’re nearly halfway through the show I have a strong bet that this series will rise to challenge Honey and Clover II to be the best anime of the year (at least for me) if it continues with this elegant yet simple style of story-telling. Ep5 was no exception, making me smile all throughout the episode because of the sweetness of the relationships among the main characters. Watching Shouko discover childhood once more was a great delight; I can say that experiencing the simplicity of childhood really feels great whenever you can do so once in a while. There was a moment in the past where I was drenched heavily with rain because the rain came with such short notice and such force that I wasn’t able to do anything about it. I just sang in the rain as I walked home, and danced a little bit before reaching my dormitory. I must say, it was a wonderful expurgation of all harmful and depressing thoughts. Just to be a child for a little while for Shouko must have been priceless. I feel happy for her.

I love this series. Although it does not boast of an intricate and complexly-woven plot it manages to grapple my attention because of its salience, its simplicity. It is renitent compared to the twists of the harem anime or the pretensions of the philosophical anime, but its beauty can be found in that minimalism it exudes. It flows much like a work of Hemingway, only transmitted and translated into anime with a more positive outlook towards life. The reunion was sweet, but the buds of friendship slowly developing among the main characters was even sweeter. From the top of my mind, I’d say this was the best show of this season. Code Geass is decent, but it’s a little iffy at times with its storyline and believability; the same can be said about S-Strain. Although one can argue with Asatte no Houkou‘s use of wishing stone magic and all, I don’t know – I still am very much besotted with the story and it has held me since the very beginning. I’m not a very choosy person when it comes to anime (I even watched Chess Master and it was verily subpar) but this may just break into my top five for its sheer idyllic imagery, savage simplicity, and laconic loneliness. (Let’s have fun with alliteration sometime.)

(On a tangential note, this has weaned me out of a sense of growing homosexuality towards some anime ‘males.’ Thank you, Asatte, for bringing me back to normal.)

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  1. Ryan A Says:

    lol, Asatte for the sexuality stabilization win! I agree that AnH > other shows on levels because of the ease of watching. I hope it stays marvelous.

  2. meganeshounen Says:

    Oh? Staying away from certain trap-chans, eh? You won’t escape… you can’t… they’re all around…

    Paranoia aside, it’s really interesting to watch age-changes and the effects they have on the subjects and the people around them. Though, I won’t want that to happen to me. (Being a kid again’s not that bad…)

  3. dsong Says:

    Looks like Asatte no Houkou will win in the romance/drama department for Fall 2006, hands down. I don’t see any way for Kanon 2006 to catch up.

    Surprisingly, Asatte no Houkou is crushing Kanon 2006 even in the artwork department. Asatte understands the difference between drawing pretty pictures and producing real artwork. The choice of visuals, shading, color palattes, etc… is really spot-on. And as for things like plot and characters – do we really need to ask?

    As for Kanon 2006, it needs a shot in the arm, and fast – perhaps Mai will provide it. So far, I’m not even sure whether it’s the top eroge/dating sim conversion of Fall 2006 – so far, Gift ~ Eternal Rainbow has gotten off to a much better start.

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