A question about Genshiken … (that I desperately want answered)

… has bugged me for it lacks a definitive answer. Some noted bloggers said yes; some others said no. I’d like proof and I’d like something palpable –

DID KOHSAKA AND SAKI HAVE SEX OR NOT? (I should be ashamed of myself if that friend of mine who I gave this address to reads of this post, but I treat anime with a reverence almost close to that I give great novels. I simply want an answer to placate my inquisitive imagination and thinking. Thank you.)

I tried to answer this question by myself, and having seen and rewatched the anime (twice), I doubted that they did so, but rescinded that in favor of the belief that Saki was merely circumambulating around the other Genshiken members. I have my doubts, because even by ep7 Saki did not seem physically sated … and Kohsaka still remained the oblivious chick-magnet.

Please tell me. Please give me a definitive answer. I am really confused. I do know that Sasahara REALLY did do Ogiue, so that’s that.

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  1. Lupus Says:

    They did it. Many, many times.

    End of discussion.

  2. DiGiKerot Says:

    I’m pretty sure its mentioned explicitally, even in the anime version.

  3. badger11 Says:

    I think its mentioned in the one of the manga volumes. I don’t remember which one though.

  4. Michael Says:


    It was implied in the anime, at best.

  5. Os Says:

    I, too, think they did it many many times.

  6. Os Says:

    I got rather curious myself, and like you said, it’s mostly implied. In the latest volume of the manga, pg 76-77: “All right! That’s it! You and me are going to a hotel right now!” continued on: “Yeah, well, first we’re going to do it like a couple of bunnies… or I’ll never forgive you.” continued: “At least ten times!”

    I swear I read something along the lines of a conversation between her and either ohno or someone else that went along the lines of “yeah, we haven’t done it in a long while”, but that’s all I could manage at this moment.

  7. Tallon Says:

    They talk about it in the anime a lot, like everyone already said. Well maybe not a lot, but it is mentioned atleast a few times in a few different episodes.

  8. Michael Says:

    It’s mentioned in either ep2 or ep3. I forgot which episode, but I figured they didn’t exactly do it because Saki was almost crying with frustration – I figured it was her way of trying to make things more subtle, yet giving up in frustration.

    The anime never allowed them to have sex due to either Kohsaka’s nature or just bad luck. At least, that ep2 or ep3 sliver was the best I got. But if Kohsaka did accede to that, then they PROBABLY have done it.

    Maybe they (Kohsaka and her) haven’t done it at all and SHE didn’t do it in a long while … at least, that’s what I got … and I don’t doubt Kohsaka’s thick-headedness one bit. Not one bit. For all he cares, he has H. That’s that.

    Keep on posting, guys. Os, thanks for the information about the manga.

    But everyone keeps on undermining the obliviousness of Kohsaka to things like that. Please don’t.

  9. Darkshaunz Says:

    Yes, it was implied.

  10. Skh Says:

    I don’t remember if it’s in the anime, but in the manga, Saki says that a friend of hers (meaning herself, of course) was having sex with her boyfriend, and that he switched position just at the time when Kujubiki Unbalance started airing, implying he was watching the show while f***ing her.

    That, and in the manga, Saki once asks Kohsaka if as long as he as porn games, she’s not needed, and he answers ‘yes’. That would also proves they have already had sex, or else she wouldn’t ask that question.

    But, poor Saki, having an otaku like Kohsaka as her boyfriend must be tough.

  11. Michael Says:

    Yes, I believe it to be quite tough.

    Thanks. That was the proof I was looking for quite some time already. So it REALLY was her. :V

    Kohsaka SAID that? Wow. But she must have quite expected an answer like that – she’s the one who initiated their relationship, after all. Still, it’s sad …

    But at least, she’s made peace with the people of Genshiken. It may have been hard for her, and though she’s had to persevere with her difficulties, at least she realized what is difficult to change is difficult to change. :)

  12. Skh Says:

    My mistake… I suddenly had a doubt so I checked, and it was in a dream (more like a nightmare) of Saki that Kohsaka said that unbelievably cruel line…

  13. Mike H Says:

    In episode 5 I got the feeling like Saki was worried the Chairman had seen them having sex in the Genshiken club room XD I read this entry last night I watched all the episodes already, haha, thanks for giving me another good anime to watch =P

  14. prince leon Says:

    Saki and Kohsaka had smex at least twice. 😛

  15. Bec Says:

    Oh they so do it all the time!

    just cause hes layed back doesnt mean hes simple, i think they fuck in the first ep.

    also she is so clearly talking about herself in the “switched position just at the time when Kujubiki Unbalance started” ep

    in regards to:
    “I got the feeling like Saki was worried the Chairman had seen them having sex in the Genshiken club room”
    yes i think so too, it was soo obvious.

  16. Azox Says:

    You have so much spam in here.. (

  17. Marmy Says:

    Oi, you must be young. (No offense)
    It is implied they start having sex almost immediately and then it is explicitly mentioned a couple of times.
    The funniest mention of it is volume 2, chapter 10 “Sadomasochism” (I don’t remember the ep. number of the anime) Saki is talking to Ohno about her “friend’s” relationship with her boyfriend. The boyfriend leaves the tv on when having sex to mask the noise. Saki then tells of a time when this “friend” was with her boyfriend and the guy deciding to take her from behind just when an anime airs on tv. In case you don’t realize, Saki isn’t really talking about a friend.

  18. rwei Says:

    Thanks man, i agree

  19. Trinidad Jasperse Says:

    Great summary, saved the blog in hopes to read more!

  20. Ryuuhei Says:

    I realize I’m like…nearly 6 years behind on this but I’m gonna post anyway.

    I think it was quite obvious they were having sex, and a lot of it too. I always thought it was painfully obvious Saki was talking about her own sex experiences with Kohsaka when she talked about her “friend” but maybe it’s just me.

    @Os Ten times? She sure has an insatiable lust. Kohsaka is a lucky bastard…or is he?

    On another note and out of curiosity, I only ever watched the anime (haven’t watched Genshiken 2 yet) but I hear Chika and Sasahara start dating at some point. Is there ever any mention of them having had sex?

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