A grave has been dug

Please pray for me. I’ll be seeing you later in the afterlife.

Damn it, my Kemonozume download finished at the least opportune time: before an exam! So, instead of reading my textbook on Histology I watched the adventures and trials of Toshihiko and Yuka. I forgot that avant-garde animation was THIS addictive – and this show simply made me recall (Bake Neko was the first). Damn it. Man, I can’t get over people’s deaths there especially Rie’s. And I have a need to watch this series again … not to mention I had so much fun with DotA yesterday that I wasted even some more time.

GAWD. I cut my Psychology class for this. I guess I understand all about depravity and stupidity. Please pray for me …

5 Responses to “A grave has been dug”

  1. RandomGuy Says:

    Slackerhood ni Youkoso!

  2. Hao Says:

    Kemonozume is great, I’d say it’s worth it. You may fail an exam on Histology, but you succeed in the bigger exam of life, otaku life.

  3. Retsgip Says:

    You still have a ways to go till you even reach my stupidity level, so no worries.

  4. Michael Says:


    LAWL. That’s funny. And, watch Kemonozume. I mean it. It’s REALLY good.

  5. Quajafrie Says:

    When I kept telling you to watch it, you ignored me, and now look at the consequences. So go watch Noein before you fail another exam.

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