Hey, cheer up …

If you have ever problems with anime-viewing distracting your real life, think:

  (shout-out to meganeshounen)

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  1. meganeshounen Says:


    Well, if that room was filled with posters of Shirakawa Nanaka, then I don’t really mind being a loser like them. Oh, and don’t forget the dakimakura.

    Cherio~ 😛

  2. Ronin AnimeLover Says:


  3. Hunter Zero Says:

    Hey, isn’t that from the Densha Otoko live action? I was an avid fan of that show, dramatizing the exploits of Densha Otoko himself as he struggles to get out of his shell so he could meet his dream girl that he rescued. Fun memory. 🙂

    And nice one with the text XP

  4. Spiritsnare Says:

    I am so offended. :3

  5. f0nzie Says:

    You dont mind?!

    Man, thats just wrong ^^’

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