Why I write

As you may all see, my about page is nothing more than an emotive rant speaking nothing. Although I wrote it more than three months ago, I have decided to leave it unaltered as it reflected an irrational state of mind. Thus, I’d like to present in this post, why I really write and am still writing.

I initially started a blog to write about my own interests: at that time, it was mainly about spyware and books; after obtaining, however, a relatively fast Internet connection, I once more resumed watching anime. (There was a time in the past year where I did not have an Internet connection for about six months. Those were trying times.) On that highly personal blog of mine I wrote, after some blogs on computers and books, an entry on Rozen Maiden, introducing it to the many who thought that it was only for girls (of which I was once part of).

That was an isolated post for some time – I didn’t write about anime for at least three months after that. I just kept on reading different anime blogs within that span of time. I decided, however, after getting bored with reading just episode summaries and anime reviews (save for the occasional good read on jpmeyer’s) to start my own. I didn’t intend to write editorials all the time; in fact, I blogged Ergo Proxy until I got so disgusted with the show that I dropped it – at ep19. Yet even now, I still couldn’t write highly referent material like those immersed in the anime world – the fact that I live in a third-world country as part of the lower middle class really narrows the scope of my anime experiences. What I could try doing (I thought), however, was to take anime seriously and anime blogging seriously as well. I saw that it wasn’t done by most anime bloggers (from a personal perspective): they either blogged about popular memes that were worthless in the long run or highly ephemeral episode summaries (in use, at least): once you’ve watched it – poof! – there goes its use. I didn’t see many blogs, however, that took writing about anime seriously (or, from their posts, anime even). I won’t say that I always write seriously about anime, because there’s the occasional post trying to be jocular, but I will say that I try to write in proper English and that I try to write about matters I think will be relevant in the long run (others, of course and as always, disagree). Going back, at that time I started anime|otaku over at WordPress. It wasn’t successful initially, but I’m pretty proud that at its peak it averaged about 900-1000 views a day and belonged to the upper tier of the top 100 WordPress blogs. I was disgusted about myself, however, from my incessant fanboying of Honey and Clover (which, sadly, I still do), so I decided to turn over a new leaf and move here to Animeblogger.

Something I would do as a job if I only could

What I really aimed for here was to write in as correct, flowery, and colorful English as possible – about anime or otherwise. People often disrespect English when writing in blogs, and although I do make mistakes with misspellings, syntax and grammar sometimes, I think I’m among the few bloggers who really attempt to write their posts with as perfect English as possible. I also aimed, with this, to honor anime by respecting the language that I use to convey praise and dissection of it. One doesn’t use informal language when writing an ode to someone – at the very least, it’s in general English, because one aims to captivate the heart of the one that ode is directed to.

Why do I honor anime?

It’s because, like literature, it’s among the few media (for the most part) that really move me – classical novels jar oneself out of one’s comfort zone, and anime, at least for me, awakens the senses. You will never hear a scream as disquieting as that in NHK ni Youkoso! in other media; at least for me, other media seem contrived when they try to do that exact same thing. They seem dishonest and affected. And any other medium will never make me smile the way I do when I watch anime. That’s why I try to give it my utmost respect by honoring the language when I try to vivisect and discuss it. Quite a few dislike this style of mine, but this is my own little way to show my love for anime.

Aside from the reasons above, I also try to hone my writing skills. My English is decent at best; I want to become better. Writing here also lightens up my mood most of the time; as you may know, I’ve ranted in the past about how I’m quite unwilling to be a biology major because I want to write. Doing that here about the things that I love (literature and anime) also helps me in releasing the stress that slowly pents up while I’m at school. I’m also quite the not-too-sociable person, as I’ve scored really high on introversion at a psychological test; although I can establish rapport easily, I’m not one to make the first move – and that’s another reason why writing’s really helpful for me – my feelings can still come out, at least on electronic paper.

Anyway, I hope that my writing has been pellucid for whomsoever reads this blog, and I thank you for you continued patronage (whoever you may be). 🙂

PS. I don’t know why, but I think hontou ni sou omou rocks (because of Lunamaria Hawke and its name. It was a great name change, and if Zyl hadn’t thought about it previously I’d have taken [stolen] the name had I thought about it).

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  1. cebukitty Says:

    You know Michael (if i might be so brash as to use your given name) you really do have a definite writing talent. For one thing you’re in love with the art of writing itself, which is integral to all good writers. Too bad that in our third world country, most people don’t see writing as a serious career choice. Its certainly very rare here that you can make a comfortable living out of writing. Even journalists have it tough.

    I allowed my parents to determine my career choice, so now I’m stuck with a job I’m starting to detest. I certainly don’t want you to walk the same road. Not that I’m not grateful for my parents’ sacrifices but its just that something’s missing in my life. I have lost my joie de vivre, and I wonder if this is a consequence of giving up on dreams.

    Anyway, you still have a choice, and you can compromise between your course and writing. You can hone your writing skills by attending summer workshops, enrolling in distance learning courses, reading books about writing while finishing your Bio course. Writing articles, essays, and blogs like these will further help polish your skills. You can also try submitting some of your articles to your university newspaper, magazine or national newspaper. Do what you love! To quote Langston Hughes: “Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”

    Btw, have you seen Zegapain? The producers obviously ripped off the plot from The Matrix Trilogy, but I loved the mecha and the existentialist drama. That’s one thing I love about anime, how it weaves the silly and inane with the deeply profound in one colorful package 🙂

  2. Michael Says:

    Because of my indecision I could not shift anymore – I think I’m going to be stuck with Biology for quite some time, and maybe with Medicine. It seems that after all the emotions I poured in this blog and with all the honesty I’ve told my parents that I wasn’t born for Biology I reneged on my word and stayed indecisive. Sadly, that’s that, then.

    To be honest I can’t see writing as a job here mainly because of the reasons we all know – even my professor Mr. Remoto doesn’t have it really easy, and he’s already quite popular here. I won’t give up on trying to write; that’s why I’m doing these things even if it’s not really for the betterment of me – I could study, but I’m not doing it as often as I should. Instead, I write about different concepts and ideas in general; I read books that are not under the curriculum of the school; I watch anime. I guess I’m still keeping that little space I have left for myself as my own and as only my own.

    I hope I won’t lose the joy of life; I can lose a lot of things but hopefully not that. I will get an English minor, and my parents know that. I’m doing what I love right now, and even academic failure cannot stop that.

    I have not seen Zegapain, sadly, but I’d rather a psychological than a philosophical anime. I wanted to write about that, but it may come out later than I expected. That’s because psychology understands and reaches out; philosophy is a course that’s highly selfish and self-reflective, and doesn’t really have practical application in our daily life. They may write tomes of symbolic logic, but it won’t change anything in our outlook towards life if we won’t even understand it. Psychology, on the other hand, aims to make the human being happy. That may be among the reasons why I love stuff like Honey and Clover so much and despise Ergo Proxy. Philosophy is often a pretentious study; psychology very less so, or not at all.

  3. Ronin Says:

    Ah, true words have been said straight from a blogger like you. And it shows.How you love writing.How you’re interested in blogging about anime.How you analyze things without inducing otaku-stereotyped hyperness (note: super excited).How you’ve admitted your shortcomings (i.e. non-sociable) in life.Yes, I quite understand where you’re coming from. We even have the situation. Since I’ve shifted numerous times among different courses in the past, it seems that I have to finish at least one course (in which I am currently debating with my self) if I have to successfully move forward in College. Thus, I intend to stay where I am now, in Biology. (though I intend to segway towards Radiology instead of Internal Medicine, to the disagreeing looks of my parents)

    Good luck with your current path in college life. Godspeed.

  4. meganeshounen Says:

    Aherm. “a not too sociable person”? I’d say otherwise, after we met a week ago. 😛 You were like a guy who had a cup of espresso and a sponge cake as a snack. I meant that in a good way, though. Compared to me, who was a bit stoic back then.

    Oh, and I still suck with any character except Kardel. Gawd.

    Indecisiveness… the common failing point of most shounen and harem leads, that most probably cause the loss of their said skills/harems. Case in Point: Manaka Junpei (Ichi100%), and a whole slew more. Still, it won’t necessarily cause all of your girls in RL to disappear (if you had any girls that is, that you haven’t mentioned to me…), but it will severely affect your lifestyle and sociability.

    Still, about that writing style of yours, just keep at it, no matter what. Everyone needs that certain “x-factor” that makes them unique. Just add more animu/manga/eroge(?)/visual novel/novel and you’d be afloat~

    Note: I’ll return your CD stash next time we meet, and let’s do another round at DotA. Promise I won’t suck that time. 😛

  5. Michael Says:


    Sociability should not be confused with energy. I am energetic most of the time, but I’m not sociable: I can live without getting out of my room for quite some time if there’s a constant supply of food and water – my lifestyle’s akin to that of a hikkikomori. I do, however, easily establish rapport with other people or parties (as I’ve said), especially with people who share the same interests as me. I didn’t even drink coffee yet at that time. o.o

    Well, I don’t have any girls – that’s a given with my ‘puerile’ addiction on anime and a lifestyle that’s not outgoing at all.


    You better. And save up some more money – playing one hour is VERY LACKING.


    It will pass. We will pass. lol

  6. Ryan A Says:

    cebukitty – The producers obviously ripped off the plot from The Matrix Trilogy

    so true, and I’ve not made it past episode 6

    Anyway, Michael I’m more of a science kitty myself, but seeing others who can write *coughYOUcough* is inspiring. Though, not necessarily in terms of attempting such feats, but it urges me to grow respect for language in general; English particularly, which I’ve a serious grudge with, as it is so pliable that in the USA it has been diminished to vague chatter.

    Keep writing, take a pen name, start some stories, editorials, but always take it easy when needed, that’s my perspective.

    Cheers ^^

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