Is Yakumo finally stepping up to bat? (c205)

The second season of School Rumble ended some time ago, and most have been disappointed with the reset that both the producers of the anime series and Kobayashi Jin like to implement once in a while just to prolong the story (and consequently be able to mulct more money from it). Nothing much can be expected of the manga, also, because if something significant did occur, Jin would just press the reset button and everything would be back to what they once were. This would prevent any character development; I’m glad to say, however, that there’s been some noticeable changes in some characters, although these characters have never managed to move forward at all (IMO).

Forgetting the catastrophes that were the second season finale and the more recent manga chapters, we have a ray of light from the most recent chapter that may end up in disappointment (as usual) or can move the gears of SR some steps forward. This chapter is c205, entitled Alien. Although only nine pages, it has a lot of revelations in it (depending, of course, of how you look at it). The first ‘revelation’ of the chapter is that at the very least, Yakumo likes Harima. Shades of proof have been shown before, but never have I seen Yakumo smile so happily while blushing as she did this chapter. Her teeth can be seen!

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(Click for a larger picture.) The second ‘revelation’ of the chapter is a glimpse of another side of Yakumo. For the most part, we see her as stoic and impassive, but never stern. Well, if you guys want to see a stern Yakumo (also the very first time I’ve seen her like that), the last page of c205 has it (or just look below). That’s her telling off Eri that Harima loves shrimp.

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(Click for a larger image.) The chapter was awesome in its brevity. I’ve seen two new sides of Yakumo that I haven’t seen before, and having another legitimate challenger to Eri for Harima’s heart seems to be appearing. Of course, since I still dislike Eri, GO YAKUMO!

Here‘s the chapter available for download. Enjoy!

10 Responses to “Is Yakumo finally stepping up to bat? (c205)”

  1. retsgip Says:

    Mmmm, I love Yakumo because she’s the perfect girl. I’m glad she’s getting some development even though I don’t read the manga.

  2. Michael Says:

    I love Yakumo.

    I don’t read the manga either, but once I heard that something happened with Yakumo I immediately grabbed the chapter … and swooned. Now things are getting interesting. Mmm … 😀

  3. Hinano Says:

    When the hells SR gonna end damnit.
    I want him to end up with Yakumo!!

  4. Ronin Says:

    Good to see something good happening between Yakumo and Harima. Too bad it’s wasn’t in the anime. 🙁

  5. Michael Says:

    It’s not going to end right now, but I assume that it’s either going to be a Harima-Yakumo (hopefully) or a Harima-Eri ending. Between Tenma and Harima’s stubbornness, Harima’s is still flexible. Tenma’s just plain stupid, IMO, to ever change her misdirected love for Karasuma.

    But then again it is a comedy; I hope it won’t last forever, though. Heh, Hinano, I share your sentiment. 🙁

  6. Owaranai Destiny Says:

    I can’t believe you’re a Yakumo fan! Well, I could never guess you hated Eri’s guts either. =P

    It certainly is something new and a huge chunk of evidence of Yakumo’s development thanks to Harima, because we hardly see those kind of expressions on her face.

    Of course, that’s when the skepticism comes in from some manga readers thoroughly seasoned by KJ’s quirks with his resets and Flag faction fans. I can’t say they aren’t logical either, since Flag and Oudou’s been getting a hell lot more attention than Onigiri. At least there’s some hope that Onigiri can actually come back in. The only thing one would wonder is how long SR is going to last if that’s happening. Well, I don’t mind as long as Onigiri gets it’s overdued development in.

    We’ve still got Karasuma too, so let’s see how it goes. For now, ONIGIRI FTW!! 😀

  7. jacobian Says:

    Apparently, it turns out that Yakumo doesn’t want Harima. In a recent chapter (206), after dismissing the idea of pursuing a relationship with Harima to her friends, Yakumo showed that her real obsession is the idea of Harima ending up with Tenma (so that he can be the same forever). It looks like Harima doesn’t mean anything more to her than a mere symbol of stability and permenance. She’s also cut off ties to Harima as his manga assistant (207).

    The fact that she spent delivered the monologue while playing with a Tenma and Harima doll by herself was more than a little creepy, though.

  8. traxex Says:

    did u read the latest chapter (258)? yakumo tries to confess to harima. that must mean she really likes him, right?

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