Anime tedium

I want to write. It has been my hobby since my late elementary years and remained an avocation even until now. But more than writing about different ideas, I like writing about anime. And yet, try as I might to write about the different occurrences in the anime fandom this season, I cannot because there has been very few anime that currently air that are thought-provoking enough for me to write about. I do know there’s still Death Note and its many sub-groups, and Code Geass with its popular antihero, but other than those popular anime (that do deserve to be popular), I find little else of interest aside from Nodame Cantabile, which is still on its third episode. I’d rather wait for two more episodes before I start it, because I find that my praise and appreciation towards good anime are stultified whenever I watch them piecemeal.

The rest of the airing anime, however, are generally about lolis. I don’t denigrate the show just because it contains lolis, but I do see a correlation between lolis and plotwise low-quality anime. For the most part, I avoid them; and since this season is full of them, I haven’t watched much anime. I have, however, started with Gin-iro no Olynsis (and plan to watch all twelve episodes).

It’s a mediocre anime at best; the animation is subpar, the character design is decent at best and the plot is pretty flimsy. But it’s fun to watch its characters, in the vein of Gundam Seed, act. The occasional bad animation also makes it an enjoyable watch, at least for me. I wanted to watch the first episode of Reideen, but negative comments by different people have dissuaded me. (I also cannot find the first episode anywhere … even TT doesn’t have it.)

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  1. Extrange Says:

    In Soviet Russian, Blog Writes you!

  2. smashingtofu Says:

    I’ll give it a shot

    Kanon is actually pretty good, at least the 2006 remake is…because its *drumroll*

    done by Kyoto animation *they did haruhi* in collaboration with Key…whom made the original game

    mind you, depending on how you look at it and possibly BECAUSE its a old game *never played the game, so I wouldn’t know if they took any liberty*, the plot can be very corny especially with episodes 5-9-ish, but I think its well done, and despite some corny dialogue here and there, everything for the most part flows very naturally in tandem to being fun to watch and emotionally-evoking, thanks in part to very nice animation work

    anything else?

    I just watched like two episodes of Pumpkin Scissors from Gonzo of 2006
    I like it so far, but really, I only watched so much : p

    short synopsis: long-ass war gone cease-fire/treaty = war remnants good or bad remain = anime about a war-relief unit and a certain over-6 ft mysterious man with a iron will-o’-wisp like lantern armed with a big revolver-like gun

    add in some slight humor and alot of what seems to be arising human drama along with action

    …is the impression I’m getting from watching the first two episodes -_-

    if you’re bored and you want random shounen you may or may not like

    busou renkin

    and uh


  3. MH Says:

    I agree with tofu, if you’re looking for a decent h-anime Kanon will work out pretty well. The animation has been getting better episode after episode (surprisingly) and while the plot is a little frustrating the characters are cute and their interactions are great.

  4. Anca Says:

    Since I stumbled over this while browsing blogs… you’re totally right about the Winter Season being comprised of 90% lolis (Venus Versus Virus still has some gothic charm to it, despite the art and the idiotic title).

    The Fall Season was quite good though: two interesting hystoricals (Irohanihote and Ayakashi Ayashi), the two protagonist=anti-hero, the josei, the vampire flick (Black Blood Brothers, suprisingly interesting… even if it looks like a rip-off at first), the two emotionaly strong cutesy ones (Asatte no Houkou and Kanon remake), the two good comedies (Negima remake and Sumomomomomomo), the four action thingies (Kekkaishi – strong characterisation, D.Gray-man, Shounen Onmyouji – a cookie to yaoi fangirls, and Busou Renkin – just uch) and the not!ghostbusters Ghost Hunt – added to this the harem shows I can’t be bothered to watch.

    Most of the shows of the fall season were good, my point. It’s as if the studios threw their best out to compete and left only harem lolis for the winter season.

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