Sad goodbyes and Sunako’s first kiss [NHK – 22 and YNSH – 09]

mono no oware … 物の哀れ

NHK ni Youkoso – 22

Since ep19, NHK ni Youkoso! has been showing excellent episodes in my opinion. Ep22 was no exception: the atmospheric music conveyed heavy emotion, and the episode subtly chronicled Satou’s improvement over his hikkikomori status: despite given the chance to sink Kashiwa into a quagmire of desperation with her thoughts about conspiracies, he placated her and told her that being happy’s all right. Despite his libido, he wanted her first and foremost to be truly happy, and to do so he had to sacrifice his drives and urges. His maturity simply shined through the episode. Personally, I wouldn’t want to see this improvement dissipate. I don’t want to see him just like he was at the start of the series, having gone so far and experienced so much pain and suffering.

Satou being more mature

The episode also shows Misaki’s dark side. It seems she doesn’t want to see Satou break free from the bondage of his hikkikomori state, because then she’d be alone. Yet her desires are normal; it is the desire of almost everybody to be needed and to be wanted, and as she could not find it in her aunt she tries to find it taking care of ‘garbage’ like Satou. However, if Satou no longer ‘needs’ her, she would be alone once again, and she doesn’t want that. I hope she and Satou talk about it, and I hope they’d have a happy ending. I don’t mean that they have to end up together, but at least make them both realize that even though life’s full of trials and suffering, it doesn’t follow that they have to sink in depravity and decadence themselves. I hope they see that life’s full of hope, because it really is.

Satou reining in his libido

I also realized that NHK’s OST is among the most powerful ones I’ve heard in my entire anime otakuism; I like it so much that I’m downloading it right now: doing that has been long overdue.

Sad goodbyes (above and below)

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge – 09

ep9 was among the more recent episodes that were decent. Basically, the group goes to a hot springs because Ranmaru’s lover has invited them for a three-day, two-night stay with everything free. Noi and Sunako plot to separate Kyouhei and Takenaga so that Noi can spend more time with Takenaga. For Noi’s end of the bargain, if Sunako is able to separate Takenaga and Kyouhei she would be able to enjoy staying in her room without any interruption because Noi would move in to do Sunako’s housework. Kyouhei immediately sees through their plot and invites Sunako to play ping-pong with him; the prize is the money that would allow Sunako to go home. Both play heatedly and energetically, but in the end no one manages to emerge as victor because the ball has moved so fast that Yuki couldn’t tell who won.

Turbo ping-pong

Sunako challenges Kyouhei for a rematch, if only to fulfil her end of the bargain. Later on, she does a desperation move as she is about to lose, but Kyouhei tries to counter it. The end result is that they end up kissing, and that marks their first kiss of the series. As usual, the episode (as well as the series) remains quite shallow, but I guess that’s what to be expected from a comedy series. I do wish it were better directed, though.

The only reason why this episode needs to be seen

In the end, a murder occurs, and it seems that Ranmaru is the suspect. The resolution will occur in the next episode, I guess. The episode lacks non-SD Sunako goodness, and it fails in that aspect.

24 Responses to “Sad goodbyes and Sunako’s first kiss [NHK – 22 and YNSH – 09]”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I really enjoyed both of these episodes, Yamato cracks me up every week, loved the scenes with Sunako at the video store and in the bath when the other guests thought she was a ghost.
    NHK always gives you something to think and talk about. I’m hoping that they don’t wrap this show up with a happy ending, the manga is still ongoing and we’ve seen very little of Misaki’s story so far. I’d like to see them end it unresolved with another series to finish it. 4 more episodes just aren’t enough to conclude this, I don’t think.

  2. lectricity Says:

    I too immensly enjoyed NHKs OST (as well as the series), though I still haven’t found my favourite track: the instrumental version of Youkosou! Hitoribocchi – the acoustic guitar rockish song.

    Few anime have sparked my interest this year and NHK is certainly one of the most powerful in a while. Also it manages to finish up well, somethis a lot of good series fail on.

  3. Andrew Says:

    I was just browsing the net for NHK stuff because I just watched it, and found your blog 🙂
    NHK is really a great anime although I was expecting something else from the way the first eps were going. It was much more serious towards the end.

  4. 12 Says: 12 53…

    Hi! . Thanks!…

  5. Saichi Says:

    Well for me I find the manga version of Perfect Girl Evolution or (Perfect Evolution Girl or Shichi Henge “The Wallflower”) more interesting. Because 1st The First Kiss of Kyouhei and Sunako in the manga version it happened at the basement of the mansion wile Sunako was being possessed bye an evil spirit Although the anime version of their first kiss was more appealing ^ ^
    Also the problem is the anime version “for me” is confusing. There are setting in the anime version which “I think” they fused to a single episode… It’s a shame though… huhuhu
    But still I love Shichi Henge, I love Sunako Nakahara her aura is so (creapy, gloomy, deadly) cool… ^o^ kyaaaaaaaaa

  6. joan Says:

    i really love sunako and kyouhei!!this is such a breath-taking anime i have ever watched in my life…i really love it!!!

  7. hans Says:

    i lab dis movie…’z they so funny and they so cute specially sunako and kyouhei……………. i always watch cu’z i lab the chemistry of sunako and kyouhei,…………,,..,,./.,..;”;,;,;’, i lab also kissing sense of sunako and kyouhei<<<<<<<<<<<<.,,.,..,..,.,,.kyouhei was so cute i’ll wll be crazy for him ,.,.,.,.,.,,i lab to kiss her heaven lips

  8. kayleen Says:

    sunako is nice butonly thinks she’s ugly………..

  9. khate Says:

    this yamato nadeshiko the wall flower was a very enjoyable anime. especially the love team of kyouhei and sunako. they look so cute, i also love the 3 boys. hope that they will continue this anime until the end! i love you kyouhei!

  10. ambot Says:


  11. Shichi Says:

    i am thier most number one fan …….i really love it ….:)i hope it will have PART 2

  12. quinnei Says:

    hello!sonako and koyuhi sana may ron na kayong season 2 sa yamato nadeshiko the wall flower,sana patagalin ninyo ang inyong cartoons kasi napakaganda nito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    at bagay na bagay kayong dalawa sa isat isa WE LOVE U SONAKO AND KOYUHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. moises Says:

    they are both alone in their parents

  14. moises Says:

    I think it’s better to have a new episode of this movie because of thier funny things and thier tips

  15. Charity F aith Maloloy-on Says:

    ang gwapo mo kyuhei…….
    bagay tlaga kyo ni tsunako……

  16. Ly ann Says:

    i lalab sunako nakahara!
    xoxo mucH!`

  17. professional resume writing Says:

    The two episodes are the best and I would really love to watch them over and over again! A “live” version of this might also be a big hit in the movie screen! What do you say guys?

  18. BUBBLE Says:

    i love this part when they accidentally kissed

  19. BUBBLE Says:

    i wish that someday sunako and kyouhei will be together

  20. renalyn luna Says:

    your so hot Kyouhei!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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