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Apologia Pro Vita Sua and an apology

Monday, December 18th, 2006

I’ve had my share of mindless rants (and a lot of them at that), but I cannot help but go back to that post of mine I made about a third of a year ago. Frankly, I wrote that post with a burst of hot passion, and it died simply as a burst. I’d like to reevaluate myself once more, this time trying to grasp and grapple ideas with cooler and more taciturn thinking. (more…)

Red Garden is AWESOME.

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

I never really gave any second thought to watching RED GARDEN when I saw the character designs for it, because I really didn’t like it the first time around. It was also to be animated by GONZO; and although it is a studio I now appreciate for wonderful stuff like NHK ni Youkoso! it is also a studio I don’t really trust to be excellent and consistent with their animation. Those were two strikes already in my book before the series even started; to obviate heartache I decided to just pass over it in my choice of anime series I was going to watch for the fall season. (more…)

Is Yakumo finally stepping up to bat? (c205)

Saturday, December 16th, 2006

The second season of School Rumble ended some time ago, and most have been disappointed with the reset that both the producers of the anime series and Kobayashi Jin like to implement once in a while just to prolong the story (and consequently be able to mulct more money from it). Nothing much can be expected of the manga, also, because if something significant did occur, Jin would just press the reset button and everything would be back to what they once were. This would prevent any character development; I’m glad to say, however, that there’s been some noticeable changes in some characters, although these characters have never managed to move forward at all (IMO). (more…)

The moment at which one sees the end

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

We just had our first exam on Organic Chemistry yesterday, and I was happy because I regained confidence in myself: if one read my previous posts, I cried foul at our Histology exam because it was just so damn difficult that after taking it I felt as if I were as smart as a snail. Even though I did study for that exam, it was just sadistic: a lot of things that were undiscussed came out. Thankfully, the opposite was true with our Organic Chemistry exam. What came out was what our teachers (since there are two in our class) taught us. It was a relief and somewhat a confidence-booster, because I think I did well in that exam. We have another coming on Thursday (this time on Japanese), though, and we were supposed to have one tomorrow (on the laboratory aspects of Histology), but it was thankfully postponed due to a tragedy in the family of our teacher. I hope her (our teacher’s) dad finally gets true and peaceful rest. (more…)

Sad goodbyes and Sunako’s first kiss [NHK – 22 and YNSH – 09]

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

mono no oware … 物の哀れ

Some surprise and succinct stuff about my state

Sunday, December 10th, 2006

It’s been some time since I’ve updated this site, and that is because I’ve been really busy with both school and club activities. It’s sad that I really may have failed my Histology exam, but despite the previous post I had been able to study: the exam was just so difficult that even if I did, it was futile. That was that. The days after the exam I spent with somewhat doing some charity work spending time with the marginalized children of our country: we did caroling in some homes and we held a Christmas party for them. It’s sometimes frustrating, however, because some children really are thankless bastards who’d go out of their way just to piss us off. It’s enervating because of that, but it’s also fun because of the children who you have touched and moved to strive for better lives. All the same, it’s REALLY tiring. (more…)

A grave has been dug

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

Please pray for me. I’ll be seeing you later in the afterlife.

Damn it, my Kemonozume download finished at the least opportune time: before an exam! So, instead of reading my textbook on Histology I watched the adventures and trials of Toshihiko and Yuka. I forgot that avant-garde animation was THIS addictive – and this show simply made me recall (Bake Neko was the first). Damn it. Man, I can’t get over people’s deaths there especially Rie’s. And I have a need to watch this series again … not to mention I had so much fun with DotA yesterday that I wasted even some more time.

GAWD. I cut my Psychology class for this. I guess I understand all about depravity and stupidity. Please pray for me …

First impressions on 009-1

Saturday, December 2nd, 2006

Before another DotA binge, I decided to watch the first episode of 009-1 while I waited for my Kemonozume fix (which, sadly, will take a long time to complete as I’m downloading episode by episode, and there seems to be not a lot of interest in that series). I’m not recommending that series, however – it’s unique, it’s artistic and stylistic, but the final arc of Ayakashi was done much better, in my opinion. There was a sense to the style, and it wasn’t solely insanity. You don’t run out of your house and look at the girl of your dreams and immediately have sex with them, do you? Granted, this anime exercises a lot more freedom with its animation and direction, but that’s just stretching it. I’m watching it because I want to know where the show will take itself, but I’m not expecting much. It wasn’t appalling, so I decided to stick with it. (more…)