Blog stagnancy

I still can’t help but think, ‘what if Maison Ikkoku was remade with KyoAni and CLAMP designs?’

I’ve stopped writing about articles regarding anime for the past weeks because summer classes have already started. This means that the subjects taken in the summer period are representative of those taken in regular classes – the same topics to be discussed, the same number of exams, and the same examination coverage. There’s a big difference, however. In regular classes, one has a whole semester to deal with all the subject requirements; in summer, one only has a little more than a month to deal with everything. (At least that’s true for our school.) So at least I hope you guys understand the lack of updates. I still watch anime sometimes, although it now pales in comparison to the time I spend playing DotA. Not that I’ve gotten significantly better from my epiphany in becoming ‘good,’ (I’ve even had mediocre outings, especially as Mortred. Note to self: never place a blink dagger on Mortred, even if a lot of enemies are nukers.) but I’m still holding myself well, especially with heroes made to own (like Lich, Magina, and the like). Being a multi-faceted otaku is a hard job.

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  1. Ryan A Says:

    I don’t understand DotA or Mortred, but I understand time consumers. Fight them! Fight them with your might!

    and, then you’ll be free, I guess….

    Cheers ^^

  2. Michael Says:

    Haha. Thanks for checking me out. 😀

  3. zzz Says:

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  4. Afuro Says:

    Yep Michael, fighto~oh!

    I still can’t help but think, ‘what if Maison Ikkoku was remade with KyoAni and CLAMP designs?’

    You’re not the one who think that. I’ll always wonder what if classic anime’s such as Maison Ikokku or GTO or Mirai Keisatsu Urashiman were remade.

    But I like it the classic way. Classic should be classic. 😉

  5. shinji Says:

    Maison ikkou is one of my favorite mangas. Artwork was quite simplistic initially but it got better in later chapters. This is one the best manga out there. ^_^ by the way would u like to join it would be great if you and your friends could join. ^_^

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