Something that should have had happened a long time ago …

Yakumo slapping Eri
Take THAT, bitch.

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  1. Kenny Liu Says:

    That’s terrible! How dare she slap Eri~! (unless Eri did something so despicable in the manga that deserved that slap >_

  2. Philip72 Says:

    I could hardly believe it when I saw it.

    Yakumo laying the smackdown on Eri. Seems like School Rumbles own little Yamato Nadeshiko has a good bit of tiger in her after all.

    Poor Eri, she’s so genetically tsundere, that even though her brain protested, her tongue still uttered forth tsunisms (I just made that last word up).

    Hopefully this will all lead to hair pulling, then wrestling, then mud wrestling, then baby oil wrestling, and then finally… well… I’ll leave it at that.

    Best development in ages, I couldn’t be more happy.

  3. zanarky Says:

    Time to catch up on some SR. Where did the anime version end off in the manga?

  4. Michael Says:


    Tenma waited in the snow for Eri. She wanted to apologize. It wasn’t Tenma’s fault, Eri just wanted to act a bitch because Tenma was close to Harima. Tenma waited overnight, just for Eri to come back so that she could ask forgiveness. When Eri did come back, she bitchified Tenma again, even if it was her own fault.

    Yakumo, pissed, bitchslaps Eri. GG, bitch. ^^


    I don’t think Yakumo and Harima will end up together as clearly the rabid Eri fanboys will tear Kobayashi Jin’s throat apart, but if one asks if Yakumo was being developed … hell yeah. She’s just as human as you or I, and what makes it all the more sweeter is that she’s coming into her own … 😉


    Still quite far from this one … which is why I’d rather Jin finishes the manga and then make the final season. :)

  5. smashingtofu Says:

    I’m an Eri Fanboy


    that said

    Ojou-chan still deserved it for saying that, even if she really didn’t meant say it D:

    So *confetti!* for development and less static Yakumo!

    For all we know

    it really looks like it’ll go towards the eri-harima pair, but judging by this chapter

    I don’t think so

    unless eri-ism is really THAT bad : D

    I’m crossing my fingers for the aforementioned pairing, but I just can’t help but feel that the plot will take an unexpected turn…mostly BECAUSE of the fact that it LOOKED like it was going to be an eri-harima pairing

    but then THIS happens

    you yakumo fans can only hope : p

  6. Philip72 Says:

    don’t think Yakumo and Harima will end up together

    Heh , well actually I was insinuating that I’d like to see the Bloody Mary faction come into play (or at the very least Kids Meal). Why can’t the two lovely ladies follow Suzuka’s lead, for what occurs after everytime Suzuka clock’s Yamato?

    I personally swing wildly between between Onigiri and Flag depending on who’s on the page at the moment. If it’s Eri-chan I’m Rah!Rah!Flag! If it’s Yakumo-Kun I’m cooing for Onigiri. Anything but Oudou.

    Bloody Mary FTW though.

  7. smashingtofu Says:

    I know I’m a random stranger but…

    what is this bloody mary/kids meal/onigiri/rahrahrahflag mean?! D:?

  8. Philip72 Says:

    Flag : Harima x Eri
    Onigiri : Harima x Yakumo
    Oudou : Harima x Tenma
    Kids Meal : Harima x Eri x Yakumo
    Bloody Mary : Eri x Yakumo
    plus many, many more.

    These are the names of various pairings that originated on Japans famous 2chan message board.

  9. smashingtofu Says:

    ah i see


    I’m guessing the pairing terms are sort of…inside jokes?

  10. Michael Says:

    Yes, jokes inside the anime. For example, Onigiri came to be because Yakumo and Harima started being friends when Yakumo offered onigiri to Harima while he was doing work on their house.

    I guess the others can explain the others, because I don’t know how they came to be.

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