First impressions on 009-1

Before another DotA binge, I decided to watch the first episode of 009-1 while I waited for my Kemonozume fix (which, sadly, will take a long time to complete as I’m downloading episode by episode, and there seems to be not a lot of interest in that series). I’m not recommending that series, however รขโ‚ฌโ€œ it’s unique, it’s artistic and stylistic, but the final arc of Ayakashi was done much better, in my opinion. There was a sense to the style, and it wasn’t solely insanity. You don’t run out of your house and look at the girl of your dreams and immediately have sex with them, do you? Granted, this anime exercises a lot more freedom with its animation and direction, but that’s just stretching it. I’m watching it because I want to know where the show will take itself, but I’m not expecting much. It wasn’t appalling, so I decided to stick with it.

With that set aside, 009-1 reminds me really of Cate Archer from No One Lives Forever. How the characters were drawn also had that retro-feel; there was also the upbeat, jazzy music that pervades most espionage flicks. I didn’t expect Mylene (009-1, the person) to shoot out bullets from her breasts, but since there’s a morphling in their group and another who could shoot out bits of her arms and legs, I decided to suspend my disbelief. Besides, who doesn’t get turned on by breasts-guns? (And on that note, that monkey was damn lucky. Very damn lucky, I tell you.)

Anyway, I personally liked the character designs of the lady spies, because they were beautiful. (I’m not talking about that lesbian who sated herself with Mylene’s body.) I would disagree that this series is as good as James Bond, however. The earlier James Bond, and the one in the most recent film in its franchise, Casino Royale was a James Bond of brusque and brute strength and calculating wiles, not of gadgets and smoothness. Consequently, the best James Bond films (as rated by a slew of people), are those that were made in the 1960s. All in all, it’s not really a show one needs to watch and it caters to only a small milieu. It is, however, highly enjoyable when all one’s looking for is the action and not the plot, although I personally liked how the first episode ended. The coffee-cup scene was quite cathartic; it evoked, at least in me, some sort of a pensive melancholy that Mylene was feeling after seeing herself reflected in the coffee. Something has been lost in her forever; and by that, I don’t mean her real breasts, but a sense of humanity. They’ve been dehumanized slowly and made more and more machinated; if that was done to me, I’d be pretty sad, too.

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  1. meganeshounen Says:

    Being someone who was able to watch the previous Cyborg 009 series, I can see where the art was coming from. But that didn’t help me on identifying where exactly did Mylene’s “bullets” come from. I kid you not.

    Last time I encountered boob-guns was in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me movie. Fembots, yeah, but Mylene’s more than that… at least she still seems to have some human feelings of melancholy and resentment of her current status of a human(oid) assassin. Yes, the coffee scene as stated above.

    I’m still wondering on how does the orignal 009 fit in with all the new cyborgs….

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