AniDB’s Top 10 … and a licenses report

I decided to write something after a short respite because of the different ripples that have occurred through the anime world. First, Death Note has been licensed, but that didn’t really cause much of a stir inside me as I half-expected it to be licensed even before it passed half its run. It’s Death Note – duh. Rozen Maiden has been licensed too. Cool.

My, is she cute

L Misa is just so cute.

Next is AniDB’s rectification of its voting system. Although it has its share of complaints, I personally think that their (the development group’s) move was apt and correct as their top 10 lists anime that are more deserving of that status. Cult classics like The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, which I didn’t think was even deserving of a top 10 status, disappeared. It still had high scores, of course, but not top 10 caliber. Likewise, School Rumble also disappeared from the top 10 status. It was a good anime, and I won’t disagree with that, but it also didn’t coruscate with brilliance as the current top 10 do.

Right now, the top 10, from the first to the last, respectively, are Rurouni Kenshin: Reminiscence, Monster, Fullmetal Alchemist, GTO, Juuni Kokki, Mushishi, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Ghost in the Shell: 2nd GIG, Planetes, and Honey and Clover II. I’d agree more with this list: although I’ve only roughly watched half of these titles (and didn’t complete most of that half), I’d say these anime were the epitome of quality. At least for me, there are no extraneous anime series that would make me go ‘WTF?’ when seeing them in the top 10. I see these anime to be representative anime of their genre: these anime are paragons of wisdom, knowledge, philosophy, and damn good animation, music, cast, everything. In all of the anime I did finish watching with this top 10, I cried with them all. Really.

There was one entry bothering me yesterday, though, and it was Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, or Legend of the Galactic Heroes pegging in at 2nd place with an extremely high average. I’m not saying that it was a bad anime (because I haven’t seen it yet), but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that good either. Of course, to make sure, I’m going to go watch the first episode after this entry to make sure.

I guess although people shouldn’t put too much value on top 10 lists I do appreciate that when they do make one of them to make them as acceptable as possible. And for me, AniDB’s change from purely averages to something more unbiased (at least as I see it) is a good thing.

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  1. waista Says:

    This post would probably have made more sense _after_ you’d seen it.

  2. Skav Says:

    You have no idea how 1337 Logh is. If you watch some random episode it actually looks pretty lame, but the whole of it is so awesome.

  3. Michael Says:

    OH SHI-

    The almighty Skav speaks … did you finish it by any chance? I think I’m going to start watching it tonight (in English, of course). I’ll take a look at the first episode and see for myself.

    It’s been removed from its hallowed spot at AniDB’s top 10, though, so at least I have something to support me …

  4. Skav Says:

    The only decent sub (central anime) is quite slow and only up to 92, so the series is not done yet. I suggest you don’t inflict yourself the HK subs that have been circulating.

    However the really strange thing with Logh is how the individual episodes are really not that good, but the coherence and epicness of it all makes it a breathtaking watch … if you have the time and dedication to get into the story.

  5. Michael Says:

    I really need to watch the first episode. I think I’ll go do that now.

  6. Ryan A Says:

    Hey Michael, as always I like to relate to your posts. I use anidb, but only since last summer. I think there is probably a lot of mis-voting, but one feature I really like to see is the reviews+review ratings; there are some good ones.

    As for the top 10, I agree, though I don’t know how the ratings are weighted; votes+vote count[+reviews]. For instance, animenfo, does have a weighted ranking in their top 100 I believe, but it would be nice to see that in anidb for the sheer number of users some of the series have.

    Also, in respect to top 10’s. I usually take into consideration that there are an excess of 10, 0, and 1 votes given (I think I’ve given a 10 to only one show). Also, I consider that the stats are generated (hopefully) without bias; the algorithm or straight average is true. But I still sway on the numbers I see by taking out half of the 10’s and disregarding any votes below 2; that probably yields a better rank.

    Its similar to the rule (here in USA) that when a female says how many men she’s been with, double it for a “more accurate” number, and for men, cut their stated number in half (unless it is 1, then we multiply by x for UNKNOWN… or in some cases, x^2).

    That’s probably too much info, so have a great day! ^^

  7. Michael Says:

    I do like the fact that they try to rectify the problem of fanboys in AniDB. Even if the show is very poor, it would be highly unlikely for me to give it a score of one. As you have pointed out, there are too many 10s, 0s, and 1s given. But the fact that AniDB (for their part) tried to do something about these things still stands. And I praise them for that.

  8. r3verie Says:

    i know this is out of topic. but as a h&c fan to another h&c fan, i reckon u should try nodame contabile. btw, i love reading ur blog.

  9. Michael Says:

    I will watch it sooner or later (when I’ve burned to DVD everything that has already been finished as an anime series). I will watch it.

    Thanks for the praise. ^^

  10. jess Says:

    I’ve watched Death Note that goes with the pic above and it’s a GREAT anime.(if this has no relation to your previous conversations sorry)

  11. Mafer Says:

    Yo no entiendo ingle sy ni s ed eque hablan, peor si es d ela imegn devo decir!
    aver, en ingles… mmm
    gomenasai, peor croe que todos savemso algo de japones para entender algo…

  12. SIMVIM-ME Says:


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    Se eu te apanho empranho-te todo meu cabrão dum caralho!!!!

  13. Sariachan Says:

    Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a must watch, not kidding.
    It well deserves its spot up there, if note ever more. 😉

  14. Sariachan Says:

    I meant “not”, not “note”… lol, the Death Note fan in me kicked in! XD

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  17. Animemaka Says:

    I meant “not”, not “note”… lol, the Death Note fan in me kicked in! XD

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