I had exams … and my brain is fried

I have not updated in almost a week because I have been very busy with real life having exams in almost everyday of last week. In those two days where I didn’t have exams, I had reports to present and to deal with as well. In fact, I haven’t watched much anime at all – there also weren’t much updates with the anime I’m watching currently.

I played DotA the whole day yesterday (until the wee hours of morning), and all I can say is that using Mortred is really fun but is also highly taxing. First, she doesn’t contribute much to the well-being of the team and is a pure killer; second, she doesn’t have any natural escape mechanisms other than the Blink Strike, which is a highly situational escape mechanism. She also needs to have farmed well so that she will dominate the late game. It irritates me, because although I’ve had games where I’ve dominated with Mortred she’s just so hard to use against a team of disablers and spammers. I tried using her against a team of Pudge, Akasha, Medusa, Rhasta and Jakiro, and I fed. A whole lot.

Well, maybe I overstate, but despite the fact of having obtained a Blink Dagger as my very first item and having farmed enough to have a Demon Edge, I choked in their presence. I fed, 2-6, despite all my valiant efforts to escape their disables. It really sucks, because when I play other heroes I always can get back to my knees most of the time, like Lina for example. I can seriously say that it’s really hard using Mortred and owning with her consistently, but maybe that’s because she’s among the harder heroes to use – after all, one can use Morphling or Dwarven Sniper and just have fun picking Mortred off before she can even come close. And I can and do own with other heroes consistently – just not Mortred. 🙁

So much for anime – but there really hasn’t been any proper updates among the things I do watch this week.

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  1. Ronin Says:

    You know, this should go to your personal blog. 😉

  2. Ryan A Says:

    Hey I feel that. It seems like it was a bit slow the past couple weeks. I hope you get back in the flow soon.


  3. Matt Soulblade Says:

    Dagger would be a good item for Mortred if it costed 0 money. But it costs 2150… and even dares to use a inventory slot. Purchasing dagger is a fail.
    Start with tangos, purchase circletsx2, boots, finish bracersx2. Then go something like S&Y and some damage dealer crap, then go aegis+rapier.
    Skill build should be SS1lvl, then max out blink strike asap, 1-2 stat points, then max out blur, and give point to the ult as it becames available. Do not max ss.
    Overall I dont think Mortred is all that great. Be sure to dont pick it if the team…
    Already has too much melees.
    Your team has a melee agi (in really little situations 2 melee agis can be useful, mainly against crappy matchups)
    Your team lacks of disables/mages, in that case you should pick one.
    Your team does not have a nuker. Mortred main support should be a nuker, so you can actually focus on a unit and wipe it fast.
    If the oponent has too many anti-melee or anti-lowhp agi heros (cent, tiny, akasha).

    Wow, just realised how much I have written. This post fails

  4. Michael Says:

    @Matt Soulblade:

    Actually, your post doesn’t fail. Mortred is never used in tournaments and there’s a very big reason as to why – she doesn’t really contribute anything to the team. I do follow the stat build that you’ve mentioned, but even with all the maneuvering and all the blink striking away from the enemy I’ve had a really hard time with her unless I’m with a good lane controller … and if I could farm properly, I own most of the time, as with the 10-1 I got playing her today. I farmed Radiance, MKB, Vanguard and Helm of the Dominator … all within level 22 – of course, we won the game.

    A good solution against her badassery (late game and farmed) is to use Blade Mail. 20% damage return that stacks is a pain for a low HP hero like Mortred. Yes, there are a lot more melee agi heroes that work better for the team than Mortred, more useful than her late game … but she’s just really for selfish bastards – I guess like me?

    She doesn’t function well as a tank, a nuker, a disabler, or anything. She’s just weight unless she farms big time. Anyway, I’ve had my fill of using her for a while, so I’m going to stop using her … for a while. I just wanted to own a game with her, and as I did today, I’m going to stop using her. She’s a hero that’s simply highly situational, and doesn’t really work in the team-based strategy that DotA is.

    So … does my post fail, too?

    PS. Never also pick her when there’s a Nerubian Assassin around. He’ll practically make your life hell … and you’re going to die without even being able to do anything.

    @Ryan: Thanks ^^ <3

    @Ronin: I felt I had to tell those who do read my blog what happened to me ... it just got messy.

  5. cebukitty Says:

    Glad you’re having so much fun with DotA. Speaking of team based strategy MMORPG games have you tried Savage? 🙂 Savage: battle for new earth is free, (unlike Savage 2 where u have to pay to use) u can download the game here: http://www.s2games.com/savage/index.php?page=savageindex

    Savage is an RTS/RPG/shooter game in one. Methinks games like Savage are going to be the wave of the future 🙂

  6. tal Says:


    belated happy birthday kuya sy! 🙂 you’re so old na.

  7. Michael Says:

    @tal – Thanks! I’m happy someone remembers. 😀

    @cebukitty – I’ll give it a try, thanks. I’m not sure it will work on this Celeron powered PC of mine, though. o.O

  8. gaguri Says:

    Blink dagger with mortred is in my opinion…very bad. She already has awesome blink strike and ss for slow to chase, so spending 2150 just so you can escape (and mind you, with her feeble hp you can’t escape all the time against disablers), is a waste.

    Best thing about mortred is her critical and her awesome agility gain per level, which is I think 3rd highest in the game after naix and terror blade. So natural choice of items for her would be straight going for damage and attack speed only (after getting some bracers for hp and stats at start of course).

    But if you’re against too many nukers and disablers, I think going bkb is not a bad choice.

    The other important thing is to know what kind of heroes your team has and buy items accordingly. Even if you’re facing lots of nukers, but you have an omniknight for example to give you purify you or shield you while you’re at the front line, then you might not need bkb after all.

    I do agree that she’s a difficult hero to tame, due to her lack of good early game moves, feeble hp, and being non-ranged agility hero unlike other weak heroes like bone which makes her farming really hard (which is essential for her success). And the strength heroes with blade mails murders her, especially centaur. I tried this with my friend, we gave centaur 2 hearts and 2 blade mails, and mortred died just by hitting centaur even with life steal.

    But please do try to play less dota in exam periods, not that I should meddle in your life affairs.

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  12. Zubair Says:

    My favorite hero is mortred but yesterday my friend beat me as he had 3 blade mails. What can i do to counter him?

  13. Michael Says:

    Don’t use Mortred, Zubair. 🙂

    I love Mortred, but she’s not a hero to be used for anything other than public games.

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