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Blog stagnancy

Wednesday, April 25th, 2007

I still can’t help but think, ‘what if Maison Ikkoku was remade with KyoAni and CLAMP designs?’

I’ve stopped writing about articles regarding anime for the past weeks because summer classes have already started. This means that the subjects taken in the summer period are representative of those taken in regular classes – the same topics to be discussed, the same number of exams, and the same examination coverage. There’s a big difference, however. In regular classes, one has a whole semester to deal with all the subject requirements; in summer, one only has a little more than a month to deal with everything. (At least that’s true for our school.) So at least I hope you guys understand the lack of updates. I still watch anime sometimes, although it now pales in comparison to the time I spend playing DotA. Not that I’ve gotten significantly better from my epiphany in becoming ‘good,’ (I’ve even had mediocre outings, especially as Mortred. Note to self: never place a blink dagger on Mortred, even if a lot of enemies are nukers.) but I’m still holding myself well, especially with heroes made to own (like Lich, Magina, and the like). Being a multi-faceted otaku is a hard job.

Bokurano [First Impressions]

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

I stole this image from Bateszi.

I never expected much out of Bokurano‘s first episode mainly because it was GONZO handling it. Seeing what they’ve done with NHK ni Youkoso, however, gave me hope as to what they’ll be doing in this series. Though NHK occasionally suffered from bad animation, it held itself integrally plotwise, and the ending that GONZO made up was great.

To be honest, though, my initial feelings regarding this series was quite unlike that of NHK. I just knew Bokurano was bound to be awesome with just the OP. I was already shaking with excitement while watching that OP. Of course, this infatuation may not last long (as GONZO is the studio handling this one), but I felt really good prospects to come from this series by just watching the first episode.

UNINSTALL was simply awesome. I’ve already played it about five times, and I still don’t tire of it. It reminds me of GitS:SAC‘s Inner Universe with its upbeat tones, although this was for me more melancholic. The story in the first episode is exactly my cup of tea – serious issues that pervade seemingly ordinary people to do extraordinary things (from their perspective). I expect this show to deal more with philosophy, with friendship, with love and with death. Those three ideas I mentioned are something I’d like to see vivisected in an anime series: it had been done with Honey and Clover, with NHK ni Youkoso, with Maison Ikkoku, and now, hopefully, with this series:


Maison Ikkoku – again?

Saturday, April 14th, 2007

Maison Ikkoku
Awesome. Just awesome.

I don’t often exhibit brevity in my posts, but the Maison Ikkoku manga was awesome, even more than its anime counterpart. The transition from friends to true lovers was more visible, and it helped that there was a confirmation of love for both parties. Of course, if you’ve read the manga, you’d know who I was talking about; if you hadn’t, however, you should read it right now. The scenes that were unsuitable for showing in television also helped in moving the plot forward as well as making it more smooth: this is, however, only a highly personal taste of mine. All in all, this work of Rumiko Takahashi was simply a masterpiece.


Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Maison Ikkoku

Even when I was still in high school, there was something in Maison Ikkoku that I found to be highly inviting. I was just a budding anime fan back then; still, there was something inexplicable in that series that drew me to it. I decided back then to download it, but it would have had occupied about 16 GB (the entire thing) of my low-spec desktop computer: I did not have the space, so I kept on postponing on downloading (and consequently watching) it.


The Code Geass finale and some impressions on summer

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

After all those rigorous final examinations, I feel happy and relaxed to have returned home. Quite a euphoria has filled me; I am in a death wish to view the entirety of Shuffle! Memories in all its ‘depth’ and ‘glory (fanservice).’ More than my rants, however, I’m very happy that the Spring season is filled with a lot of anime that possess premises which are interesting, to say the least. Now I’m not going to do a summary post, as that has been done (with more research and resources) by Omni as well as fellow anime bloggers, I simply just have a dokidoki feeling of expectation admixed with a little anxiety as there will be a slew of awesome anime (from their initial premises) coming out this summer.