Sometimes I wish I was Nagato Yuki …

Confused Girl Reading Book
I wish I was as cute as this girl. Then when anybody asks if I read books, I’ll just be cute and they’ll all think I’m smart.

I can’t believe that although I’m the one who wrote about this, I’m also the one who has fallen prey to it. After three days, I’ve only read fifty pages on the history of Southeast Asia (my region, by the way). I’m normally receptive and appreciative of history, but after watching the anime Shuffle! that normal proclivity of mine towards it suddenly dissipated; and although the different people who commented in that said post offered insightful opinions and suggestions with regards to that issue, I’m still stuck with a paralysis towards anime that I’m unable to do anything else except watch anime, participate in anime forums or download them. (It isn’t much of an issue right now, as it’s still vacation after all, but I can’t help thinking about it. Feel free to offer help, however, because I do quite need it.)

What I’d give to be that big tome snuggled up with that lady …

This retrogression towards daftness and an unwillingness to read may be attributed to my addiction to anime, or it may also be because of the nature of the book itself. Whereas when I would be reading novels the plot would be in constant and continuous flux, reading history would be akin to being in a traffic jam because one can’t just ignore the names and places in the book, but one mustn’t be forced to memorize it as well, as it is supposedly leisure reading (at least for me).

The next page’s capitalized statement says ‘… and you are a dumbass.’

This bifurcation between the book’s intended purpose and the reader’s purpose makes the book difficult to read (at least for me) because although I personally want to read the book as some sort of informative pastime my subconscious tries to force me to read it as a textbook. I tell you, this isn’t fun, and most of even the prominent relevant information passes you by. Has anyone tried this? To me, it’s like fitting a square peg into a round hole. Perhaps it’s my subconscious telling me to make the most out of my vacation time. If I can’t get the groove by tomorrow, I better stop and just make the most of my anime-viewing as by Monday it would be the start of the second semester and consequently an exponential decrease in free time. I hope you guys understand what I’m saying.

Because this post is the epitome of quality-content, I couldn’t help but get more ‘QUALITY CONTENT ZOMG.’ SEE THAT BOOK!?!?

10 Responses to “Sometimes I wish I was Nagato Yuki …”

  1. hayase Says:

    Hahaha you should enjoy your vacation instead of reading a textbook. Or play games till you drop; when it’s school time once again study till you drop LOL.

    But then again history is actually one of my favorite subjects; so actually I can’t relate to that predicament of yours.

  2. Michael Says:

    History *is* one of my favorite subjects. I just seem to appreciate and understand it more when I’m reading it on school days. I don’t know why – I posted because I don’t know … I really want to know … and I’m … just pooped regarding this problem.

    The textbook was too … history-ish for me. It just was a compendium of names, dates and places that IT SOMEHOW WAS BORING ZOMG. 😀

  3. cebukitty Says:

    i’m addicted to anime too, and until just recently RO. The addiction kinda sucks as it really cuts into the quality of one’s work and social life. If I didn’t have 2 professions and rotating careers, I’m afraid I’ll be the female version of Sato T_T

    I was able to successfully give up my RO obsession though. Haven’t played my characters for 2 months now and counting. And to seal me off from RO forever, I plan to give away my items and zennies to my RO friends. then I’d give away my characters. if i was able to do that, you’d be able to give up your anime obsession too with a little will power and discipline.

    the best way to give up an obsession or bad habit is simply to create new habits to replace it. so instead of watching anime at certain times, watch the news instead or read a book. keep the schedule even if you don’t want to. then you have to stick to your new habit for a couple of days, weeks, months, long enough until it sets in and shoves your old habits out of the way ^ ^;

  4. Michael Says:

    Ahhh … how should I say this …

    I don’t really have an issue with anime right now; I realize that it’s vacation time and that to have the most fun out of it I should watch as much anime as I should. I just can’t grasp why I can’t really appreciate reading history leisurely as I can in class. (Or maybe it’s just in the book, because the book itself is just a collection of names and dates and places.)

    I wonder why is it that I can’t read stuff like history leisurely even when I try to. Great advice from you guys, but deep down, I’m really seeking an answer. Any psychological reasoning abounding from you guys?

  5. Ryan A Says:

    Stop anime viewing? Whoo that’s harsh!

  6. meganeshounen Says:

    Well, the reading environment also contributes to the interest in reading. For me, I never touch my notes at home nor do I make assignments when in my room, much to the dismay of my parents. Kids, do not follow the steps of this lazy slacker. >.

  7. meganeshounen Says:

    (Post got shafted again… o_O)

    And about the psychological reason… try this on for size. The mind actively and passively seeks out all sources of happiness in its surroundings. A person’s first reaction is to fulfill this need of pleasure, one way or another, at the least possible stress and time. For example, you’re listening to the radio while reading a not-so-good book. Then, your favorite song (Gitara by Parokya ni Edgar, for me :P)comes up and it starts playing.

    Your subconcious, or more specifically your id, sees pleasure in listening to the music more than reading the book. Slowly, but surely, your attention goes from the thing you’re reading to the song in the radio. When you realize it, you’re not reading anymore. You’re just looking at letters and punctuation marks while turning pages. This sorta happens to me when in classes, more often than not. Though, I just write down mushy fantasies into a spare noteboo-… OKAY NEXT PARAGRAPH PLEASE.

    Oh, and learning Psychology’s great too~

  8. alinacatwhite Says:

    Me too… i’m addicted to anime, but i don’t like it!!! every time i watch a any series end, i feel despair… how can i solve this addiction! it takes so much of my time

  9. alinacatwhite Says:

    oh, yeah, hey you guys know hunterxhunter?

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