I need your help. Seriously.

Priorities are important in one’s life; everyone knows that. As for me, I know I’ve screwed them up, especially when I don’t give much of a damn to education anymore and spend more time playing DotA than reading textbooks. Or have I? You’ll be the judges of that.

Anyway, I realized that I still do have the drive to excel. I guess it has been inherent within me; perhaps it came from my parents’ expectations, or how I once viewed myself to be competitively and intellectually smart, but it’s still there. I want to stifle or rein in my addiction with DotA once and for all, and although I have had success in the past it was at best minimal. I know that change buds from one’s own heart and not from the words of other people, but I was hoping if you could give me tips on how to resolve this problem of mine. It’s pissing me off when I go play DotA immediately after class on a LAN cafe and then regret wasting my time afterwards only to return back to the same place the day after. It’s a vicious cycle I want to rid myself of; and as I know a lot more of my readers are more experienced as well as learned in the world I would like to enlist your help. What can I do?

Can you recommend any good literature? Can you post experiences of your own? If you can, please do. (Note, however, that no matter how hectic my schedule will be, anime will never disappear from my priorities as the top. It will never be overshadowed by DotA, and I’d prefer if I lost the habit of playing DotA than lose the habit of watching a medium that percolates and makes the mind think.)

I really need to set my life straight. Then maybe I can write better opinions and commentaries regarding the different anime I try to vivisect.

Thank you.

37 Responses to “I need your help. Seriously.”

  1. Darkshaunz Says:

    The solution is simple.

    Quit DoTA and be addicted to blogging.

    Its actually not hard to do, and that way we all win.

    Well maybe not you, but we do. >=)

    Seriously now, do I have to come here all the time and see you beat yourself up like this? Lighten up Mike, you’re better than this.

  2. Adun Says:

    It’s all a matter of willpower! Just stop playing DoTA and go cold turkey. You’ll eventually stop playing it sooner or later for higher priorities will come to you eventually.

    But really, just start watching more anime. That’s one way to kill time or just find yourself another hobby.

  3. lolikitsune Says:

    Wow, Michael. You sound like me. That is, emo and depressed. SHAMEFUL!!

    >>Lighten up

    DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. cebukitty Says:

    Here’s my two centavos worth:

    I was able to give up my RO addiction mainly by not buying LUG cards anymore. It also it helped that RO had server problems then there was that quake in taiwan which really hammered the nail to the coffin of my RO addiction.

    And Adun is right, the best way to kill off one addicition is to supplement it with another. So I suggest reading manga instead! hehehe.

  5. bluemist Says:

    Simple enough to advise but very hard to do in reality.

    The only thing I could say is, good luck and stay strong.

  6. badger11 Says:

    I wound trying to make the things I want to do as rewards, for example: finish that project plan for class, then I can watch an anime show, etc. Its tough to do, and I failed at first because I found myself being too strict. But I found a “balance” that I could work with.

  7. retsgip Says:

    Hope you learned something from our little talk last night, bastard. If I can recover from my slump, you can too.

    There’s nothing more painful than living with regrets. I would hope you are wise enough to pick yourself up so that you don’t need to live your life constantly thinking of the past like I do (and i’m only fucking 22). I know you’re smart enough to not be this retarded.

    I’m here for ‘motivational support,’ or what I like to call the Disgruntled Coach. I’ll yell at you until you pick yourself off the floor and start working hard, then we can hug with manly tears in front of a setting sun.

    You know where to find me.

  8. impz Says:

    I will sound really boring but education, for most of us, is extremely important to at least have a decent foundation in your future work. If anything, remember that you still have to survive well after school.

    No one can depend on anyone when they start working. Maybe it’s a bit too early to say all these, but a good start will be to clear your addiction of DoTa to a manageable load.

    Force yourself to play only two hours, and only after finishing your work. If not, have the willpower to punish yourself to the extent that you hurt yourself (mentally) because you cannot play DoTa due to your lack of will to follow what you have prescribed.

    Still, I think a re-arranging of priorities is required…

  9. anonymous Says:

    picture yourself as a bum….that kinda motivates me and depresses me at the same time….

  10. tal Says:

    it’s rather simple, really.

    master yourself. 🙂 master your habits, do not let them master you.

    easier said than done, but hey, we both know you can do it.

    take care kuya sy. 🙂

  11. Sorrow-kun Says:

    As a former DotA addict myself, I can attempt to offer some advice, but I’m not sure my experiences will be helpful since it’s one of those things that differ from person to person. But, I found the best way to stop playing DotA is to simply not enjoy playing it anymore. I’m a highly competitive person, so I loathe losing. In the past where I would pick strong hero killing units like Bounty Hunter, or Lycanthropy or Chaos Knight or Nerub I would expect to win all the time (and most of the time would… I played pubs, mind you). However, this got boring, so I started experimenting with tougher, weaker heroes and randomed more and more. But then I’d be relying on probability and a good team to win (not something you get often in pubs) rather than my own ability to pwn. So, I lost more and more. And, thus stopped enjoying the game. After that, I’d let real life and my anime addiction take preference to DotA and now I rarely play.

    I’m not saying: go out there and lose on purpose, but I’m saying play lots of -random to leave things in the hands of the gods, rather than your own skills, and take lots of personal offense and shame out of it when you lose, even if it isn’t totally your fault. Ironically, I tried the exact opposite (ie, try to get really enthusiastic over wins) when I tried to get back into DotA and found I just wasn’t enjoying it, but it didn’t really work, particularly when real life began demanding more of my attention. If you’re not enjoying the game, you’ll find yourself wanting to play it less and less and then, before you know it, you’ll quit.

    Cold turkey doesn’t work, IMO. You have to ease yourself out of it by stressing the moments in the game you don’t enjoy, and dismissing/suppressing the impact of the good things in the game, such as the thrills of winning or pulling off a really good kill. Don’t play with friends, either, for obvious reasons. If you do play with friends, pick a weak hero and play a terrible game so they won’t invite you again or, at the very least, embarrass yourself which will make you reluctant to join in next time. Hope this helps. Good luck.

  12. tritoch Says:

    Find another addiction.

  13. Matt Soulblade Says:

    Want to left DotA? EASY. Go to a PvPGN Server (like Eurobattle or Ombu) and play some pubbies. You will start hating dota and well, eveything :S
    Another good tip to destroy your addiction to dota is make dagon 5 and Aghanim to every hero you pick. You will start hating yourself to the point of not playing dota anymore ;).

    … Well, I really cant reccomend good literature since im not hooked and I will probably never be, but men, GO READ MANGA. Even better, DOWNLOAD MANGA. Thats it. Just google lurk and start your leeching, you will discover a new world 🙂

  14. smashingtofu Says:

    I wouldn’t know how it is there but…you could probably start by changing your environment, for all I know I’m not exactly a lit buff, but a library is always a good place right? I occasionally like to sift through art books *being a art major myself* so I’m sure thats better than playing any online-based life-murdering game….

    but you probably thought of that already

    in that case let me tell you my own simple, personal and humble opinion about online games…


    find a new hobby or just do new and random things regardless whether its mundane or inane…

    I can’t stress how much you can spend that time learning what the real world can provide in comparison to shallow killings in a virtual world


    and I’m not saying games are lame

    I love them, I’m a born gaming otaku

    but its not like you’re going to be productive staying on one game world

    unless… you’re actually going to compete and gain money off of it

    regardless, and I should’ve just said this from the start,

    imagine, all that time you’ve spent on that game, and all that time you could’ve used to spend on a seemingly limitless supply of uncovered anime/literature/girls girls girls/sex sex sex/etc that you could’ve covered but you didn’t when you died at uh age 124 or something

    I’d choose the latter

    *note to online gamers, I mean no offense, I’m sure people..aahhh shit I need to sleep THIS IS NOT A FLAME*

  15. Lenners Says:

    Go to the arcade and get addicted to Guitar Freaks, Drum Mania, and DDR~

  16. hikage Says:

    Some good books: Snow Country, Temple of the Golden Pavilion, The Ramayana (Ramesh Menon version), Crime and Punishment, A Farewell to Arms (though you’ve probably read at least the last two).

    I had to stop playing MMOs when I got a girlfriend, but I still play a lot of games (PS2 RPGs) and watch a hell of a lot of anime, even though I’m in law school.

    I still do pretty much the same thing as you though, I always watch anime or play games right when I get home for hours and then end up staying up until 12-2am reading for class. Homework fucking sucks. I suspect it would be worse, however, if I were still playing online games.

  17. Michael Says:

    I read Snow Country, Crime and Punishment, A Farewell to Arms, didn’t like Ramayana and didn’t finish Temple of the Golden Pavilion. XD

    So … I need to get a girlfriend? Ahaha~

  18. samejima Says:

    I’m not an online game addict and haven’t had any experiences getting addicted with them. but I play Raycrash once in a while but never been addicted to it. I’m only addicted to watching animes and modifying my pc after receiving my allowance. Why not try to force to stop yourself from playing the game or set some routine that could help you not think of playing them or try to quit playing for a week. Just like smokers, they can minimize smoking by eating chewing gums(some of them). but hell… it’s a different thing from gaming… but in a similar situation being addicted to something.

  19. hikage Says:

    hmm… Well how about Strange Tales from Make-Do Studio, Chushingura, and Journey to the West (I can’t believe how many references and lifted episodes there are to and from this in anime – and not just with the obvious Dragon Ball)?

    And it can’t hurt to get in a relationship; at least as far as ridding yourself of your gaming addiction goes.

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