Pugna and quandaries

There’s currently a super-typhoon waltzing around in the northern part of my country; incidentally, the school that I go to and the dormitory that I reside in temporarily is also in that northern part. To obviate any catastrophe, our president declared today as a day without classes. This is all good, as I haven’t done any of my homework yet, but what makes it better is that tomorrow, we also have no classes because we’ll celebrate one of the foremost people who formed the Philippine republic. That would mean that we’d have four straight days without classes รขโ‚ฌโ€œ from Thursday to Sunday. However, sloth that I am, I wasted today (Thursday) doing nothing but sleeping, watching anime, and playing DotA. I had fun, however, because I really became better with Pugna to the extent of being the one who carried our team to victory with a Heart of Tarrasque and two Aegis. It was definitely a fun day, having experimented with different builds of Pugna, but it was also a regrettably forgettable day when placed in the context of academics. I was just too damn lazy, and I loved it (sadly).

It seems that the maximum amount of time I can spend on studying and being diligent is only two weeks, and those two weeks are chronologically located at the start of the semester until two weeks after it. After that, I disintegrate and become someone engrossed with different things: none of those things are studying, however. I really am amazed with people who can tolerate the tedium and the repetition, because I can’t. I can’t just sit and read a textbook; right now, I haven’t even done my homework. It’s much more fun to play DotA or watch anime. (~POOOOOOOOGNA!!!)

My God. I am an abhorrent person.

Then again, there’s always tomorrow. I hope I can deal with my subjects and impending exams better tomorrow. I wish I would not waste that time on DotA. But I’ll still watch anime, and since I’ve just discovered Kemonozume today, I have another show I will want to follow.

10 Responses to “Pugna and quandaries”

  1. RandomGuy Says:

    May I ask why you had Heart and 2x Aegis on Pugna? Why the hell were you tanking with Pugna?

  2. Lupus Says:

    Heart is good on most casters, because they need to stay alive to do damage. A caster with only 1500 life can get off 3 spells at most before they die.

  3. Michael Says:

    I had to be the carry hero as I was the only one who was able to farm properly. Tanking Pugna was insidious, because people are likely to think that because I’m the one with the least str/level increase that I’m the one easiest to kill. 2x Aegis and Heart changes that. Although they tried focus-firing on me, their base was already done with and destroyed because they did so.

    They think. So it’s ONLY Pugna. Of course, with 2x Aegis and Heart, it’s otherwise.

  4. Ronin Says:

    I feel sad. I for one share the same circumstances as you. Instead of studying for the 2 long exams bunched this Monday, I had to try slacking. Of course I could resist watching anime until this stress is over and done with. And then there’s the Finals… OTZ

  5. Michael Says:

    Could? Or couldn’t? ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Ronin Says:

    Um oops. Stupid typo. XD

  7. ZeusIrae Says:

    Sitting in front of my computer approximately 12 hours before a major exam and still unable to open a single textbook,I can say that I fully understand your “predicament”.

  8. Matt Soulblade Says:

    Pugna HoT+Aegis=Win build. Just drop the ward and let the fun begins ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Michael Says:


    Maaaannn, I have an exam and I still haven’t studied … just like ZeusIrae said – I’m 12 hours before a major exam … xD

  10. Desu Says:

    Your diction makes me weep. Go become an hero before you get it up the pooper for having such a shitty item build. I bet next post you get refresher, helping your ultie’s MASSIVE 22s cooldown. g/b/2 “The Painkeep” aka Mom’s Basement.

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