REIDEEN 2007 [First Impressions]

I’ve decided that to keep from succumbing to my addiction, I have to write something – anything – about anime everyday. A large part of the reason why I keep playing DotA is that I have only few series that I’m currently following because of the lean season, or the loli season. In fact, I’ve only watched three series from the winter season: REIDEEN (the first episode, anyway), Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou (the first episode also), and Nodame Cantabile (well, I haven’t really watched it yet, because I want to marathon the first five episodes). The rest of the season is mostly about and is fluff, unless someone disagrees with me.

I’m currently following the 1996 rendition of REIDEEN (if people don’t know, this rendition by Production I.G. is really the second remake and the third rendition) just because I don’t have any more anime to watch; I do know that I either have to find other anime, though, because Central-Anime has only subbed up to the fifteenth episode and the end (at 38 episodes) is nowhere near in sight. Other than that I’m also waiting for Hataraki Man to finish subbing, because although I do know that said series is good, I don’t want to wait another two to three months for another episode – which was the case for this series.

From a personal perspective (having watched the first episode of 2007 REIDEEN raw), I didn’t find it as bad as BluWacky did. To be entirely honest I simply adored the character designs because they were excellent and realistic (at least for the people anyway). Junki Saiga also looked cool in that first episode if only because he wore eyeglasses and had that aura of Shiki pervade him. But I also have to be honest and say that the fights between the giant robots were uninspired and boring. Whoever thought of mecha fighting in slow-motion to be excellent should be decapitated with his cojones burnt into a crisp. It was really the downside of the first episode: the fights were just dry, thus one could never believe that it was the first episode of that hyped series. I liked Junki’s mom, however. She looked sizzling hot for a widow and a mother of two. Don’t you agree?

All in all, I guess how the fansubbers looked upon the first episode and the series itself can be encapsulated by Grv (I think the head of Yoroshiku):

Not sure anyone has been taken in by the 1st episode. I’ve also noticed that it’s not airing in HD either. May well go unsubbed for a long time like the previous remake.

I can’t really take screenshots. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

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  1. psgels Says:

    I actually liked how the mecha fought in slow-motion. It gives a bit of realism to them, when you compare them to usual mecha-shows which feature robots who can move huge limbs at huge speeds.

  2. Michael Says:

    But that makes things so bromidic and dull … they are giant robots for a reason, after all, and that’s to astound.

  3. Ronin AnimeLover Says:

    So the realism of giant robots moving slower than what you would expect, makes it good to watch, like you said?

  4. Michael Says:

    Uh … no.

    The MILF makes it good to watch. What makes things bromidic and dull is their slow and imbecilic movements … IMHO.

  5. Catterix Says:

    “Realism of giant robots”?

    How many giant robots have you seen walking around these parts? o.O

    Good review. And yeah, the robots do move too slowly. When it comes to something like anime where the law of physics are invisible, its better to sacrifice “realism” for entertainment. Perhaps have them moving slowly at some moments, like when first starting up; to create tension, but if every battle is this slow, I won’t find it that interesting. I actually took the episodes onto WMM2 and sped them up x2, and the fight was suddenly alot more interesting.

    Good review though, this series looks to be really quite good!

  6. Jakob Says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title REIDEEN 2007 [First Impressions]. Thanks for informative article

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