Isn’t Death Note being oversubbed?


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I love Death Note. I’m not saying that it’s the greatest thing since toasted bread, but I do regard it highly among the anime I watch. (No, not as high or as well-regarded as Tsukihime. It will never reach that series.) When I started watching it, I expected it to be licensed in the future, but not as early as the future that was a few days ago. It was quite a shock to many because the two most prominent subbers (that have been known in hardcore English-speaking otaku circles for quite some time) dropped the show immediately after it was licensed. Those two sub-groups were Live-eviL and Toriyama’s World. Initially, I was distraught: who was going to sub such a good series now?

This perplexity was all for naught, however: immediately after the groups’ announcement that they were going to drop the show a plethora of unknown groups appeared, from out of nowhere, into the fansub scene. Some examples from the top of my head include kubusubs and WB. I don’t know the quality of their fansubs, so if anyone can share their thoughts and opinions to me I’d highly appreciate it. I don’t know them all, however. Can anyone tell me other groups that have magically appeared to try and ‘save’ Death Note? (Having taken a peek at the only episode kubusubs subbed, their video quality isn’t really that good.)

Putting that aside, however, I’m writing this post because that is what I exactly don’t want from the aspiring subbers: to over-sub a series. I know most of them know that Death Note will never be left behind; I know that at least one of the already established sub-groups will stick to their guns and never leave Death Note behind (although it may not be L-E or TW). This is why I’m irritated. A lot of series are left behind and yet are hidden gems just hidden underneath the sands of time. One example is Gakuen Alice. I’ve been meaning to watch the show for quite some time now as I heard generally good comments about it, but I am afraid to do so: almost a year has passed without someone subbing an episode. That doesn’t make me very happy, although ADTRW picking up the pace does.

There are also a lot more series I’d be happy to have seen subbed, like Legendary Gambler Tetsuya or classics like Hiatari Ryoukou which have sadly been dropped or relegated to something that’s only done when all the other projects are resolved or done with. I pray that the subbers who aspire to make echoes in the fansub world try and sub these forgotten classics. I’d definitely watch.

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  1. tako Says:

    that’s weird. I thought Tsukihime was critically panned as need living up to the original game.

  2. Michael Says:

    That was my personal opinion … I’m sorry for not clearing that up. :)

  3. Boulayman Says:

    Ah, there is at least another person on the face of earth that appreciates the Tsukihime anime as much as I do :)

    My favorite ever ( Closely followed by Crest of the stars, Twelve kingdoms and Eureka 7and others but mentioning them all woule be too long ^^)

    I agree that Deathnote is kinda oversubbed but who are we to have a say on the matter ? Just a bunch of people that think other series could have been subbed instead.

    /me wanders of to watch oldie daddy long legs subbed by C1 ^^

  4. Peter Burd Says:

    Did you see this?

    “Viz Licenses Death Note Anime for Downloading”

    In other words you’ll be able to download it from Viz, legitimately–for a small fee …

  5. Camario Says:

    If that new D/L service is U.S. only, it won’t make a difference for a whole lot of us though…hopefully Viz is smarter than that.

  6. Michael Says:

    I doubt that I would pay for an episode of DN, especially because our country has a low exchange rate compared to dollars. Besides … I don’t even know the quality of the Viz subs. I really don’t. I better stick to the guys who are known to fansub at the very least decent stuff. And if they didn’t sub it or subbed it badly, who the hell would buy it?

  7. Bata-kun Says:

    That’s the thing with “Shounen Jump” series or at least, that’s what I think. They are oversubbed because of their given plots pretty much. This is why I stay away from them now.

  8. retsgip Says:

    I watched the [WB] subs and they were alright. Some of the translations were a little weird at times, but it was acceptable. Although, they used some funky small font which was hard to read at times. I felt like I was paying more attention to the subs than usual.

  9. Crayola Says:

    Yeah, it’s a pity about Gakuen Alice. It’s probably one of the only comedy series that I downloaded as *soon* as it was subbed. Not to mention that there’s also drama/plot. The two main characters are a riot!

    I’m also itching to watch Hiatari Ryoukou, and I was disappointed to find that only a few episodes were subbed after I just heard someone singing its praises.

  10. Danny Says:

    i watched WB too, and their resolution is too small for my liking, though they did sub the episode relatively quickly. They didnt translate the preview though.

  11. Lana Says:

    Tsukihime anime love all the way!

    As for Death Note: last week I watched three different subs for episode 13, the first had encoding bad enough to make me cry (I know I am spoiled on good quality video but that was ridiculous), the second had translation mistakes that I could spot and I am not that good at Japanese, the third (which happened to be Animanda’s version) had decent video quality and translation that seemed close enough to what I thought it should be (by then I’ve seen the episode three times), so I decided to stick with them. But I think I will download C1’s version when they catch up to the newer episodes because I generally like their releases.

  12. AJ Says:

    I’ve seen anfs (or Anime Noobs Fansubbers) and the video was good quality, but someone needs to work on their English grammar. I mean hardly and puncuation, Light’s name was not capitalized so many times I had to wonder if this person pass the first grade (where we learn names are capitalized).
    There is also “Animanda” & “Under9000” that are subbing it. But I prefer to wait for C1 as well, since I know they put out quality subs. Although I hear Animanda is good too, so I’ll check them out.
    I was worried to when Live-evil and TW dropped it, it kinda surprised me to find so many subs afterwards. Sorry but there is no way I’m paying to watch it, I think Viz is making a crappy move. We’ll see how it turns out.

  13. Cristian Says:

    Yeah Live-eviL and Toriyama’s were the best sub groups but there are others like ZA and TW and the quality is not that bad. But I started getting them in spanish subs by WZF the quality is nice and the subs are well done too.

  14. Michael Says:

    Is Animanda’s subs decent?

    I think I better stick with C1. Since the last episode I saw was ep6, I surely can wait for their releases. It boils down to anfs, C1, and Animanda. One of these days (maybe tonight) I’ll try all those three. I’m pretty sure C1’s will be good, but who knows, I may like Animanda.

    I like consistency in my subs. It may not be much for you guys, but I do want to stick with a single sub group all the way. I’m deciding even for deleting my TW subs as I’m pretty sure it would get stuck at only 11, but maybe I can have them as the ‘first season.’

    Bah. Now I’m just spouting bullshit. I hope you guys know what I mean.

  15. Darkshaunz Says:

    I watch my eps on Youtube, and I think they were Live Evil.

    On that note (pun intended), I think L-E did a very good job.

  16. arkon Says:

    I believe Death God subs tagged [DG] are TW under another name. Don’t quote me on that but that seems to be what I picked up. I myself am following their version and I’ve not had any complaints. I thought you might like to know since then you could possibly keep your TW episodes. I suppose you could download an ep and compare with your TW subs. I don’t have any of their eps to hand as I went with Live-Evil from the start

  17. Michael Says:

    Really? I have to check out their version … ahaha~ thanks.

    On that note I was thinking of picking up Animanda’s instead.

  18. smashingtofu Says:

    Deathnote is overrated! >_>

  19. smashingtofu Says:

    *sorry I thought I posted my full post…but for some reason it only posted what seemed like a troll remark*

    With all due respect its quality stuff, but what I’ve read from the first 90 chapters of the manga is that it suffers from too much text….that personally, DRAGS and it CLUTTERS the pace of the plot…

    and alot of people don’t know it because its all pretty good…but imagine a deathnote with more visual expression/emotion?
    *although I think I’m starting to see that towards the end…*

    do you get what I’m trying to point at?

    ..or maybe its the delusional manga-otaku-critic thats inside me -_-

    getting to the point…how does the anime compare?


    Tsukihime is godly,

    however, I prefer the game over the anime…

    but thats mostly because of the ‘routes’ you can take
    that were missed in the anime
    I also loved the aesthetics in the game more,
    and for jesus, there was only around 5 people in the game developer credits D: even for a doujin company as they were back then that seemed pretty small

    thats not to say the anime isn’t great, I loved it, I just prefer the game more *a little bitter that akiha or especially hisui and kohaku was sorta left out*

    and if you’re wondering…I played the game in english…
    one day, I’m going to play it in japanese, I heard the prose that nasu-sensei writes in is very unique and attributes much to the ‘awesomeness’ that is tsukihime, a little more specifically for example, she uses kanji that are normally not used in sentences to describe a emotion/situation/etc

    I’m also very curious to how the fate/stay night game is like…

  20. Shinku Says:

    Actually Gakuen Alice 16 is out to let you know…I haven’t watched Death Note yet but I’ve been meaning to watch it, but I do read the manga, and it’s actually one of my favorites…^__^..You should watch GA though…I highly recommend it, it’s one of my favorites…^__^

  21. Anteros Says:

    C1 Anime all the way. Kuro-hana (anfs) are speed subbers mainly for ADHD people who don’t care much about quality. Animanda is good, but their translations are sometimes contrived, and I’m not fond of their text. C1 is the way to go for archive purposes.

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  32. shanonymous Says:

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    I think DN is overrated. It’s good, but so many people claim it’s such a smart anime while I think it only goes forward plot wise. Then again, the plot gets worse and worse.

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