Some surprise and succinct stuff about my state

It’s been some time since I’ve updated this site, and that is because I’ve been really busy with both school and club activities. It’s sad that I really may have failed my Histology exam, but despite the previous post I had been able to study: the exam was just so difficult that even if I did, it was futile. That was that. The days after the exam I spent with somewhat doing some charity work spending time with the marginalized children of our country: we did caroling in some homes and we held a Christmas party for them. It’s sometimes frustrating, however, because some children really are thankless bastards who’d go out of their way just to piss us off. It’s enervating because of that, but it’s also fun because of the children who you have touched and moved to strive for better lives. All the same, it’s REALLY tiring.

Tomorrow I’m faced with another exam, but this one is one that I hope to ace or at least get a high grade: I’m quite proficient in Chemistry, and since the third year of my high school I managed to get an A about 80% of the time (the rest were B’s or B+’s). I still hope I can study, because I’m really tired.

Going back to anime, I give my kudos to the ANO Podcasters for finding The Prime Minister of Japan in YouTube. (Yes, I’m still vacillating between using italics or bold when I write proper names, so I beg your pardon for the inconsistency.) I’ve been looking for that OVA (?) at the library and at AnimeSuki for quite some time without any fruition. Having watched it, I can see why no one bothered to upload it: although the animation and the art are good, the anime part only served as addendum to the live-action part; it was only shown in select points of the documentary and couldn’t stand alone by itself. For what it’s worth, the anime part chronicled the crisis faced by then-PM Koizumi against Korean threats. But that was it – the search for a true political anime continues, although this set up a good precedent.

I haven’t really watched a lot of anime this week as I was busy (and the reasons are stated above), but I was able to view two episodes of Tokimemo. They were well-done, and ep8 in particular was excellent with the character study of Sayuri, Mina and Kasuga all in the same episode. The viewer realizes that Sayuri has more to her than meets the eye in regard to Riku; Mina’s assertiveness is seen coruscating; and Kasuga, despite her appearance, is actually a weak girl and is really besotted with Riku. Ah, revelation!

Kindly forgive the lack of pictures. My head and body pain me, so I don’t really have the time to search for apt pictures. :)

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  1. meganeshounen Says:

    Just hold on, and Christmas is fast approaching-nano. Y’know the drill, feel good, have fun, and relaaaaaax.

    At least until classes start rolling back into next year… ugh… thesis…

  2. Michael Says:

    Yeah, sure. Until you see your grade … UGH indeed.

  3. yxrxw Says:

    Good site!!!

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